My Elder Bro – My Guide, Friend, Mentor & Lifeline! #SiblingRivalry

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The relation of the sibling is a unique one in this world. It starts with confusion when the elder one is suddenly taken aback when he/she sees another kid joining their league, which eventually leads to a lot of fighting and crying while they are growing up and finally ends with immense love and respect for each other. They become each other’s backbone. From keeping secrets to guiding each other for the best, this is my, Mayank Manohar ode to the relation that I share with my elder brother Mrinal Madhukar.

The best memory that I have, which still wanders in the theatre of my mind, is when I was in 4th grade and my brother was in 6th, and we decided to save our pocket money to gift our parents something on their respective birthdays. It was really sweet of him to come up with the idea at such a young age and his will to make me understand. That’s how he is, someone who is always so caring about the people he loves that he will always do something special for them.
My brother has always been sensitive since he was a kid. I remember how when our cousins used to come over and leave, I was the least affected by anyone’s departure. But my brother would start crying from the moment he learned that people are leaving and the vacation was over. A few of my cousins prayed that my brother is asleep when they have to leave but seldom had it happened. For me, it was more disturbing that the vacation was over and it was time to go back to school. For him, people mattered, more than that the relationships mattered.
While growing up though I had my own tantrums, I still remember how we used to play WWE on our bed and always kept on trying to imitate the moves of those wrestlers. He would grab me, lift me and toss me on the bed and it always used to end with our laughter and warning from our mother that the bed will give up soon if we continued practicing the moves…and a day arrived, when planks of the bed were replaced. Mom premonition came out true.
The age when we were crazy about the magnets and would go to any extent to get one…it was easily accessible to get after operating the toy collection, we had. Once, we even ruined one of the soft toys that our mother loved, it was a monkey who used to blabber whenever it was slapped. We operated on him and got that big fat magnet out. We got good slaps multiple times for doing magnet business but trust me, it was worth it.
We have laughed together, cried together and have done a lot of mischiefs together but today both of us are on their respective paths to make something out of the life we have, the best part that exists is we have always got each other’s back. He would lie to our mother when she found something fishy in my bag ahead of my school exams. The way, he made our parents understand how I felt about engineering and how I wanted to do something else in my life.
He has always ensured that I get the best of everything while he would settle for normal things. For instance, I have stayed in many cities for my studies while he couldn’t. He always pushed me really hard for achieving everything that I aspire for. And the reason that I shared my emotions with him about how I felt about engineering was because being my big brother, he used to take my interviews and literally guide me how corporate interviews are supposed to be and how I was supposed to basically put a lot of butter on everything that I say with a lot of emphasis on a few keywords like team player, enthusiastic, optimistic, opportunist etc. It didn’t go well down with me and I realized after getting rejected umpteen times that I was made for something else. But unaware of the fact, my brother was speaking to all of his friends and colleagues to get me a better job on my merit.
That was when one fine day I decided to drop him a text explaining everything which led to one thing to another.  For four years  I am placed in Delhi, pleased and content with my choice of profession and aspiring for more & more.
I have always been on the other side of the shore, where I didn’t share the same aim as my bro to stick to the only study in schools or college. There were times when our teachers used to compare between me and my brother and there were times when I would get really agitated by his aim to study more and more. I received good scolding to concentrate on studies but my mind was always busy doing something creative. My bro has been the best student, best son, best brother, best friend and now a really good husband.
I wish him all the best in his life and hope that he gets the best of everything. I may not have been a good brother at times, but I know I have got your back…that’s my real strength.

Reminiscing those days of childhood, a plan struck to start a blog train on #SiblingStories and 36 Bloggers of them amalgamated to share their sweet, salt and pepper encounters of #SiblingTalk.Brand Angtatva collaborated with me to give a new shape to this beautiful blog train journey.
The Campaign #SiblingStories & #SiblingTalk hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with Angtatva comes to an end after a month-long celebration of adventurous blog train trip with Siblings. I am happy that it ended peacefully minting excellent relationship with new and old bloggers from across the globe. The articles shared by all the participants are indeed wonderful, emotional and funny instances with our siblings and I am sure it has helped in unearthing new facts about our siblings.

The Mad World of Crazy Siblings! #SiblingStories

My life has been a thorough roller coaster ride and had many health hiccups. My inner spirit never bogged me down and I continue to be one, who appears composed but is crazy at heart.
Born in a large family with three generations living together, at times, we enjoyed, at times, we got irritated by the intervention of different generations but Today when I look back….I feel lucky to have interactions with so many people of all shapes, sizes and different mental wavelength as we had people in our family born in mid & late 19th century and We classics born in the late-20th century. Imagine our patience the way we dealt with the oldies.
We had a gang of siblings who were always at some mischief or the other…some were silent in giving consequences and few were loud and I was on the middle path…sometimes caught and sometimes not even noticed.
The gang of siblings included our first cousins, second cousins and my siblings from the same mother…but mind it, till today, we don’t address as cousins…we count them as own born from different mothers.
We all lived under one roof and it might appear unusual to the current generation, we shared spaces in one single large room and my granny was our guard to safeguard us when we entered into an alliance to wash & rinse (Dho Daala)  the few that appeared to be our greatest enemy at the moment…it was all momentary…the elders got busy in discussions and we stood in unison….our bonding was so strong.
I am eldest in my five sibling gang born from the same mother…but we hardly got into rough…but with a gang of siblings with different mothers, the pact was strong still it had several dimensions.
Many lived with us and few invaded our territory during festivals, family functions and long holidays.
Little things added joys in our life. We waited ardently for them to arrive and we had great planning ahead to execute.
In our time, we had the privilege to grow amidst nature…big sprawling garden, well, trees, fruits, and veggies plants…and in winters and springtime, our garden was our home where we ate, played, studied and gave results to our mischief…some time we disclosed the name of the culprit but maximum time, it was handled by ourselves.
I was the one to appear meek but knew well to handle things, get it done by the gang and give a final touch…the frontbenchers were caught easily.
We played games like Pitto,” in winter holidays and the siblings that did not listen to us were made the target to hit during the game…hahaha 😆…and after that in the evening, we helped them in smearing Haldi-Chuna to give relief from pain.
We played Teacher game and therein too, our soft targets were the junior ones, whom we spanked with ruler not too hard but we were versed in the task of being a teacher and giving punishments….we all took turn and sometime or the other…everyone received spanking and torturous speech as it was delivered by the teachers of those days.
We had great fun in food sharing…each one of us had their own taste…and the palette included sweets, sugar, jaggery, pickles, Murabba, Bikaneri Bhujia Haldiram.
We were served in fewer quantities as per our age but the craving to eat wished for more and more…we all in a gang asked elders to serve and after getting, we sat on the roof and amalgamated our choice of food and ate till our tummy was full and craving satiated….mine favorite was Haldiram Bhujia.
We fought with each other but when caught by elders, we helped in shifting the scores to one another instead of making one the Bali ka Bakra.
After heavy fights and scores, still we remained bonded, no ill feelings, no remorse hangover…and if any neighbours tried to pry in our privacy, we united and confronted them with our various tools.
We saved each other from the eyes of the elders if anyone did something mischievous.
We were a gang of mad siblings and we felt comfortable in our group…we shared beds, bathrooms, cosmetics, dresses, and accessories…nothing was defined for a specific person.
Ohh…with sharing of dress, I remember few majedaar incidents where we exchanged dresses, mainly it happened in girls gang and the culprit that was hunted by the elders were saved and the innocent caught but the elders rage too diminished after catching the wrong person and the grim environment turned into humorous one.
Really, I miss those wonderful days of pranks, silly encounters, and huge countenance of mischiefs that we shaped carelessly in our childhood carefree days.
Gang of siblings helps children to learn to share and caring and they come up as a better social being and has the potential to defy hurdles of life with a smile…it’s my perception.

Reminiscing those days of childhood, a plan struck to start a blog train on #SiblingStories and 36 Bloggers of them amalgamated to share their sweet, salt and pepper encounters of #SiblingTalkBrand Angtatva collaborated with me to give a new shape to this beautiful blog train journey.

Stay tuned to read more exciting entertaining stories.


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This Blog Train has been hosted by Ila Varma and sponsored by brand Ang-tatva in a bid to unravel the past memories of childhood, Khatta-Mitha experiences and to unearth the glorious times spent with our siblings. The time to recall those times and bring back a bit of innocence in our life…After all, Dil to Bachcha hai Jee.


Extraordinary Qualities of Legend of the Millennium – Amitabh Bachchan!


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I am a diehard fan of Amitabh Bachchan since my early childhood. The first movie of Amitabh Bachchan I watched on the silver screen was Muqaddar Ka Sikandar and my idol-worship began. Since then, no looking back in four decades, no hero fascinated me more than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Fan following of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is huge and he is famous all over the universe and people adore him.

Amitabh Bachchan started his career in the film industry with a scratch and carved a niche for himself. He saw major setbacks in life but still, he survived and emerged as a winner who steals the hearts of people in large numbers.

What makes him stand Exclusive & Extraordinary?


    His Deep VoiceAmitabh Bachchan is gifted with a deep baritone and his voice stands against the crowd. It has an ability to hypnotize and convince people. He has contributed his voice for plays, songs and recites his father, Harivansh Rai Bachchan poems with dignity. His voice pulls the crowd and leaves people spellbound.

    Work is Worship for Him – He is reigning in the film industry for four decades and it is said that he is very punctual. He believes in giving his best and he can work for long hours without getting puzzled. The people love to work with him. He never takes the job for granted rather he take it up as a challenge and puts in efforts as a newcomer in rehearsals. The energy he publicizes on KBC is an inspiration for the people and the participants. I believe this is the reason that he is reigning in the hearts of the public.

    Humble & Down to Earth – Amitabh Bachchan has won maximum accolades on the national & international platform, still false pride and ego have not touched him. He is humble and down to earth and he recognizes his audience and believes in his audience for his success in the industry. While watching KBC, the way he addresses the contestants and their family members are mind-blowing. He gives immense weight and regard to the participants. He makes the contestants feel at home and comfortable. He has aged gracefully. 

    His Acting is Natural – He enters into the skin of the character that is assigned to him and justifies it 100% without fail. His acting seems to be natural and effortless.

    Adaptable to Changes – He is not conservative in his view and actions and believes in changing himself with the passage of time. He interacts easily with any age group and easily adapts to the latest trends. 

    Sunday Darshan for his Fan followers – Despite having a hectic schedule, he never forgets to give Darshan on Sunday on his residence to his diehard fans and acknowledges their sentiments and emotions. People throng in large numbers to have a glance of their hero. This proves his popularity among people.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan suffers from serious ailments and has to abstain from rich and junk food still you won’t find him anxious. He is a pure vegetarian and a teetotaller. He has accepted his health flaws and maintains a healthy schedule in spite of hectic schedules.
He is nearing close to 78 years still he possesses vibrant energy and knows how to capture the attention of an audience. He is an inspiration for the people of all ages and he gives competition to youngsters. He is a power bank, loaded with positive energy.
Lessons to Learn from Amitabh Bachchan:

   Drop false ego and pride.
    Work on your strengths
    Kick negativity out of Life.
    Success is Temporary & Attitude is Permanent so work to maintain the positive attitude.
    A Grand Smile & Making people comfortable in his company.

I feel happy to watch my hero gaining height of success and popularity. 

I believe my Readers will agree with my views.

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I Missed Blogging Dearly!

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I shifted my domain from Big Rock to another and this process took a quite long time hampering my blogging activities.
I did not anticipate that it will take so long, as of approx. 20 days. The Big Rock did not wished to release me and it kept on hold for a long time requesting, Abhi Naa Jaa.
Finally, it was released and my website was up. I missed my writing activities dearly.
Mostly, I write in impulse and the contents are spontaneous…all those went haywire.
Writing in impulse shoots idea automatically and you cannot write afterwards, however hard you strive….the intensity and the ideas churned disappears with time.
I was in fear that I might lose a good number of traffic and website status. Thankfully, it remained static…neither I gained nor I lost.
Dear Friends, I am back and will share my writings on regular basis. Writing keeps me connected and my feelings gets a positive vent to share.

Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry VI – ATTAKALI #Odissa


The Sixth Contestant of Traditional Food Contest is Tina Acharya and has shared recipe of State Orissa.

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About Tina Acharya:

Tina Acharya is an Author of Two Books Hide & Seek, The Game of Life and Songs of a Gypsy Heart. She is a blogger, an amateur photographer and a political and social observer too. Besides an avid reader, music and nature lover and a movie buff, she is a foodie and loves to play badminton.
The Recipe Attakali shared by the Blogger Tina Acharya in her own version with a background of the Sweet Dish of Odissa, India.
On a safer side I should start it with this disclaimer that I’m not a good cook.  In fact I don’t enjoy cooking also. I manage it anyway at my home.
I am a sweet tooth person. In fact I can say I have a sweet craving. I love almost all sweet dishes. The sweet dish I am going to mention here is a very special one. It’s not just one of those sweet dishes but this one is very close to my heart.
Before explaining the recipe, let me tell something about why it is special to me.
I hail from Odisha where it is said that “Bara Masare Tera Parab” (In Twelve Months, thirteen festivals). It actually means that in Odisha we celebrate lots of festivals. No month goes by without a festival attached to it. Every festival has its own set of rituals and some special delicacies attached to it.
In the month of Margashira (eighth Month in the Indian Calendar) every Thursday is celebrated as Day of Worship of Goddess Laxmi as “Margasira Gurubara”. The story is related to Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Laxmi in Puri Jagannath Temple.
There are at least four (sometime five) Thursday Falls every year. Almost Same rituals followed for the worship of Goddess Laxmi in all the Thursdays. However the dishes prepared for the Puja sometime differs.
The Dish “Attakali also it is called as Gaintha” is a sweet dish specially prepared in these Thursdays only.
However in Odisha, same dish is prepared in a varied way in different places. So The Attakali or Gaintha I’m mentioning here is different from how it is prepared in the central Odisha (Cuttack or Bhubaneswar) (we are basically from south Odisha). It’s a variation of Main Attakali or Gaintha we can say.
 Also, my mother prepares it in a bit different way. So I can say it’s a typical home secret dish. That’s why it is special to me as every time I make it at my place, it simply makes me Nostalgic!
Ø Rice flour
Ø A small bowlful coconut cut into small slices
Ø 4-5 black pepper
Ø 1/2 tsp. roughly ground pepper
Ø Two cloves
Ø 2-3 green cardamom
Ø A small piece of cinnamon.
Ø A small piece of ginger
Ø 7-8 Cashews
Ø 7-8 Almonds
Ø A handful Black Grape Raisins/Or any Raisins
Ø A pinch of salt
Ø 250 ml Water
Ø 300 ml Milk
For Garnishing: Some Pomegranate seeds and Grated Coconut.
Preparation Time: 30 minutes
1.   For Rice Flour, take 2/3 cup arwa rice (Sita bhog, Gobindo Bhog or Sona masuri raw rice).  Wash and soak the rice for 2-3 hours. Drain all water and spread on a plate to dry (preferably under the sky or under a fan) for 1-2 hours.
2.   Take the rice in a grinder jar and grind into a smooth powder. Use a sieve to gently sift the flour into a dry plate. 
3.    Take 4-5 table spoon rice flour in a bowl and add some water into it to make it a semi thick paste. Keep it aside.
4.   Place a Cooking saucepan on the Gas. Add the water, the cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, peppers and the crushed ginger. Add the sliced Coconut and a pinch of salt. Let the water boil. After five minutes, add cashews and raisins.
5.   After another five minutes, add the grounded pepper. If you want to prepare it with sugar, add 3-4 table spoon of it, if Jaggery add around 50gram to it at this moment. After a minute simmer the Gas and add the semi thick rice flour paste into it with constant stirring. After 2-3 minutes, add Milk and Still it. After 2 minutes, switch of the Gas.
6.   Let it cool for a while. Then garnish it with pomegranate seed and grated coconut.
I remember my mother used to prepare this in a big pot as we were a big family. Still it was not enough for us those days. We would always wait for the next Thursday. And After the completion of month of Margashira, We would again wait for the next year. Normally dry fruits are not added. But my mother used to add it at home. I can say it’s a secret “Family Dessert”  So it’s one of the dish that always makes me Nostalgic, reminds me those days and also reminds me the Mom’s Hand’s taste (though it never matches with it).

Dear Readers, Please try this exclusive recipe and share your experiences with us.

This dish can be used to prepare as an offering to God during holy festivals as a sweet dish offering.

This recipe and the snaps used with the recipe post is duly submitted by Tina Acharya for sharing on my blog.

We will love to hear from you.


Those Innocent Faces!

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Since a year, I am engaged with a NGO to help the unprivileged class, who cannot make his living by his own effort because of old age and physical disabilities. Simultaneously, time to time, we visit orphanage to distribute snacks or items that they require periodically.

Our dreams are embedded with our NGO, but it is in an infancy stage and a minuscule number support us in this race. 
I dream to walk miles before I sleep.
My observation shook me from within when I first stepped inside the orphanage. There were small children from the tender age of 4 to 18 years. 
When they gathered inside the campus to meet us, those innocent eyes that gazed at us were mostly of Girls, only 5 boys were there among the crowd of 50.
The disparity in number of gender triggered queries inside me.
Why the numbers of Girls is so high in orphanage?
A fine reason settled inside me and my conscience supported the reason.
Are these Girls abandoned by the parents?
Are these Girls borne by the Moms out of wedlock or result of outraged modesty of girls?
My inner conscience said yes and my soul was shocked to watch those innocent cute faces. A hollow smile writ large on their faces.
What was the fault of these innocent souls?
Humans are judgmental and they love what they prefer. But, how God can be so cruel with them?
I have seen people asking for children, who aren’t blessed with a child. They are not on the page of choice of gender rather they pray to God to bless with a child. Their only choice is child, Boy or Girl doesn’t matter.
How come God blesses these cursed souls, who don’t have care for a girl child?
I was moved at the sight of those innocent faces of cute girls, each had its own beauty and charm. The life that they are gifted with, has a tag of orphan but my mind dwindled in conflict, “are they really orphan.”
My soul was not ready to accept. A feeling emerged that they are tagged orphans due to the compelled ignorance of their parents and extended family members.
Woman is known for her unconditional love for her child and what are these woman made of who abandoned their new-born at the mercy of none.
Science and technology is advancing each and every moment but still the numbers at orphanage growing and that too of GIRLS….pathetic.
It was a trying moment for me.
I want to do a lot for them to bring happiness in their life but I cannot do for all because of my limitations, personal and financial.
I have vowed to help them periodically by distributing stationary items, clothing, food articles etc.
I along with my accomplice and my children distributed snacks among them.

While leaving, I enquired what they want in my next visit.
Most of them said chocolates and colour pencils.
They bid us goodbye with a Big Thank You note and See You Again.
Hopefully, will visit soon but I pray to God in silence to hold the numbers of Orphans.
Why to bring them in this world to be looked upon as an object of sympathy?
Many questions keep rising in my head shaking my belief on humanity.
I have scribbled my feelings that I encounter with in my solitude. I share the turmoil that churns within me on the subject. No offences to any social or political people.

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Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry V – Sukhadi!

Shweta Mehta, a holistic Nutritionist, loves to
write about Food & Health posts. She creates new innovative recipes blended
with healthy and tasty components. Her recipe posts can be reached at [email protected].
Let’s hear the recipe of Shweta Mehta in her own version and along with the recipe, she has shared the story behind
the birth of the recipe Sukhadi
and its health benefits.

The Pious Sukhadi

Sukhadi also known as Gol Papdi or Gur Papdi is the only Prasad offered to Shri Ghatakarna Mahavir Dev,
at Mahudi, famous Jain temple. This ancient Jain derasar is one of the most
sacred pilgrim that is nearly 2000 years old. Ghantakarna was a Warrior King
called Tungabhadra in his previous birth. He was the protector of the Satis,
Sadhus, Unfortunate and Devotees from the demons. Because it was this Jain
deity’s favourite, it’s supposed to be very inauspicious to waste even a bit of
Sukhadi. Once Sukhadi is offered to this deity, it is to be consumed and shared
within the temple premises or can be donated to the people around. No pilgrim
is allowed to take it home or out of the premises of the Temple. The Sukhadi
here is the best; I’ve eaten.

In a Guajarati home, this Traditional Sweet is also called as Sukan Ni Sukhadi – as it is considered as an auspicious sweet for
any new beginnings. 

It is often made during Jain Religious festival – Paryushan
or Diwali
. Simple Sweet Homemade Delight
that tastes best when eaten Hot and can be stored in a sealed container at
My Mom occasionally used to fill up my Tiffin box
with a piece of Sukhadi with spicy Sev or roasted Chivda. Sweet and Spicy
combination to snack on for 20 mins recess. As it’s a dry sweet, it’s
convenient to carry without any fuss hence best Travel Food. No wonder she made batches of these for my brother who
worked overseas – yes, this one has Long Shelf Life & is a “Saviour” Food – when you
would not get time to cook food. A small square of this sweet is enough
to keep the hunger pangs at bay for a couple of hours.
I have made this mini platter of Sukhadi to
welcome the lil bundle of Joy in my Family. 
It is made from 3 Simple Kitchen
ingredients – Wheat flour, Jaggery and Ghee {clarified butter}. It is simple
and quick to make. Soft in texture hence simply melts in mouth.
With changing times and to make things
differently – even Sukhadi has been modified by using different flours or
combination and nuts to make it more nutritious and healthy. Herby, I am
sharing the authentic recipe of Sukhadi which was made by my grandma, my mom
and now by me J
Sukhadi Recipe


Wheat Flour – 1/2 cup
Melted Ghee – 1/4 cup
Grated jaggery – 1/2 cup
jaggery or Slice it very finely. There should not be any chunk of it. Grease
a plate with ghee and set aside.
In a Pan, heat ghee and roast the wheat flour on a
medium flame till the colour of wheat flour changes to golden brown and until
you get a nice Aroma. Keep stirring with a spatula to avoid getting burnt. This is the Most important
part or I can say heart of this recipe if perfection in roasting the flour.
Keep the
flame low and add grated jaggery to this and mix well. Mix the jaggery well
with the flour. Switch off the flame immediately to avoid getting your Sukhadi
chewy & hard.
After you
switch off the flame, stir the mixture for a second till jaggery melts
Put this
mixture into the ghee greased plate and level it with the back of spatula or a
flat bowl. Do it quickly while it is hot.
After 5 minutes, cut it into square or diamond
shape using a knife. Leave it aside for 10 minutes.

You can sprinkle few Julienned Almonds/Pistachios or Cashewnut/Apricot
Halves. Store it in a sealed container and Enjoy.
Health Benefits of Sukhadi
 Instant Energy Booster food
after any Sport.
Regain the lost Energy after
or during any illness or febrile condition.
As it is Nutrient densed, it
is best for growing kids.
 It helps to gain Weight and
Strength for Underweight or Malnourished kids.
Healthy Nutrition for Pregnant/Lactating
Moms that gives Satiety.
 It helps to stay warm on cold
and rainy days.
Saturated Fat in ghee helps increase
your absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Dear Readers, please try this recipe at your end and do share your experiences. The pics of recipe is shared by Shweta Mehta, a Food Blogger & a Nutritionist.

We will love to hear from you. 😆😆

Finally, I Decided to Let it Go!

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Off & on, my mobile beeped with a message, “Low Space.”

I clicked to delete the files but my fingers did not race much to erase. Gallery was full of images, some captured by me, some transferred by FB messenger, What Sapp images by friends and relatives.
I scrutinized them regularly but could not fathom courage to delete them or transfer in my laptop, I was indecisive.
Same was the condition with my mobile contact list, overloaded with numbers of support staff to friends, friend’s relative, well-wishers, associates and Who not, carpenter, shopwallah, autowallah and all wallah’s who came to my rescue even once in a lifetime.
My both Sim memory was full, phone memory was in suffocation…but I the stubborn, did not dare to delete or share on my Google Drive and the bare excuse, I had that I might need them in urgency.
Regarding images, I had transferred maximum on my laptop, still I kept most of them especially quotes, images of my children and the clicks that I captured of nature. All were close to my heart and I did not want to lose any.
Now, my mobile phone started acting weird just like me. It consumed battery in few hours and in mid-way of my daily shopping or to market, my mobile ran out of battery and went dead.
I make sure that my mobile is in working state when I go for shopping or out of house, so that I can reach my people if required in case of emergency or if I need any assistance of any sort.
I sought advice from few of my close accomplice and they suggested me to format.
One evening, I was sitting idle and that day, I made up my mind to format the phone at any cost so that it breathes easily and don’t go dead even after been charged up to optimum.
I asked one of my subordinate to help me in formatting.
He asked me if I had contact numbers saved in my Gmail account and I nodded in affirmative without paying much heed to what actually he said. The same he asked for other stored details and I said…LET IT GO.
He punched the button to format and till I realized I had not saved all, ALL WAS GONE IN ONE GO.
Now, I started asking figuratively, is this there in the phone or not and he laughed out loud and said that your reaffirmation made me to format without saving.
I was in melancholy for some time and felt sorry for the details that I had lost and was in distress n despair.
Suddenly, realization set in and an inner conscience spoke aloud, “Hey, what are you doing? Moaning at materialistic things. Pause and think, what all you have lost in past and did they stop you from moving forward?”

I accepted that at times, it is better to release the things that we have captivated for long and not able to let it go. All things materialistic or non-materialistic, life or lifeless have a fixed span of life and one day, we have to LET IT GO.

My mobile was not breathing properly because it was bowed down and it called for free space to respond else it would have collapsed one day, earlier than its assumed life span.
Now, I feel, the action taken was Right else I would have never allow to release if it would have been under my control. I was so obsessed.
Now, my mobile is not panting with heavy breaths and is amicable with me.
This LET IT GO practice made me realize that it is not so difficult to part ways but in our thoughts, we are so much screwed up that we don’t dare to take risk of losing.

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Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry IV – Sooji Kakara Pitha!

The Fourth
Contestant of Traditional Indian Food Contest is Payal Jain and has shared
recipe of state Orissa.
Sooji Kakara Pitha

Sooji kakara pitha is a typical Odia dish popular in the state of Orissa. These are mostly prepared during festivals and offered in Puja as an Offering or Prasad. These are delicious and healthy.

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For Outer layer:

1/2 cup semolina/sooji
1 1/4 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. cardamom powder
1 tbsp. oil
For Stuffing:

1/2 cup grated fresh coconut
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. cardamom powder
Oil for frying

Stuffing Preparation:

1. Heat kadhai
2. Add grated coconut, sugar and cardamom powder
3. Fry until sugar melts and the mixture becomes little dry
4. Switch off the flame and keep aside the stuffing
Preparation of Outer layer:

1. In a kadhai add water and sugar, boil it
2. When it starts boiling, add semolina stirring continuously to avoid forming lumps
3. Add oil and cardamom powder
4. Cook this mixture for a minute
5. Remove from flame and keep aside
6. Wait till the dough cools down to room temperature
7. Knead the dough for few seconds to make this soft.
8. Make small balls from the dough, flatten slightly and stuff with the prepared stuffing.
9. Then roll it again to make a ball
10. Make the balls into flat shape in between your palms
11. Heat oil in a kadhai and deep fry the flatten balls on medium flame till it turns golden brown from each side
12. Delicious Kakara Pitha is ready, serve hot or cool.
Readers, please try this recipe and share your experiences with us.
This recipe has been shared by Payal Jain and the attached picture is also shared by her.
We will love to hear from all of you.

Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry III- Rasilie Aamchoori Bhindi Recipe!

The next Contestant
of Traditional Indian Food Contest is Ms. Megha Verma, Bangalore.

Let’s know about Megha in her own version.

Cooking never interested me when I was young. I always wanted to stay away as
much as possible from the kitchen. But thanks to my mom who always used to give me at least 1 percent of the cooking work on the daily basis. This 1 percent gave me an idea about the basics of cooking. After my marriage and kids, I am completely
transformed. Now I love cooking for my family. Their love makes me explore new
dishes. All credit of my culinary skills and recipes goes to my Dear husband
and kids.

Rasilie Aamchoori Bhindi Recipe

This Rasilie
Aamchoori Bhindi recipe is awesome for people who are in love with bhindi. This
recipe is best suited for people whole like to eat bhindi with gravy. This is
also great for people who don’t like tomatoes but still want  tangy bhindi.

Bhindi – Washed,
dried and cut into 1 inch length approximately with a small slit.
Garlic – 10 to 12
cloves of garlic peeled and washed.
Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp.
Coriander Powder – 3 tsp.
Red Chillie Powder –
1 tsp.
Salt – according to taste
Aamchoor Powder – 1 tsp.
Methi seeds – 1/2 tsp.
Oil – 2 tbsp.
Water – 1 bowl
Coriander leaves – Finely diced quarter cup
Cooking Method:
Put 1 spoon oil in a
pan. Heat the oil and put the methi seeds in the oil and let it splutter. Put
the bhindi in the oil and fry for 10 minutes on high flame. In a mixer grinder put
the garlic cloves, dhania powder, haldi powder, salt, chilie powder and little
water and grind it to a fine paste. Heat 1 spoon oil in a pan and put this spice
paste in the oil and fry for 5 minutes until oil separates. Put 1 bowl of water
and fried bhindi in the pan and cook it covered for about 7 to 10 minutes on
midium flame stirring occasionally. Now sprinkle aamchoor powder in the pan and
mix it properly. Garnish it with coriander leaves. Rasilie aamchoori bhindi is
ready to be served with hot chapatis or parathas. 

Dear Readers, please
try this recipe at your end and do share your experiences and liking about this
dish. The pics of recipe is shared by Megha Verma, an amateur blogger.

We will love to hear from you. 😆😆

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