#TweetFables – Story 05-01-2018

Today, 05-01-2018, we, Ila Varma and Paresh Godhwani started a spontaneous storytelling series with the blogger fraternity with the hashtag #tweetfables.

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The story is the spontaneous amalgamation of thoughts of different people in sync with the opening lines. The marvelous storytellers weaved two different stories with the following open lines.

One by one, the lights went out and echoing footsteps died away in the distance…

Tweetfable – I

One by one, the lights went out and echoing footsteps died away in the distance. I was scared but preferred to go in the direction of echo. There was no other way out in that haunted house. I was hoping that these footsteps will give me inmate in that house.

Chills ran down my spine, sweat down my face and my hands trembled. An unknown force was asking me to walk towards the ending footsteps. Some kind of force was driving me.

I kept on moving as if it wasn’t me at all. Never minding the everlasting darkness, screaming foxes, wind gushing and the snow falling. The darkness attracted me as it was the other part of me that was unveiled till now.

My mind knew to stop…But a voice in me kept telling me to move forward. It kept assuring and luring me ahead.

The shadow was eerie, cold and unfamiliar. It was something I have never seen before. It seemed like a person but not from the mortal world…I just stood holding my breath.

With utter fear on my mind I gathered courage to turn my head wearing my heart over my sleeves. Soon I turned and the shadow disappeared.

I was perplexed. How a nightmare could turn into a dream, or was this a beautiful reality? Had I dreamt up what I thought I had experienced? Was I dreaming now?

I turned and it meowed. Chill ran down again and what I saw in front of me? I got a lump in my throat. My wee little kitten was wagging its tail behind her. It gave a nice meow sound as if teasing me saying “I am successful in scaring the shit out of you!”

I picked up, ran and ran. I could no more hear any footsteps. No more wind gushing and snow falling.  It was a no moon day and I could hardly see anything.

I kept moving thinking whether it is a dream or a nightmare. As I went ahead, I saw a light. “Finally a ray of hope” I rushed towards it without thinking much.

A little trembling I stood up and realized that it was all the nightmare ……Happily, I enjoyed the festivities with my family, vouching not to watch a horror movie at night. That night I slept but the echo of the footsteps never left…

TweetFables II

One by one, the lights went out and echoing footsteps died away in the distance….

The echo of the footsteps died down and it was dense dark. I could not see anything further. But this did not deter me from moving towards unknown destination…I felt as if someone was calling me from a distance.

I could not understand how a fearful creature like me had suddenly developed so much of confidence. With full conviction, I was moving forward like a lone wanderer in a desert.

I stumbled but someone held me which helped me to stand straight…Sigh…

“Who is there?” “Who is there?” No reply came forth. A screeching shrill disturbed the eerie silence of the night and a faint bulb glowed at the other end.

I lost all the courage and started running without thinking about in which direction I am heading. When I stopped, I saw a shadow on the wall in front of me.

For a moment I thought, is it a real shadow or just a mental imagination? I wasn’t sure if I was in the real state of mind. Fear had a strong grip.

Was it shadow or was I hallucinating? I shrieked with fear n fainted then n there. When I opened my eyes, I was in my living room surrounded by my friend’s n family. One by one the lights turned on…and I was amazed to see the decoration of lights n flowers done.

A loud clap thundered the living room and others joined in and my Father played my favourite song on the piano congratulating me for my promotion which wasn’t disclosed by me.

“Is this the way to congratulate me” I asked them.

“I was utterly scared you all are taking as fun, not fair.”

I was scared, surprised, and happy all at the same time. While giving my father a hug I was wondering who told him about my promotion. Then I saw my friend Rishika behind him. Then I understood that Rishika planned that whole thing.

Rishika was watching me with squinted eyes.

“Hey, you…how can you be so stubborn….wait for your turn” I whispered.

“Just as you acted, you kept such information as confidential from me & Uncle. Your boss told me & we planned.

You say, “I am brave” We tested.

“You failed” Rishika teased me.

My reaction was mixed. I hugged my father and his blessings comforted me & tears of happiness welled up.

“Beta, we are there with you, celebrating with family means a lot. We did it to amuse you & drift you from the pressure of work, Look at the flowers, they smile Even if they know that they will perish tomorrow.” A wide smile sailed on her face and she forgot all the mess.

Meet the genius writers who shaped such interesting stories.

Stay Tuned to #Tweetfables on Saturday 5 pm and join to weave new stories.

Me Time! #FridayFotoFiction

woman reading a book with a smile

Since childhood, I was fond of reading and my shelves were stacked with different kinds of books and magazines and this reading habit gave birth to my writing skill.

My inner desire was to get my writings published giving shape to a novel.

Being the eldest of five, I was married off early and got totally engrossed in family life, managing kids, husband and household and could not take time out for myself.

After shouldering off my responsibilities, once again I diverted my attention towards my reading & writing habit.

I dusted the journals that I was carrying in my shelves and synchronized them and sent to various publishers to get it published.

Thankfully, one of the leading publishers of  Mumbai accepted my work and today I received the paperback of my publication.

I can’t scribble my emotions in words…I am speechless.

© Ila Varma 30/08/2017


Word Count: 147 Words.

Story in 100 words. #Fantasy #FridayFotoFiction

Couple in Silhouttes


“Nancy, your dress is torn,” said Eric circling her in his strong arms, kissing all over.

“What, my bridal dress is torn? It isn’t auspicious, Eric” Nancy fretted.

“Cool baby cool. It is an auspicious sign. I am the culprit. While making love, my ring got entangled in the frills and mercilessly did the job.” Eric whispered slowly near her earlobe enticing her.

“Why didn’t you remove before indulging Eric?” Nancy said innocently.

“Hey, it was the first day. Couldn’t muster courage…but be prepared next time, now I have your permission.” Eric winked at her & she blushed crimson realizing what she had said.

Eric’s fingers started to move on her back, loosening the strings.

“Oh, wait…let me spread the curtains,” Nancy said.

“Are You Ready?” Eric whispered.

“Why not?” and their lovemaking gained momentum.

“Nancy…Nancy…here is your tea.” Eric whispered.

Oh..It was a sweet dream.

© Ila Varma 17/08/2017



Friday Foto Fiction Week 13.

Old bunglow



The huge palatial bungalow where we grew stood today, dark & dingy with cobwebs hanging all around.

Tears welled up in my eyes, this was the place where Maa-Pa lived with dignity and kept the ancestral property neat and clean…and what we did?

In the race of earning in multiple figures, we uprooted our roots.

Now, I have to visit Oxygen pubs to breathe in fresh air, hit back to the gym to maintain fitness…and we abandoned the place where we had all in plenty.

I took a firm decision.

I resigned from the job and moved here with my wife.

Once again, life regained & we felt rejuvenated.

(100 words)

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Repentance! #FotoFiction3

“You are not worthy to be my husband,” Tia screamed.

Her words pinched me hard & I felt my dignity at stake in-front of my kids.

Silently, I left the home when all were sleeping.

Undecided, I stepped out & wandered hither-thither. When I woke up, I found myself sleeping on the pedestrian. I rubbed my eyes & pinched myself. I was sleeping on a road.

The sky was clear & bright & the view was amazing…The unfortunate incident of last night stirred my emotions.

I shrugged off thinking when Sun can appear after every night, why can’t we drop our grudges & start fresh. I started towards home.

© Ila Varma 2016.

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The Phone Rang Again!!!

                                                   Image Source: here

Since few months, Tarun noticed a remarkable change in Avni. She was ignoring the tasks of looking after her family & kids. In seven years of togetherness, it was the first chance that she was distracted & unhinged from family affairs.

Tarun decided to delve deep into the matter & find out what was attracting or distracting Avni. He started watching Avni’s movement and soon he found that there was someone whom Avni was following or was been followed by someone, it wasn’t clear.

Avni was never happy with her husband and her in-laws family, she kept the feelings bottled inside. It didn’t surface out to others but Tarun did have a clue of it. He was cool & patient & didn’t pay much heed. He believed that with time, she will be fine.

Now, when he found her getting isolated from him, he was hurt to the core but chose to be silent and vigilant. Her activities were getting symbolic and had developed a tendency to stay aloof.

Tarun was a pilot & he got weekly off to be with family. He was wrecked at heart & took leave to watch Avni’s movements and confirm whether there was some factor or was it mere suspicion.

Avni befriended two-three guys via social sites and gave ample time to her friends. As soon as she got up from the bed, the first thing she did was to greet good-morning to her friends. She carried the mobile wherever she went, not even spared them in her personal care time.

She randomly went out of the house on some pretext or the other. One day, Tarun asked to share her passwords of social sites. The color of her face drained and she was not ready to share her passwords.

“Am not your slave to share my personal passwords with you, I’m sorry,” Avni said in rage.

“You are my wife and I have got a right to ask. Even you can take my passwords” Tarun told her coolly.

The argument flared up and it went on for hours but Avni was not ready to share. Discussion took an ugly turn, Tarun lost his patience & slapped her hard.

Avni was mad in her passion, without giving any second thought, she stepped out of the house. In the back of her, She was ready to sever.

Avni’s mobile rang. At first, Tarun did not want to pick up the phone. He was mentally drained & an unknown fear had gripped him at the unruly behaviour of Avni.

The phone was continuously ringing. At last, he picked up the phone but did not utter a single word.

“Where are you darling? I was thinking about you.” The caller said.

Tarun felt dizzy, lost his balance and hit the floor. He fainted but the call wasn’t disconnected.

The sound of a heavy thud from the bedroom alerted other family members and they ran to see what had happened.

A huge commotion was created in the house. Both daughters were crying on top of their voice seeing their father been rushed to the hospital.  Family members wondered when they did not find Avni in house.

The old parents were enveloped in negativity wondering and searching a reason for all this sudden turmoil in the house. They couldn’t figure out.

When Tarun came into senses, he briefed the whole story to his brother and tears rolled down. He couldn’t find a reason as to why Avni had strayed, he loved her a lot and took care of her needs and finances. He was very hurt & felt demoralized.

Tarun’s mobile rang. He was gripped with fear because of the words of the caller had disturbed him mentally and he thought that maybe the same caller had tried his number.

He handed the phone to his brother to pick up.

“Hello, who’s there?”

“Yes, City SP calling, can I speak with Tarun?” the caller said.

“I’m Tarun’s brother, tell me what the matter is?”

“His wife Avni is with us at Noble Hospital. She met with a road accident and she is badly injured. Please rush fast.” The caller said.

Tarun’s brother didn’t disclose the message to Tarun sensing the gravity of the situation. He conveyed to him that the call was from his physician. They want to discuss his reports.

When his elder brother Arun reached Noble Hospital, he found Avni’s situation grim. She was not in senses and was babbling in delirium.

“Tarun, forgive me please.”

The doctors told him to bring Tarun and they sensed that she was in danger. If anyone could help her, that was Tarun.

He arranged to bring Tarun to the hospital, where Avni was admitted. Seeing Avni badly injured, he could not control his emotions and cried out inconsolably. 

He kissed her hand and she did respond by the touch of Tarun. Gradually, She came back to sense.

The whole team of doctors attending Avni was delighted. The couple was hospitalized in the same ward for aftercare. After three days, Avni recouped and Tarun was fine.

Avni requested Tarun to forgive her and she won’t repeat the mistake again. She told him that she trudged on the wrong path because of Tarun. He did provide all comforts but did not give much quality time or paid heed to her emotions.  Her buried emotions spurted out when she received words of praise from outsiders.

Both understood grievances of each other and embraced in a tight hug and showered kisses on each other.

The misunderstandings swept away and they got united forever erasing the boundaries of misunderstandings forever. The lost love revived in full glory.



Couple holding hands
Love Rebounds

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वादा अब्बू

“अब्बा-अब्बा” चीखती चिल्लाती अमीना मनसूर के कमरे में दाखिल हुई ।
“क्या बात है अमीना,सुबह सुबह इतना शोर शराबा क्यों?”
“मुझे आपसे एक बात पूछनी है, वादा करो, जो कहोगे,सच कहोगे।”
” अरी बात क्या है, सुबह-सुबह मुझे कटघरे में कयुँ पेश कर रही है। मैंने ऐसा क्या
किया है?”
“बोल दूँ, सोच लो बाद में मुझे कुछ न कहियो।”
“पहेलियाँ न बुझा, सीधे सीधे बोल।”
“बक्से में जो डायरी है,वह किसकी है?”
मनसुर के चेहरे का रंग अचानक से फीका पङ गया । अमीना कोने में ठिठक गयी।
“कैसी डायरी की बात कर रही है।” फूफी ने पूछी।
“मनसूर लङकी पर ध्यान दे, बङी हो रही है। कहीं ऊँच नीच न हो जाये।” फूफी बोल पङी। उनका ध्यान हर वक्त अमीना पर ही रहता ।
“बाजी, कोई बात नहीं, इसे तो मुझे परेशान करना अच्छा लगता है।” मनसूर ने बात को टाल दी।
अमीना को समझते देर न लगी कि कुछ बात तो है, उसके अब्बा फूफी की बहुत कद्र करते, आज उनकी बात को टाल गए।उसकी उत्सुकता और बढ गयी।
“क्या बात है, अब्बू।” अमीना ने मनसूर को टोका।
मनसूर ने उसे चुप रहने का इशारा किया।
“चल खेत की तरफ, मैं वही आता हूँ।”
अमीना दपट्टा सर पर रख कर, कमरे से बाहर हुई ही थी , तभी फूफी की पूकार उसकी कानों में पङी।
“अमीना अमीना, कहाँ मर गयी?”
“आई फूफी।” कहते हुए अमीना फूफी के पास रसोई घर में पहुँची।
“अंगीठी पर चाय की पानी उबल रही है। जरा चाय बनाकर सबको दे आ।” अमीना के दिलो दिमाग में तो अंतरद्दंत चल रहा था, पर वह फूफी की बात टाल नहीं सकती। चाय बनाकर सबों को बाँट दिया।
“फूफी, मैं अब्बा के संग खेत पर जा रही हूँ। उनकी तबियत ठीक नहीं लग रही है। साथ के लिए जा रही हूँ।”
“ठीक है जा, पर देर न करियो।” फूफी की हिदायत की आदत से मेरी रग-रग वाकिफ थी। दौङती हुई मैं खेत पर पहूँची। अब्बू पगडंडी पर बैठे, सोच विचार में खोये हुए।
“अब्बू, क्या बात हुई। डायरी के नाम सुनते आप इतना उदास क्युँ हो गए।”
“अमीना, बात ही कुछ ऐसी है। यह दर्द सालों से मेरे अंदर दफन है। आज तुमने उस जख्म को कुरेद दिया।” मैं एकटक देखती रह गयी।
” यह बात बहुत पुरानी है। भारत-पाकिस्तान के बंटवारे की समय की बात है। करांची के पास के कस्बे में हम सब रहते थे। वही पर एक हिंदू परिवार भी रहता था। हमारी परिवार से काफी आना जाना था। वृंदा उनकी बेटी हमारी हमउम्र थी। हम दोनों साथ खेले बङे हुए। हमारे बीच में प्यार कब पनप गया, पता ही नहीं चला। भारत-पाकिस्तान के बंटवारे की घोषणा हुई और तय हुआ कि हिंदू परिवार को पाकिस्तान छोङना पङेगा। वृंदा का परिवार भारत जाने की तैयारी करने लगे। वे लोग भी खुश नहीं थे, पर मजबूरी थी। हम दोनों दिल लगा बैठे थे। इस अलगाव की बात से हम दोनों बेचैन थे। हमारा प्यार परवान चढ चुका था। अंदर ही अंदर हम सुलग रहे थे और एक दिन एकांत में हमारे कदम डगमगा गये और हम दोनों ने मर्यादा की सीमा लांघ ली। हमारी बेचैनी दिन प्रतिदिन बढती जा रही थी। वृंदा के परिवार वाले सीमा के उस पार चले गए। कुछ दिनों बाद वृंदा को पता चला कि वो माँ बनने वाली है। हम दोनों की गलती की सजा कहो या प्यार की निशानी। शुरू में तो उसने यह बात किसी को नहीं बतायी पर ज्यादा दिन छिप न सकी। घर परिवार को जब पता चला तो उसे बहुत मारा- दुतकारा गया और गर्भ गिरवाने की तैयारी की गयी। डाक्टरनी ने परिवार को समझाया कि वृंदा की जान का खतरा है। उसके परिवाले को वृंदा की परवाह नहीं थी। डाक्टरनी को वृंदा पर तरस आ गया, उसने उसको अपने घर पर पनाह दे दिया और वहीं पर वृंदा ने एक लङकी को जन्म दिया। वृंदा के कहने पर डाक्टरनी ने मुझे अपने घर पर बुलाया और बच्ची को मुझे सौंप दिया। वृंदा अपने घर चली गयी। उसके घर वाले उसकी भूल को माफ नही कर सके और उसे जलाकर मार डाला। मैं भी वृंदा के पास जाना चाहता था परन्तु हमारी निशानी हमारे पैर की बेङियाँ बन गयी।” अब्बू की सिसकियाँ तेज हो गयीं। लगा जैसै वर्षों से थमा सैलाब अपनी सीमा तोङ गया।

मैं भी गमगीन हो गयी।

“जानना चाहोगी वह लङकी कौन है, जिसे वृंदा ने जन्म दिया। अमीना, तुम हमारे प्यार की निशानी हो। वृंदा तुम्हारी माँ है। मैंने अपनी पूरी जिंदगी वृंदा के नाम और तुम्हारे लिए अकेले ही काटी। यह बात किसी को नहीं बताना नहीं तो तुम्हारा जीना दूभर हो जाएगा। घर परिवार में लोग जानते हैं कि तुम हमारे करीबी दोस्त की बेटी हो जो एक्सिडेंट में मारे गये। डायरी में जो तस्वीर है वो वृंदा की हैं। उन यादों और तुम्हारे साथ मेरी जिंदगी की डोर बँधी हुई है।” मैं ठगी सी अब्बू के दर्द को भाँपने की कोशिश कर रही थी।
” अमीना, इसकी जिक्र किसी से न करना ना ही कभी यह भूल दोहराना। वादा करो” अब्बू ने मुझसे कहा, आँखों में अनेक उम्मीद संजोए हुए।
” वादा अब्बू ” मैंने कहा।
सूरज की किरणाें का तापमान बढ चुका था,हम दोनों घर की ओर चल पङे।
© Ila Varma 26/10/2015  


With the passage of time our bond strengthened and we were a step ahead….we were glued to telephone more and meetings were occasional though Ashwin visited college to catch a glimpse of his lover blooming and on few occasions Mom invited him to our place..she knew that I missed him badly so for me she asked him to drop mainly on Sundays so that he could pass time with my Paa & develop a bond with him too..So Sundays were lovely when Ashwin dropped at our place and had lunch or dinner with us and we got a breather to spend an hour or so in solitude and that moment was quite precious for both of us & it’s cherished by me till today.

Gradually marriage arrangements were on peak in both the families both sets of parents were busy in marketing, chalking plans to make it a grand success and we two were over anxious and overjoyed that we two were going to spend our rest of life together soon after& there were numerous plans conceived in our hearts which we had to roll out after the wedding.

Our commitments of job and studies too were of concern & we had to do our best to secure our future. Life appeared beautiful & colorful but anxiety too gripped me over the thought of leaving my parents behind. I was lucky to get married in the same city but still, this thought perplexed me at times & tears rolled down.


I was in a fix…no choice before me…I wanted both my love & my parents…I believe that all girls go through this phase & it’s difficult for all to choose…& the norms of society is to leave behind the parents and accept the man of your life..even my Mom did the same..for me the anxiety was more been  a single child…whenever I felt low at the thought of leaving, my Mom was there to assure me & her assurances brought significant change in my mood..she was more of my friend than my mother & I would definitely miss her aura around me …her charm which enhanced my persona.

to be continued….. 



It was Friday evening…after my classes were over…I was crossing the big lawn of college, way back to home….I saw a tall shadow following me….  “ hey…how are you…” the same voice of the Senior intercepted my way…my heartbeats raced faster but my legs could not take a step forward…
“Ha…ha…ha…” he was laughing out loud and stood
beside me…. “Hi…don’t you want to know my name. I am Ashwin…Ur senior waiting for a favor from Divya darl….ing…”
“Divya, I know your eyes are searching me …accept this fact….I’m too in search of you. I like you…love you…and cannot live without you…” all said in one go by Ashwin as if he was waiting for this D day to confess…I was perplexed and could not utter a word.
He walked a few steps and asked me to accompany him but I moved forward…I was dumb but did not disapprove his way of confession…I liked
it…now I will say, I loved his way of confession!
Ashwin…Ashwin…Ashwin…the name was ringing in my ears. I could feel his close proximity….I felt everything beautiful and colorful within me, near me and around me…I found myself lost in his thoughts…if really it was “LOVE “ then nothing could be as beautiful as this, I was damn sure…This four lettered “WORD” brought wonderful changes in me…a carefree girl became conscious of her looks. Dresses…and a DESIRE to be watched by my Love “Ashwin”…I used to talk hours with my love in my thoughts.
I wasn’t aware if Ashwin felt the same for me, as I was developing the feeling for him.
My taste of colors changed drastically and started liking colorful dresses
contrary to my choice of sober and light colors…looked in the mirror often…my Mamma’s eyes sensed this change…It did not remain unnoticed from her
eyes…She read the changes easily in me and kept a silent vigil on me.
“Beta…what is it…” she smiled …a naughty smile which wanted me to share my feelings with her.
“What’s it Maa…” 
I said looking the other way it was very early to disclose….I was floating in colors of Love, but still was not sure for the other person…A…s…h…w…i……n……..
“Your tastes are on change….certainly, there is a reason for this change…it cannot go unnoticed from the eyes of a Mother, Divya darling!”

“There is nothing like that Mamma. If any day I feel so, you will be the first one to know…relax…the changes that you are finding me is the peer pressure you can say….all girls of my batch are very choosy about their dresses and looks and I find myself odd man out so trying to compete with the peer group…”
I tried to pacify her feelings. I know… I was lying but no choice was left with me rather lie though I too did not like to lie. Now I understood that we lie easily in the fervor of Love.
My whole wardrobe changed…new colorful dresses matching accessories…spent a lot at markets with my Mamma.
A Simple girl has changed into a graceful gal concerned more about her looks…attires……My step towards college gate raced my heart beats and I blushed more often. Every day our eyes met and smiles were exchanged before going to classes. I don’t know whether he was there deliberately or by chance….but every day it could not be a chance….started daydreaming in class…sometimes it was noticed easily by my batch mates or professors…
In lunch break. I went to canteen…it has become a routine affair… Ashwin was there with his friends…glances were exchanged that’s all…no greeting, though I longed to hear from him. This routine could not continue for more than a fortnight, but now I feel that a fortnight was like a year…nowadays guys don’t have the patience to hold themselves for a day or two
but in our days…People were more patient…and the reason behind this patience was that there were no computers. No mobile phones. No emails…no internet connections…the modes of communication available tested our patience…Landline phones. Trunk Calls…letter and postcards were the modes available in our time which really tested our patience.
9th day of March was the most important day of my life…As I entered the canteen, I found Ashwin sitting all alone at the last bench of canteen…one seat vacant near his side…He smiled and waved & asked me to join him …in gestures. No words exchanged…I longed for this day though I never took the initiative but never ever declined Ashwin’s approach. In few seconds I was standing near Ashwin.
“Hi…Divya…come …what you would like to have Tea or Coffee. Special tea or Espresso coffee. (Nowadays Cappuccino coffee in CCD’S) I myself didn’t know what happened to me when I was near Ashwin…all alone I used
to talk hours with him but when he was near me…I was a mute spectator….
“Come on…say something….I’m ordering espresso coffee hope you would like it”…he went to the counter to order…
I found a napkin on the table something was scribbled on it…it was my name written in different styles now I was sure that the fire of love was kindled at Ashwin’s end too…he was too under the same situation that I was in….Fallen in Love but still not much was exchanged within us… “US”…I was left
bewildered I was referring as US in lieu of I and him…Was this the effect of
love….I was getting romantic.
Ashwin was back with two Mugs of Hot Coffee …

He sat
beside me and I don’t know how and when we started but we were engrossed in
deep conversation…the boundaries between us had sublimed…and in seconds we seem
to be very much familiar with each other…it seemed that two friends have met
again after a decade or so and there were lots and lots to share
…talking…smiling and laughing at each other and I did not feel that Ashwin was a stranger to me….neither Ashwin took me as a stranger…we both were very much comfortable in each other’s company….there was so much to tell each other…list seemed endless…A canteen boy came to us and said that it was time for the canteen to be closed.

When I looked outside the window…I was surprised to see that the sun was about to set…
“Oh my god…I missed my classes…I will leave now Ashwin…I am already late…”
He nodded and asked my phone number…I wrote the number
on another paper napkin and gave it to him and the paper napkin on which my name was scribbled I kept it in my hand bag…I ahandbagt was noticed by Ashwin but he did not say anything.
I rushed out of the canteen in a hurry …I was already late for home and in campus, only few could be seen…my heart was thumping in my rib cage and the person near me could hear my heart beats thumping …I was
pondering and was busy in finding out a valid excuse to answer my mother’s
query for been late. For seconds, I forgot Ashwin or what we conversed…I felt
totally blank.
When I reached home….by god’s grace, I was spared by Mamma’s queries…She was not at home.

After getting fresh,  I sat on the rocking chair in balcony deeply engrossed in 
thoughts of my Love which was yet to bloom. 

to be continued….. 

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