The Phone Rang Again!!!

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Since few months, Tarun noticed a remarkable change in Avni. She was ignoring the tasks of looking after her family & kids. In seven years of togetherness, it was the first chance that she was distracted & unhinged from family affairs.

Tarun decided to delve deep into the matter & find out what was attracting or distracting Avni. He started watching Avni’s movement and soon he found that there was someone whom Avni was following or was been followed by someone, it wasn’t clear.

Avni was never happy with her husband and her in-laws family, she kept the feelings bottled inside. It didn’t surface out to others but Tarun did have a clue of it. He was cool & patient & didn’t pay much heed. He believed that with time, she will be fine.

Now, when he found her getting isolated from him, he was hurt to the core but chose to be silent and vigilant. Her activities were getting symbolic and had developed a tendency to stay aloof.

Tarun was a pilot & he got weekly off to be with family. He was wrecked at heart & took leave to watch Avni’s movements and confirm whether there was some factor or was it mere suspicion.

Avni befriended two-three guys via social sites and gave ample time to her friends. As soon as she got up from the bed, the first thing she did was to greet good-morning to her friends. She carried the mobile wherever she went, not even spared them in her personal care time.

She randomly went out of the house on some pretext or the other. One day, Tarun asked to share her passwords of social sites. The color of her face drained and she was not ready to share her passwords.

“Am not your slave to share my personal passwords with you, I’m sorry,” Avni said in rage.

“You are my wife and I have got a right to ask. Even you can take my passwords” Tarun told her coolly.

The argument flared up and it went on for hours but Avni was not ready to share. Discussion took an ugly turn, Tarun lost his patience & slapped her hard.

Avni was mad in her passion, without giving any second thought, she stepped out of the house. In the back of her, She was ready to sever.

Avni’s mobile rang. At first, Tarun did not want to pick up the phone. He was mentally drained & an unknown fear had gripped him at the unruly behaviour of Avni.

The phone was continuously ringing. At last, he picked up the phone but did not utter a single word.

“Where are you darling? I was thinking about you.” The caller said.

Tarun felt dizzy, lost his balance and hit the floor. He fainted but the call wasn’t disconnected.

The sound of a heavy thud from the bedroom alerted other family members and they ran to see what had happened.

A huge commotion was created in the house. Both daughters were crying on top of their voice seeing their father been rushed to the hospital.  Family members wondered when they did not find Avni in house.

The old parents were enveloped in negativity wondering and searching a reason for all this sudden turmoil in the house. They couldn’t figure out.

When Tarun came into senses, he briefed the whole story to his brother and tears rolled down. He couldn’t find a reason as to why Avni had strayed, he loved her a lot and took care of her needs and finances. He was very hurt & felt demoralized.

Tarun’s mobile rang. He was gripped with fear because of the words of the caller had disturbed him mentally and he thought that maybe the same caller had tried his number.

He handed the phone to his brother to pick up.

“Hello, who’s there?”

“Yes, City SP calling, can I speak with Tarun?” the caller said.

“I’m Tarun’s brother, tell me what the matter is?”

“His wife Avni is with us at Noble Hospital. She met with a road accident and she is badly injured. Please rush fast.” The caller said.

Tarun’s brother didn’t disclose the message to Tarun sensing the gravity of the situation. He conveyed to him that the call was from his physician. They want to discuss his reports.

When his elder brother Arun reached Noble Hospital, he found Avni’s situation grim. She was not in senses and was babbling in delirium.

“Tarun, forgive me please.”

The doctors told him to bring Tarun and they sensed that she was in danger. If anyone could help her, that was Tarun.

He arranged to bring Tarun to the hospital, where Avni was admitted. Seeing Avni badly injured, he could not control his emotions and cried out inconsolably. 

He kissed her hand and she did respond by the touch of Tarun. Gradually, She came back to sense.

The whole team of doctors attending Avni was delighted. The couple was hospitalized in the same ward for aftercare. After three days, Avni recouped and Tarun was fine.

Avni requested Tarun to forgive her and she won’t repeat the mistake again. She told him that she trudged on the wrong path because of Tarun. He did provide all comforts but did not give much quality time or paid heed to her emotions.  Her buried emotions spurted out when she received words of praise from outsiders.

Both understood grievances of each other and embraced in a tight hug and showered kisses on each other.

The misunderstandings swept away and they got united forever erasing the boundaries of misunderstandings forever. The lost love revived in full glory.



Couple holding hands
Love Rebounds

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A Lesson to Remember!!!


When I was in my childhood, I did not have the privilege of TV, radio was there but it wasn’t for the kids of the house, so we were entirely dependent upon our Granny for the story-time or story hours.

Normally, the time was fixed, so I mentioned story hours, either in the afternoons or at bedtime…now when I recall those days, I laugh out loud…humko bekawoof banaya jaata tha…kaise…We were Oddball, they wanted to get rid of us in afternoons to relax. The storytelling was so interesting that we slept in mid of it and the ladies of the house ke chehre par muskurat n kamar ko thoda I understand fully because we too did more or less the same…Current generation’s notable kids lie down in front of TV & Computer, elders sleep and they are wide awake…Smart kids!

I remember one story told by my Granny, I recall more often because it conveys a lesson that we need to remember or follow in our life.

Story: There was a  man, Shyam, who had domesticated two donkeys Hira & Sona for his business. He lived in a village and often went to town in terms of his business. He had to cross the river to reach the town. When he had to carry the stocks, both the donkeys were his carriers & they accompanied him.

Both the donkeys shared good rappo and were quite perky with each other.

Once Hira got a load of salt & Sona got a load of cotton on his back. Hira was walking swiftly & Sona was moving slowly.

After walking for a half distance, Shyam lied under the shade of a tree to relax and so the Hira & Sona.

“Why you are walking so slowly, Hira” Sona asked.

“It’s very heavy, I am finding it difficult,” Hira said to Sona.

Again, they started for the town along with their master Shyam.

While crossing the river, Hira stumbled and fell in the river.

Shyam helped Hira to get back on his legs.

When he stood back, he felt relieved and gained speed. Sona watched wide-eyed the terrific change and asked Hira the reason.

“Bhai, I got hurt but the salt load reduced after falling into the river,” Hira said to Sona.

Sona thought that he too should follow the same and deliberately he stumbled n fell in the water.

Again, Shyam tried to help him but the cotton soaked in water increased the load and it was unmanageable for Shyam to manage Sona.

Hira understood the story of Sona, he did it in greed and the result was that he could not stand back. Anyhow, he was dragged out of the water but it was the last day of Sona’s life.

He breathed last.

Hira was unhappy over the loss of his friend but he felt pity for his friend and on his greed..

Cotton is light and he should not have stumbled with a purpose. Hira’s stumbled by mistake and it was the bad luck of Shyam that salt dissolved in water, so it was a loss for their master n it was blessing in disguise that a load of Hira reduced.

The moral behind this story is that Never Imitate Others Without Knowing The Whole Story & Don’t Be Greedy.

The God above watches us and if he feels that life is cheating with a purpose, he punishes there and then.

We can’t see God but can feel his judgment.

Someone has rightly said, “Upar wale ke laathi main aawaz nahin hoti.”

It’s perfectly true.

Come on Guys, Storytime is over for today. Again will be back with another interesting piece tagged with a moral behind.

The best part of Granny’s stories was that they had a lesson behind and this lesson is quite practical to follow.

I summed this with my quote, “In Trying To Grab More, I May Lose What I Intend To Gain!” © Ila Varma 2015

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Abandoned!!! #Fiction

I was on meditation but incessant cry of an infant disturbed
my concentration. I tried to ignore and turn towards meditation but it did not work out.
I changed to casuals and followed the direction from where the cry was coming. I ambled around but could not make out.
I stood at one place only to make out the direction and I felt it was somewhere nearby the old garbage can installed at the cross of the road under the lamp post.
I lunged forward hastily and I was aghast to find an infant wrapped in green cover crying incessantly.
Without giving a second thought, I picked her up in my arms and brushed off the dust from the green wrapper.
I was about to enter my gate, my mother with scornful eyes warned me to leave the infant back.
I could not make out why she was so harsh and acting so silly and senseless.
“How can you say so, Maa?” I pleaded.
“I said, leave her where she was. Don’t carry the dirt of others inside the house.” Maa howled.
I had never seen her so enraged before and my mind could not
strain beyond, but my motherly instincts were sparked. I was in no mood to leave her back.
“What wrong this child has done, to be punished and left in the garbage.” Thought sparked within and I questioned.
I was only 18 plus so wasn’t aware that what made her parents take such a turn.
I sat in my garden and called Papa to come out and face the tantrum of his old lady, my mother.
“What happened Gita?” Papa enquired.
“Just see this child, so serene her face is and Maa is not
letting her in,” I told Papa and made him aware of the rows of events.
“See beta, you both are right on your part but your Mom has seen the harsh reality of life. We don’t know her antecedents and police can intercept us and we will have to face the music. Even your identity would be at stake. You are a growing girl and someone can mud sling your character if we
keep her with us. Give it to me and I will inform the police and complete the
formalities.” Papa said.
I had no choice rather than absolution to what they said.
With a heavy heart, I handed the infant in my father’s arm. My
hands were free but my mind got entangled with numerous queries.
I was stunned at my mother’s reaction and didn’t know even in my wildest dreams that she can afflict an infant with such a dreadful approach, I was scared.
After the formality of handing over was complete, Papa sat beside me and made me aware of the complications that one can face accepting the abandoned child.
I tried to understand the decorum of our society but frankly speaking, my adventurous mind of 18 years could not digest it. I truly wanted to speak out but I couldn’t and heart wept for the child.
It was difficult for me to unplug myself from the incident. I felt helpless, if I would have been earning, I would have adopted that girl who was left in the lurch by the stone-hearted mother.
The image of a Mother in my mind changed that day watching my Mom’s reaction and the Mother who bore this child and left her in the garbage to succumb.
Mothers are not only saviors they are at times disastrous.

I played the songs and sat on the mat to delve into the passage of meditation, which was not easy at that moment of time.

Ten years have passed still that incident haunts me and still, I am figuring out, “How can a Mother be so wild to leave her flesh in the garbage to die whom she carried for 9 months? It would have been wise to abort. What future the girl met with?”

My mind is not at peace whenever I visit the memory lane of yesteryears and worst feeling erupts for the dual faced society we are living in.

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Disclaimer: It is pure fiction and any resemblance to living or dead is purely coincidental.

Few Limericks!!! #Poetry

A day I dedicate to Limericks, Do read and share your feelings.


Freedom is a state of mind
Numerous theories churn & wind
Leniency incline you to mistake
Rigidity fuels you to fake
Follow middle path to bind.
The bullocks went antic
SUV’s roaring on the road frantic
Spacious houses reducing to flats
Open fields dividing into racks
Dreams of people grew gigantic.
She believed, she dreamt about him
Her affections sparked with whim
Her thoughts beat her to run
To embrace him in the sun
Her faith shattered, her friend was with him.
All Rights Reserved. © Ila Varma 29th August,2016
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“I always wanted to…”



Wants & desires never come to an end and this crave pushes us further in life. Imagine a life without desire…it isn’t possible. An ambition to do something fruitful pulls out from the cocoon and the man starts searching to fulfill the aim.


Every child faces this question, “What you want to become?” and this question is raised to the child when he is in his primary school and not well versed with life and the world around.


Every child gives big answers, some answers on the basis of interests and some wish to step in the shoes of his parents.


But when we descend into the real world, many times “I wanted…” is side-lined and we pursue other than the pursuits that one dreamt of. There are few who dare to stand rigidly on his choice and either they make it or break it.



General crowd sweeps in the crowd that is in trend at a particular phase and his choices depend upon various factors, the trend at that moment, family views, financial issues n lot many other components lead him to make the decisions.



The real ambitions take a back seat. I was no exception. The same happened to me.

The WOW prompt took me down the memory lane. More than three decades have passed but still, the unfulfilled wish lingers.


I wanted to pursue fine arts in Music. I belonged to the family where importance was given to studies only and Music was a Big Nono. I am a lover of music and wished to pursue in this field to become a good singer strumming the hands-on guitar. Three decades before, options were limited and we did not have the privilege of the platform that today the kids have and the perception too have undergone a tremendous change.


I did not dare because the avenues were limited and there was a fear of been let out behind. The essence of music is still fresh and I breathe music so you can well understand how connected I am with Music. I wanted to become a playback singer and I became a singer…bathroom singer. 🙂

In my dream, I see myself giving programme on stage strumming an electric guitar and the audience applauding. The dream satiates my desire and I feel fresh and happy.


If my coming generation will be interested in music then I will certainly back them and help them to pursue their dream.


At this juncture of life, I learned one more thing that it’s good to have ambitions and imagination should run wild to catch but seeing the chaos and stress around, I feel we should insist the kids choose happiness as their ambition and the true happiness will give them wings to soar high and fly.


It’s important to be materialistic in life to achieve worldly things and fulfill inner desires but spirituality is equally important to become a good human being and in present scenario where man has become enemy of man and literally people are eating lives of one another so now we need to instill moral values in upcoming generation and show them that there is a world other than the materialism and for that we need only happiness.


Playing Piano

Yes, it’s true my desires did not get wings at the right moment but while walking through thick n thin of life, I learned new things and discovered the key to success is to be happy and share happiness.

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Celebrating Valentine Day

There are umpteen ways to celebrate this occasion of Valentine Day and the fervor of V-Day has gripped people of all ages and the advertisements and promotions by the corporate promoters, social sites, media, newsprint and a vogue to celebrate the occasion has given wings to it.

Turn your eyes around and you will see the town painted red with heart shaped balloons hanging at marketplaces, restaurants, food-joints, parks and at public places, red rose bouquets of varied varieties steals the heart, amazing discounts and gift coupons, beautiful gifts and dresses and cuddly teddy bears, it’s so tempting to resist.

I feel instead of wasting a lot on partying and showcasing it in an affluent way, it can be celebrated with gaiety in the warmth of relationship. The feelings should be real and if the reality of faith is showcased with creativity of minds, then the impact of the relationship will last longer.

  1. Cook Meal: Instead of partying in hotels or restaurants, cook a meal of choices of partners and savour the taste. Laugh out loud in your own space and enjoy the faith and love sailing on your partner’s face.
  1. Gift a Card: Pick a beautiful card for your beloved and present along with a beautiful fresh flower, the rain of love will drench both of you breaching the distance. Messages & mails do have an importance and the ping of it flutters the strings of heart but it does not reside with the partners. Cards get a space in the heart as well as in the cupboards and a beautiful memory is carved with it. If it is DIY (Do It Yourself) then nothing can be much better and if the flowers are of your garden. Give your heart a run and think of all the possibilities that your love will bloom & blossom in.
  1. Soft Toys: A cuddly teddy is a beautiful gift for your lady, it will steal her heart if she is fond of soft toys. You can get one which is easy to your pocket, it comes in all sizes. The choice is yours how much you believe in spending for the occasion.
  1. Long Drive: Indulge in long drive if both of you love long drives. It will be a beautiful space to enjoy with your fantastico partner and music playing in the background will spice up the occasion and you can shower praises of love and fathom the beauty of close proximity.
  1. Surprise Gifts: Surprise gifts will charm your beloved. In all relationships, surprises are welcomed and if it comes from a close one, it makes you ecstatic and the expressions of it cannot find words to decipher. Try gifting bunches of air balloons with name imprinted of both on the balloons and savor the radiant look of your partners.
  1. Swimming Together: It is a quirky idea so try if you are good swimmers and give your passion a recourse to flow. It can be dangerous for non-swimmers so don’t give a try but it will be peppy occasion for fantastico couples.
  1. Blindfold Dance: If you have a gang of peppy partners, then arrange a dance show and dance blindfolded and select your partners from the gang. It will be very exciting but be cautious too…don’t get your partner’s exchanged…wink wink.
  1. Gift Lingerie’s: If you are in a close or long relationship, gift peppy and colorful lingerie, it will be a wonderful moment for your partner and your loved one will love to dress and feel your closeness wrapping her.
  2. Show-off your love to Turn On: Try some funny and sensual ways to turn on your partner. Plant a kiss on turn on spots, lock in tight embrace and indulge in gestures which brings spark to your relationships.

Word of Caution for New Entrants in Relationships: Don’t try No.8 & 9, you are bound to lose your partner. To get naughty, you need to win the trust of the partner. Respect your love-life.

It’s easy to fall for someone but very difficult to sail smooth. Patience and been nice, works wonder in the game of love & life and when the relationship matures, then indulge in playful moods and be naughty.

Try your imaginations to run hard and drown in splash of love and admiration.

“Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.” ― Paulo Coelho

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Mr. Fantastico & Me: Uncommon in Common


I am a person with no lingering habits except for Music…I can listen to songs at any hour of the day, I just need “Me” time to listen.

I can live in any place with a few of my much-needed things and it compulsorily should include a set of music, books of my choice and pen-paper. It’s too many things for a company and I can live in a stretch with these inexpensive possessions. Here, I specifically mention inexpensive because I don’t go chasing brands for each and everything. Yes, I was choosy in selecting a brand for music set. Thanks to the web of technology that has taken entry in each and every role and one system (Desktop or Laptop, any) will suffice my requirements to stay at any place, it has all my requirements embedded in One, Music, E-books, MS Office. If I am at my place, I keep a system exclusive for my affair with Music, Books in Covers spread near me, (E-books only for emergency use Where I can’t carry or when only e-books are available and I don’t have a choice) and I certainly need pen & paper to scribble ideas, final touch I give in MS Office.

I am a tea-lover, indeed piping hot water with tea-leaves in Lassi glass, no milk- no sugar, I can’t manage in tea-cups, for that you can call me “Dehati” or a rustic…I am not ashamed to be termed as for the tea…but I am not a slave of it…I can go with it or without it. I am a master of my own, no one can rule my mind…not even my kids and they reign in my heart…Oossshhh…I conveyed a lot about me.

And my life partner, Mr.Varma is just the opposite of me, Opposite Sex with Opposite Habits…God has been quite caring to me in this perspective and blessed me profusely by getting me married with V.

You all might be confused about what I am saying, what are my intentions today…Hahaha. My Man…opposite yet Mr.Right & Fantastic. I don’t have any ready options at this stage of life….no choice after spending twenty-eight springs with this Man…don’t think, still young at heart and I dance on the peppy numbers….and for me, Age is just a number…but “Old Habits Die Hard” and I have got used to this Man Fantastic.

Aww…I am caught in my own words, isn’t it? I can’t take myself off easily from relationships of any kind…once accepted, I am always there for all with whom I share strings of my heart…don’t get mistaken…family, friends, neighbors, well-wishers…for me all come under the net of relationships.

When I was married to Mr.Right, I counted the things in common and after spending nearing three decades, I have managed to find out the uncommon things and found that we were more of Opposite Stuff then been of same components.

We both are lovers or admirers of non-vegetarian foods…but he loves Masala Curries & I prefer roasted or less spicy.

We both love to stand to help people, be it, close relatives,friends, social circles or unknown, but we vary, style of indulgence is different, sometimes he will be over-indulgent in terms of money and at times spendthrift, but I am mostly balanced, spend when required, I have or haven’t doesn’t matters much in case of requirement.

We both prefer to wear clean and ironed clothes…again, weare at loggerheads…When he gets new sets of clothing, and he will discard the old ones…my new additions is an addon in my wardrobe…result is bumper…I have two three wardrobes stacked full of clothes and he has one shelf of clothes. Here, I would like to mention that the discarded ones are not worn out, he is in practice of leaving the user in the face of new ones.

I feel fortunate that I am on his list…I think he has not got a new one…else he might have contemplated for a change…I pray that he doesn’t get one.

These were the things which I counted as Common in the beginning years of married life….gradually managed to find the loopholes in our most common traits….in the journey of 28 years plus.

Regarding habits, we are totally different and opposite. I hate the sight of Pan Parag & Rajnigandha (Tobacco Sachets) and he adores it. He just can’t live without it for some time, till he is awake. You will find in his hand all the time…never forgets to carry along, so passionate about it. Initially, I used to pester him to leave this nasty habit and tried varied ways to distract him, but I failed in my pursuits and he is successful till today in carrying with it. I fear that someday this habit of My Man might have a negative impact on his health and I do comment off and on warning him, but there isn’t any impact of my words on his habit. Finally, I gave up and surrendered and he is happy.

He is different from me still, I can’t stop loving him.



The adage goes perfectly with him, “Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!”


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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

The journey of 2015 is over
Amidst celebrations & woos
We have stepped into the new year 2016
with a loud bang bang on our doors.

we pull out this year
with  more of happiness
more of smiles
doubling the joys forever.

Let’s take a resolution
To learn from the instances
which subtracted our happiness
not to repeat the mistakes
which minus our relationships.

Learn to Multiply the joys of life
Learn to divide the sorrows
Welcome people with open hearts
Forgive those who hurt you
give them a chance to survive
to learn the good virtues of life.

Keep your worries at bay
Cherish the good moments
Refresh the old ones
Keep up your courage to knock the odds out
Listen the needy
Outreach the people in misery
Share your concerns for the people in need
Care for the people ill.

Spread happiness by passing smiles
to the passerby
who touch your lives
Sieve out hatred from your life
Gather joys by the small tit-bits of life.

© Ila Varma 31/12/2015


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