7 Important Conversations Before Getting Hitched!

                                                                 Source Getting engaged or ready to tie the knot gives a feeling of immense joy and happiness and the would-be couple is transported […]


Are Relationships of A Couple Just a Piece of Paper?

                                                                                           Source Once marriage was considered as a sacred institution and […]


Mommies Dilemma – How to Manage Early Teenagers?

Source Motherhood comes with a baggage of responsibilities and care. When we are blessed with a bundle of joy, our spirits are high and we feel on top of the world. To take good care of our tiny tot, we require to be good at multi-tasking, time management with a fair speed to finish off […]


Rebellious Me, I Broke the Taboo Connected with Period!

In our country, attaining puberty is a matter to hush and is wrapped in covers, just like sanitary napkins delivered in opaque packs or newspapers. Decades before, there were many myths and taboos attached to periods (monthly cycle in fertile girls or women). It was considered impure and there was a long list of BIG […]


Imbibe Habit of Regular Studies in Children! #Parenting #Studies

These days’ parents are over ambitious pertaining to studies of their children. They want to see them faring with excellent marks and attaining higher ranks in class. It is the wishes of all to see them excel but how you train them to attain, Matters. The competitive world gives goose bumps to parents and they […]


My Baby’s Smiles are Back!

                                                                           Image Courtesy: Pixabay My baby used to sleep peacefully at night and never did she wake up crying […]



A Film Packed with Lessons Learned from Life – Sanju!

A week before, I along with my friend went to watch Sanju…a biopic of Mr. Sanjay Dutt, directed by Rajkumar Hirani and the role played by Ranbir Kapoor as Sanju. There is a wide difference of opinion regarding the role of Ranbir Kapoor, some agree that he has justified his role as Sanjay Dutt and some are […]


I Raised My Son by My Life Experiences! #Parenting

I became Mom when I was waving goodbye to my late teens. I was very happy to hold my child in my arms. I could not sum up my emotions in words, because no amount of words could suffice and express my inner happiness. While holding M, I vowed few things; I won’t raise my […]


How to Handle Pet Spoiling Clean Up? #FourWheelers

Source Pets are very dear and you develop a soft corner for your pet and your pet reciprocate the same. Being an animal, they need utmost care and pet spoiling clean-up apart from love and pampering. Behavior Training Behavior training is most important for the pets so that you can easily tackle them else it will […]


Kochi – Land of Backwaters! #Travelogue

                                                            Source It was a Friday evening and I had a long weekend ahead of me waiting with no plans. I did not wanted to spend […]