Why Demean Mother’s Love for Brand Promotion? #Swiggy

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I am not crazy or impatient for watching idiot box on regular basis. I do take care to keep myself updated with the news, announcements, and declarations and I do tune in periodically to update. Being music lover, during weekends, after regular chore, I do switch in to watch my musical and dance shows relayed on weekends. Normally, I am unable to catch on regular time but try to watch repeated telecast in my leisure hours.

Generally, I don’t watch advertisements in between the shows rather I catch up with my incomplete chores. One day, I was lazing around during break and watched Swiggy ads depicting Mom and child. In first go, I took it at ease but when I watched in repetition over different channels, tentacles of my mind was alarmed.

I felt pity for the ad team of who on spree to establish the brand in the market preferred to disgrace mother’s instinct of unconditional love and affection.

Is it fair on the part of the Swiggy brand promotion team?

A big No…I would say and I believe that the Mom fraternity and the family people would not digest it easily if they watch the advertisement carefully.

The truth is, Mom is the most caring creature on the planet who is ever ready to attend to their baby‘s call unmindful how old is she. The instinct is found in all mothers irrespective of species, human, birds or animals.

If at any time of the hour, the child asks for food…Mom is ready to cook and serve…not only Mom, all motherly figure, Moms, Aunts or Grannies tend to have the same tendency to attend to their child and promise them a good satisfying meal.

It is believed that No Food can replace the taste of food cooked by Mom, because she cooks with devoted love and devotion which spice up the indispensable relation.

Swiggy’s ad depicts that the Mom ignores the request of children to provide them with the sumptuous meal rather places an online order to Swiggy and the delivery boy is at the doorstep with the food parcel.

I felt quite hurt watching these ads and could not imagine as to why Swiggy stooped so low for branding.

Why Swiggy depicted such sensitive issue to demean the worth of Mother’s love for TVC

The time is changing and so the values and ethics. The Kids of today are not so concerned about their elders and if a Mom acts in a typical way as shown in advertisements, will the kids have respect for their Mom.

The message aired should be in the line of accordance of society.

Please don’t create a bad image of a Mom to promote your brand. There are umpteen ways to gather public attention towards a brand, why stoop to such a level where you demean a Lady who is worshipped as a Goddess by their children and considered to be a Super Woman with Super Powers.

As far as I know about myself, my ancestors, my friend circle and society, Mom gets over anxious if a child skips one bread less than their appetite.

I do agree, Mom have their own life and she can enjoy TV games with her child or a leisure period with her Mom and child…but she cannot go to an extent to order food on Food chain website when child requests to prepare his/her favorite homemade food.

Yeah, Mom throws parties to celebrate special occasions and weekends but still a kind request of a child for home cooked food can never get ignored.

I request Brand promotion team to study the bad impact of the ad on social strata and Motherly figure.

Please withdraw the current advertisement depicting Mom and child with a kind request for food…don’t demean the generous love of a Mother.

Readers, please do share your views on this article.

Will love to receive brickbats, applause and criticism.

Ila Varma
Mom of Two Kids.

Relationships are Fragile!

Relationships are Fragile, Handle with Care. 

Been proactive on social media and included in
many groups within social media acquaints me with the issues faced by the
people. Relationship management is not an easy task and it requires patience
and perseverance.  We need to remember
that the relationships are like the sacred thread which needs the care to be
handled and maintained. Too much of expectations and alterations might affect
and the thread can be snapped. Once snapped, it is not possible to come back
into original shape, how hard you try. A knot will always be there and it
suffocates the relationship.

रहिमन धागा प्रेम का, मत तोड़ो चटकाय।टूटे से फिर ना जुड़े, जुड़े गांठ परि जाय।

Doha of Rahim is apt to understand the essence of a relationship.

If we remember the words of Rahim, we can be true in maintaining long-term

Today, in one of the groups, hot discussion of the day was,

to handle Relatives & Friends who sprawl or sit on the sofa with feet up,
Should they be asked to sit properly or ignored?”

The answers thronged the platform and maximum were of the view that they should ask their relatives and friends to sit in a proper way.  If it sounds rude, they did not feel to be bothered and negligible were of the opinion, अतिथिदेवो भव and we should refrain from being rude and offensive.

I too plunged in the discussion with my own opinion.

I hold the view that the relatives and friends that visit our place are because they nurture love and care for us and we should respect them.

In today’s scenario, people lazily sprawl on sofas while watching TV or time spent with family. When you yourself do the same then you don’t feel the need to be questioned then how come, you feel like asking family members and guests to avoid.

Further, people love to be in the comfort zone and because they feel at home at your place so they tend to get informal on their visit.

It is better to refrain from asking friends and relatives to be formal and not to sit with feet up or lying on the sofa. It will hurt the sentiments. Why be so concerned about the things that are perishable? It is far better to save the relationships because the relationships are delicate and fragile and need lots of care to flourish. The things damaged can be amended or replaced but a relationship cannot.

People don’t remember us through our articles and commodities, we are remembered for our good and bad deeds.

My sincere advice was that overlook these petty things and rise above these materialistic things to maintain the sanctity of our relationships.

Moreover, if your conscience does not allow to accept the informal behavior of the people, who visit you, then there are a few ways that you can adhere to and maintain silence.

Change your habit and keep the rules uniform for the insiders as well as the outsiders
Don’t allow anybody to break the rules
It is better not to restrict, instead use sofa covers that can be frequently washed or sprawl cotton thin comforters on the sitting arrangements. Wash them weekly.
People loved my idea and I too follow the same at my place. I don’t pinpoint if visitors, friends, and families live informal at my place because I believe that the relationships are above these petty things and why to mar relationships.

I am a firm believer of Rahim Doha and I support it heartily.

Readers, share in your views. Honest views will be appreciated.

Disclaimer: The post is written solely on my experience with the open discussions in various forums. I don’t hold any grudge against someone nor I want to offend someone. I believe in healthy open discussions and I don’t get offended, rather I believe that the open interaction helps us to know many new things to learn and improve.

An Ideal Gift for a Father! #FathersDay

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As the Father’s Day date was approaching nearer, I was scratching my head for the gift ideas on the eve of Father’s Day.
A novel idea sprung in my head and thought why to always go for materialistic gifts.
Why not surprise him with something special?
The day, a Man becomes father, his way of thinking and doing things undergo major transformation. His priority changes and he feels proud to be gifted with a tag, Father.
His life’s motive becomes to perform better in life to provide all comforts and luxuries to his child and wish to fulfil his unfulfilled aspirations.

He searches for happiness in all the tiny acts of his child and a sweet smile makes him weak at heart.
Throughout life, he craves to see his children flourishing and when they grow up into responsible adult, he is satisfied that his dreams have reaped fruits of his labour.
Now, he is retired, old and gradually becoming fragile in frame and at heart.
What actually, he requires now?
Whole life, he strive for the children happiness and now, it is the turn of the children to reward him with care, attention and affection.

I am doing my part by devoting my time in care of my father, who is suffering from Parkinson. Once a dashing personality has been squeezed into a spoilt brat, who adores attention and requires attention classes from us to play with him, to make him write and indulge in coloring and drawing.
The things that he did for us in our kindergarten days are now been repeated by us for him. He behaves like a child and he needs to be tutored and tamed as a child.
While doing these activities, feeling of nostalgia grips me. The situation is same as it was 45 years before but the roles are reversed. Now, I have taken seat of a father and he has become my child.
When we were kids, we used to wait for him to come back from office and tours and now he desperately waits for his children to come back to his nest and gets anxious as a child.
I feel that the care and attention is the greatest gift that a child can give to his father in his old days, when he is deteriorating with age or disease. At this juncture, materialistic gifts are of no importance but a helping hand boosts his morale and confidence and the tender touch will be the greatest gift and healer for a father.
Luckily, my father is bestowed with sufficient for his needs and even 24 hours caretaker is employed to take care of his chores but without his children care, he will be hurt and unhappy.
I feel proud to say that my father is lucky to have 5 children and all are caring in their own ways and are available for him in his old and degenerating age.
I feel Care is the best gift option that we can provide to our Fathers on the eve of Father’s Day.
Isn’t this an ideal gift for a Father from his Children?
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Gifts for Mother’s Day!!! #LoveandRelationships

Mother’s Day is round the corner and the market is flooded with various gifts, flowers, schemes in restaurants and pizza hubs.

Since a decade or so, the celebration of this day has kicked the market and the children’s emotions are satiated by celebrating this day and the market does a brisk business on such celebrations.

When we were young, we weren’t aware of the celebrations but thanks to technology and globalization, now we too ardently wait for the celebration on this D day.

My idea is to gift something which can be readily used by the receiver and a Mother, a symbol of love craves for love and care from her offspring and though at the time of the birth, the connection is severed but the connection of hearts remains intact throughout life.

Gifts for Mother’s Day:

1. A beautiful saree or the latest trend of sober dress can be a great gift for the Moms. Buy a dress of her color choice and give her a surprise. She will be very happy for your concern for her and I am sure she will turn emotional while accepting the gift.

2. Perfume can be one of the best gift for Moms. Before buying, introspect her dressing table and find her choice and give her a surprise.

3. Trendy Jewelry: Women and jewelry are indispensable, so buy it for her as your pocket allows. If she is longing to have some piece of jewelry but aren’t able to make it, buy for her. She would be touched. Generally, Moms are more concerned about their children and save for them and in the run of saving for the future, at times, they sacrifice their wishes. If you are earning, gift her the piece that she longs for.

4. Lady Purse: A purse as a gift can be wonderful and the size of the purse should be in respect of her profession or wish. A child well knows their mother’s choices, so gift her accordingly.

5. Cosmetics & Skin care Products: These days market is flooded with cosmetics & skin care products of all range. Gift her according to her skin type and cosmetics as per her choice. Women love to dress and maintain her style and her favorite product will tickle her soul.

 6. Coffee Mug: Gift her a coffee mug with her image imprinted on it. She will love to have coffee and if you are staying long distance, this small token of love will always be cherished by her.

7. Book a table at restaurant: Take her out to the market and surprise her with her favorite cuisine. She always presents sumptuous meals, throw a party on this eve.

8. Cook her favourite dish and melt her heart by your hard work and love.

9. Gift her a voucher of spa and she will be delighted to relax at spa rejuvenation program and will feel fresh and lively.

10. Gift her a bunch of flowers of her choice, sing a song for her and submit yourself fully on this day.

Mother’s day is not a day to be celebrated. Celebrate everyday by showering love and concern for her keeping tantrums aside.

Women love to flaunt their wardrobe and are conscious about her looks and persona and these gifts will help her to maintain her style and a gift from her children are really heart warming for her.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. Stevie Wonder

Baby Steps To A Healthy Heart Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam


The human heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the
body through the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and essential nutrients
to the tissues extracting CO2 and other wastes.

If the heart stops functioning, the body will die, so it is
the most important organ of human body and we need to be very careful about it.

The functioning of heart is quite complex and it is in
constant motion. The fresh pure blood is supplied to the organs. The heart is
also a muscle, so it needs a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients, too,
Phillips said.

We need to be careful about our heart to lead a healthy n
active life. In previous time, people were physically active and their
lifestyle included cycling and walking as well their physical movement was more
required at workplace.

With the digitization, the pattern of job underwent great
changes and lifestyle changed too. Today’s job demand is to be mentally active
and physically the person is hooked at one place and soon, it becomes a habit
to sit for long hours, so the people are leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Moreover, spurt of changes came in lifestyle. Once
considered to be luxuries are now the immediate needs of a man.

The movement of a person of any age group is quite
restricted n people have chosen comforted lifestyle where the body does not
even perspires, so the toxins are not excreted.

Owing to changes in lifestyle, now people has to work out in
gyms to shed that extra fat, flab or to perspire….two decades back, people
strained in their daily routines and found time for recreation after attending
the personal n workplace job, especially in India people were fit and healthy.

Nowadays, the cycle got replaced with air-conditioned cars,
bungalows replaced with centralized air-conditioned homes & offices and
school too have the amenities of comfort and the working class is glued to
system and the people residing at home, elders n kids have found TV &
computer to pass their time by playing games and watching shows.

The consequence is people are gaining weight day by day and
their girth increasing with each passing day.

The people are quite attentive to the emotions and they take
care of their virtual heart more than the organ heart which is in rhythm. The heart organ is ignored till the problem is not
identified. Going by the statistics, there is an immense increase in the cases
of heart diseases and even the young adults and children are been diagnosed
with the problems related to heart.

It’s high time and now we need to pay attention to our
health and be careful in our lifestyle, eating habits, fitting in exercise
regimen in our fast sedentary lifestyle and remain happy.

Nowadays people get irritated or stressed on slightest
pretext the reason I find is upbringing in nuclear family wherein you don’t
have shoulders to cry or take support in trying times

The words sedentary & fast together sounds awkward but it’s
true. Fast because we don’t have time for me
time and sedentary because we are mentally hyperactive and physically inactive.

We can’t change our habits in a day or bring about a great
revolution in our lifestyle but the small steps towards change in our attitudes
n behaviour can help in to great extent and slowly it can inculcate into our
habit and we can live a healthy life.

Recent findings from the World Heart Federation reveal that
even small lifestyle changes like being active, eating better, and staying
happy can make your heart up to 50% healthier.

Our Chote Kadam towards heart care can change our figure and
can keep us fit and healthy.

Let us discuss the Chote Kadam that we should adopt in our

  • Eat healthy foods which includes fresh veggies,
    fruits, cereals and healthy snacks avoiding junk and packaged food or
    previously cooked stored food. Whatever you eat, eat fresh. Say goodbye to ready-made foods. Don’t overcook because essential nutrients are destroyed.
  • Quit Smoking, Tobacco Chewing & Alcohol as
    these are the enemies of a healthy body. You can’t cut down the intake in a
    day, wean out slowly and steadily.
  • Check
    your Salt intake Blood pressure is directly linked with heart, so maintain
    normal BP. Patients of BP need to take salt in minimal qty. Sodium compounds
    are harmful thus it should be avoided.
  • Drink More Water: Increase your water intake, it
    will keep the body hydrated. Develop habit of carrying your own drinking water
    bottle, it’s good for health.
  • Physical Exercise: Start walking in morning n
    evening hours. Start with fifteen minutes of walking and slowly increase its
    pace & time. During duty hours, adopt habit of taking a break after every
    hour of work or watching TV, walk or jog for 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually, it
    will be a habit and your body will fit into the regimen of exercising. Even
    Yoga breathing exercises are highly beneficial for heart care. There are ample
    TV shows hosting Yoga and you can follow on your own along with entertainment.
  • Keep Cholesterol in Check: Eating foods high in
    saturated fat, Trans fat or cholesterol leads to high blood cholesterol. To
    help keep your cholesterol levels down, eat foods low in saturated fat and Trans
    fat, such as lean chicken fruits and veggies, low-fat or fat-free dairy
    products and whole grains.
  • Maintain Healthy Weight: Keep your body weight
    in check, neither overweight nor underweight. The obese person are more likely
    to get afflicted by heart problem and at times, it is fatal. Don’t over diet,
    squeeze your diet each day and slowly you will find substantial decrease in
    body weight in long run. Losing weight over a period of time is healthy
    compared to steady reduction of weight. Maintain your Body Mass Index, BMI.
  • After the age of 30 years, schedule a yearly check-up of
    your body and blood profile done and consult a good physician who can recommend
    ideal directions to follow and follow the prescribed advice sincerely to stay
    fit n healthy. Take medicines on prescribed timings.
  • Cut Down on Sugar Intake too as High glucose
    level poses a lot of issues to the organs of the body especially the heart,
    kidney and the nerves.
  • According to Ayurveda, the herbal formulas
    prepared from organic plants n spices keep the heart diseases at bay. Consult a
    good practitioner of Ayurveda.
  • Keep Stress at Bay: Stress plays an important
    role in the failures of organ, so be positive, stay calm and don’t over-stress.
    The materialistic lifestyle has added problems in life. The people have become mechanized and are running after the wealth. Give some time for your body to
    relax and adopt healthy techniques of Meditation & relaxation. Meditation
    & relaxation both keep the blood circulation proper & healthy. Be happy
    & laughter is the best medicine.
  • Don’t use preheated oils to cook food nor cook
    the food on high flame. Avoid oily and rich food and refined flour.

I follow the above mentioned to keep myself
and my family happy and free from complexities of health issues.

Prepare fresh food, very rarely use
refrigerated food or curd. We have cut down intake of pizza and cold drinks to
1/10th, we do take but once in a quarter. Spend half an hour or one
hour on walking and relaxation.

I take break from work at regular interval
for fifteen minutes to roam around or stretch my body to keep the body supple.

All of us have scheduled our check-ups once
or twice in a year as advised by our family doctor.

Gradually we are trying to make up for the
losses we did while thriving on junk food and sedentary lifestyle but we
checked ourselves on time and thank god we are free from the issues of heart
and have become quite aware on heart care.

I use Saffola Oil for cooking and I am sure
My Chote Kadams towards the mission have gave us good results and will secure
our future.

I am careful about my both hearts, one that
beats for my body and the other that beats for my love life.


I have changed my lifestyle, Have you…If not,
Start today and feel the changes within…Keep Smiling to ward off heart

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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One Liner Wednesday- Paternity Leave

The New Pops burp their infants after each feed, change nappies without smirking and cuddle in the midst of night without second thought, hence paternity leave shouldn’t be denied….Musings of Ila Varma,2016.

Hue and Cry over #Paternity Leave in India…discussion roll over…some are in favor and some against…There was a time when Men did not take care of domestic issues like raising children rather they enjoyed with their friends while the womenfolk went through the pain of bearing kids and the ladies of the house co-operated to take care of new born. Now the time have changed and so the outlook of the Men and gender discrimination is gradually pacing out from society. Today’s youth take part in household activities and help their counterparts in raising children and household activities and take leaves to be available during childbirth and hence Paternity Leave is the need of the hour and it should not be denied….Leave For Papa is a Must….Pass The Bill & Bring Changes in Society.


Debate on YouTube: Discussions on Paternity Leave



My Take….Ila Varma 2016.


Friends #Limericks


We are siblings from different mothers

Our heart beats for each other

We are quirky, fiery & crooked

We share all secrets dark & wicked

We are true friends, people mutter.

© Ila Varma 21-08-2016.

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Tiny Shoes


Generally people don’t start the preparations of the things that would be required for the awaited child…but I am bit different and don’t believe in these weird norms…been a rebel.

My thought says, “Believe in positive & good things and you will be blessed with the best ones.”

I was married at an early age…still in late teens and was not so much aware of family planning and all and after one and half years of marriage…I was on family way. The beginning months were difficult but I readily went through the blues without getting irritated. My childhood days are spent in a family of three generations and so these things weren’t new for me.

After six months, I started the preparations to welcome the child. The due date was in early winters so I started with knitting.

Before marriage, I was Nil in these activities but after marriage, the feeling to knit the sweaters of my hubby inspired me to learn the tricks of knitting and in two years of marriage, I was proficient and would tutor others…such was the level of excellence of my knitting.

My Mom lecture was on that one should not prepare the things before childbirth but I turned deaf ears and was engrossed in the preparations. Whatever I prepared for the child was for a girl child because I badly desired to be blessed with a girl child.

There to was the reason for wanting a Girl-child.

We are four sisters and one brother and in my childhood, I have seen those eyes of the relatives n neighbors with scorn when they learnt that we were four sisters. They did not comment much because my parents did not pay much heed to it but their eyes they way they rolled is still in my memory and I hated them for their stares.

I wanted a girl child to show to the world that how can we welcome a girl child with pride and happiness, the basic reason to have a girl child was with this in my mind.

I knitted sweaters, tiny shoes and tiny caps & gloves of pinks and yellows, my favorite baby colors and I laid them in my wardrobe nicely waiting for the baby to arrive.

It was a pleasure to look at my creations, it gave immense satisfaction and an unknown happiness enveloped my soul.

In spite of pinkies and frocks prepared for the child, I gave birth to a baby boy with C-Section.

People of family as well as hospital rejoiced and were in merry making but I felt a pinch for not been blessed with a baby girl. I kept my feeling submerged in myself, did not share with anyone.

I made my son wear those tiny frocks and tiny shoes till he was of two years.


Till today, every year, I knit tiny shoes and socks for the small babies irrespective of sex and present them to people who are blessed with tiny souls.

The tiny shoes appeals me a lot and in my wardrobe where I keep my wool and needles, one would find tiny shoes and cap lying.

My kids have outgrown my lap but for others still I knit the tiny stuffs, it’s my interest to indulge in knitting colorful tiny shoes of different designs and looks and their look appeals me the most.

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The incident is of 90’s, when Amma was for the first time diagnosed to be inflicted with Blood Sugar. At present, we can count person on our fingers, who are not suffering from Diabetes, it has become common and maximum people is in grip.

I recall that in those days, it was difficult to get Tea without Sugar in market or people could not think of Tea without Sugar whereas today, if guests pour in at our place, we first confirm how many will have tea with or without sugar and then they are offered…Such is the reach of Diabetes in our life at present.

Amma was fond of rice, puffed rice or Kurmure and Doctor advised her to refrain from it. She was not offended from the attack of Sugar but was more offended with Doctor’s prescribed precautions.

Sometimes, literally her tears rolled down at the pretext of refraining especially from Rice…such was the close proximity with the cereal. She took rice in both her meals, not fond of Chappatis.

We had a large joint family and we all were acting as spies in her life regarding her food habits. Each of us wished for her welfare and she was the first victim of Diabetes in our family so all were more vigilant…at times she got irritated by our moves.

Amma is the first one to wake up in our family and her morning rituals are over till others get down from the bed and after that she won’t be seen in her room. She would take a nap after the household job is completed, in living room in front of TV airing Daily soaps and she watches curiously n the commercial breaks are her nap timings.

One day, I did not find her in all the spaces of our home then I tip toed in her room fearing that she might not be feeling better and found her sitting on her bed and happily munching the Big Jalebi.. She was half way and when her eyes fell on me, they widened beyond their circumference and she literally blushed.

I laughed at my victory, catching her red handed but she was hurt been caught red-handed and tears welled in her eyes.

I announced among all of Amma been caught red-handed and she got lectures or people laughed at her childish activity.

Now after years, when I am in mid-forties and I am told to refrain from rich diet or take precautions, I too get annoyed and I have discovered in myself that a craving for sweet increases with age and we want to munch those things which are prescribed not to touch. Either it is our devil mind working on it or we become childish with age and sneak into the kitchen to enjoy the savories without been caught red-handed and now I understand the craving of Amma.

I feel sorry for the moments when we teased her or laughed at her when her hands sprawled on the foodies that she wasn’t allowed. It was our love and concern for her.

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Tara had a long platonic relationship with Arun and they had decided to marry once they settle in their job, they aspired to join Civil Services. Both were best in their academics. They spent most of the time together that they got after the preparations.

Tara qualified in the finals but Arun was left behind.

Tara’s parents started the topic of settling down in marriage after bagging the job.

Tara was in dilemma, wondering whether to continue the relationship with Arun or not. She gave much importance to social status and did not want to belittle her image in the eyes of people.

She took a hard decision to part ways with Arun. Gradually she minimized her interactions with Arun.

She married Jayant, both did their training together.

Arun came to know through Facebook status & was deeply hurt. He understood the reasons behind Tara’s step and felt the long relationship so fragile.

Tara & Jayant went steady in their relationship and soon they settled in their jobs and was blessed with a lovely daughter. Time moved in its pace.

Tara was transferred to another city, she moved with her school going daughter.

Arun  was posted in the same city. He was in Allied Services and he was still a bachelor. Accidentally they meet at the mall and they started meeting frequently.

The buried feelings ignite and the passion roll out and once again, the relationship gets a flicker.

Tara’s interactions with Jayant undergoes change and this change could not go unnoticed by the peers and Jayant.

Jayant chooses to remain silent and one fine day, he shoots himself in his premises.

The news gets flashed in media and Tara comes to know of it.

In the eyes of society, she remains the widow of Jayant but she had strong feelings for Arun.

She introspects the situation before her and decides to sever from Arun in the interest of her daughter’s life.

Her fragile nature & relationships had already messed her life but she desired best for her daughter and wished to handle the situation with utmost care.

This post is for the Prompt –Blog-A-Rhythm Day 3 Prompt – Fragile Lives.

Life is uncertain and fragile and so are the relationships, it needs patience, unconditional support and to be handled with care.



Disclaimer: The names & the characters are fictitious and any resemblance to any living or dead is purely coincidental.

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