Me Time! #FridayFotoFiction

Since childhood, I was fond of reading and my shelves were stacked with different kinds of books and magazines and this reading habit gave birth to my writing skill. My inner desire was to get my writings published giving shape to a novel. Being the eldest of five, I was married off early and got […]


Story in 100 words. #Fantasy #FridayFotoFiction

  “Nancy, your dress is torn,” said Eric circling her in his strong arms, kissing all over. “What, my bridal dress is torn? It isn’t auspicious, Eric” Nancy fretted. “Cool baby cool. It is an auspicious sign. I am the culprit. While making love, my ring got entangled in the frills and mercilessly did the […]


Life is Best with Friends! #Relationships

Life without friends…impossible. Friends are for life, some for season and some for reason…but they are always there in our life. Many have large circle of friends, some have small circle and few have limited friends…but friends exists in one’s life. However large and friendly if you have, still you need someone with whom you […]



Musings XV #Lessons

#Lessons When I was in School, The lessons seemed tough After walking miles of life Now, I realize It was easier than the challenges of life. There are fixed formula to solve the lessons No formula fits in life You have to stretch beyond limits To catch up with the challenges of life. Pic Credits: […]


Bleeding Terror

The world is bleeding   Terror & hatred.   Wounding the masses   With communal violence.   Ripping apart the   Spirit of brotherhood.   Can we vouch for the Day?   When we can breathe in peace    and   Watch Smiles on every faces.   © Ila Varma 02-04-2017       Pic […]


Musings I

Looking life from close quarters, realized that the energy that we waste in storing precious possessions are all futile. The prized possession that remains with us is happiness spurting within & positivism towards life, gather them in your life dropping grudges & bitterness. Random thought. Ila Varma Pic Credits: here



Tia & Raj were classmates in college. Gradually, they became closer and fell in love and committed to marry after Raj settles in job. Their love story was popular in college and many envied their relationship. After bagging the job, Raj married Tia and they settled in Hyderabad. Initial years went out smoothly but after […]


Friday Foto Fiction Week 13.

    The huge palatial bungalow where we grew stood today, dark & dingy with cobwebs hanging all around. Tears welled up in my eyes, this was the place where Maa-Pa lived with dignity and kept the ancestral property neat and clean…and what we did? In the race of earning in multiple figures, we uprooted […]


Valentine Day Celebrations

Source Once Upon a time, Valentine Day was a Greek word for Indians but thanks to the world of media that even the old pairs who have completed their golden anniversary too are busy with the celebrations….then what to say about the young pairs….they are anxious and their expectations rise high. A month before 14th […]


Last Will!

“Khat Khatt Khat” the sound coming from the adjacent room took me out of the reverie. I checked my watch, it was 2 am. “Pa…what are you doing at this time?” “Nothing Beta…venting out my emotions,” Pa said without stopping his hands on the typewriter. As usual, I entered Pa’s room with morning tea but […]