Teach Your Child to Manage Money! #Experiences

Parenting is the tough nut to crack and it needs a lot of patience and perseverance to tackle the kids and guide him on right track.
The unconditional love for our children makes us do the impossible things and Mom is always ready with, “I’M POSSIBLE”knocking impossibilities down.
Mine journey wasn’t easy. My patience and experiences of my life helped me to fare out well managing both my kids…in spite of heavy turmoil inside, I am able to be cool outside & I don’t have the habit of cribbing rather I abhor cribbers.
Many people believe that in initial years, the children should be given immense freedom and after a certain age, start curbing them. I am against this practice.
You have to do the groundwork in initial years and inculcate good values and show them the differences between right & wrong.
We all learn from trial and error and parents are there to identify and rectify their errors.
Children are innocent at heart but smart too and catch things easily and if they are left to leave on their own terms, then they will have great difficulty in later life and to keep them disciplined will be challenging.
Train them with good habits from the initial days of their childhood.
Managing money is not an easy task and the children should be educated on how to manage efficiently.
How I Taught My Kids, “Value of Money
I am sharing my very own experiences with my two kids. My hubby was lenient towards children and rarely does he lose temper. He believed in pleasing them by fulfilling their demands. I was against this and made him understand that he is pampering them and we will have a tough time to handle them in the future. Initially, he did not pay much heed to it but my constant effort changed his thought and he decided to back out.
I took the reins in my hand and implemented few rules to follow to Teach them the VALUE OF MONEY.
  • Never fulfill all demands: The first & foremost rule is, never fulfill all demands of children else they will not understand its value and how tough is to earn a good sum. Simultaneously, they will learn the
    PRIORITIES OF LIFE and how to prioritize. Secondly, they will develop patience to deal odds of life.
My Experience: I was brought up in joint family where my Mum didn’t had the power to  tame me and my all demands were fulfilled.  
Consequences: Till today if my demands are turned down, I am hurt at
heart. I don’t put up my genuine demands fearing it might not be attended.
  • Buy Essential things: I see around that the people who are affluent and have several sources of income, they gift such toys and appliances to children which aren’t essential, rather it’s superfluous.
    You as a parent are spoiling them. Buy the things which are best for him as per his age and requirements. They will learn the VALUE OF MONEY AND THINGS.
  • Pocket Money: Fix a specific sum of pocket money for the children. Initially, fix a sum for a week and later on spread it for a fortnight & month. Ask them to spend on their toys, stationery, snacks and
My Experience: When my elder son was in KG and the younger one in a nursery, I fixed a certain amount for a week to spend on ice creams, cold drinks, and snacks. I was amazed to find them saving from that meager amount. With that little amount, even we both got a treat from our children, such was the power of money management of those kids.  I pinpointed to my hubby who used to readily give in to their demands to watch how smart they are in spending their own pocket money. This habit inculcated in them habits of SAVING & VALUE OF PENNY.
  • NEVER DISCLOSE FAMILY INCOME: If you are on the affluent side, never disclose income to your children. At a tender age, they
    won’t understand the sweat behind the flowing income but will be ready to spend extravagantly. Parents too have to check their expense style. If you are extravagant in spending then you can’t ask your ward to be thrifty.
  • REWARD THEM: by buying gifts for them on special occasions and when they do well in studies or maintain discipline during vacations etc. Appreciate them & reward them by giving money to buy the
    things they love to buy or the parents can gift them that their children love to have in their possession.  Even you can gift them a pot of flowers and make them responsible for watering and taking care. This way VALUE OF CARE will be instilled in your child. These small acts will motivate them to do better and get surprise gifts.
I shared my experiences of parenting and what I learned from my life experiences.
My children are quite spendthrift and they know the VALUE OF MONEY IN LIFE.
Share your experiences.
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Safe & Pleasurable!!! #Condom usage in India


Sex is essential for procreation as well as recreation. To enjoy safe sex and for sexual wellness, one needs to adopt a method of contraception. The safe method is the usage of condoms to be free from worries of conceiving or transmitting STD diseases.

A condom is regarded as one of the safe methods and it’s simple the application makes it more popular among the masses across the globe.


Donate Organs #AtoZChallenge

Donation of organs is a noble thing and each one of us
should enroll for the donation & all the organs that can be used should be
My heart comes to mouth when I recall the news of the Bangalore youth, who was crushed to death and in spite of been in pain, he declared that his organs should be donated after death…humanity exists on earth, this incident proves it. 
In ancient times, people had religious perceptions and could not think of donating organs but now when the technology has advanced and
awareness programmes are carried by different schools of thought, many people have enrolled for the same. 
Still, it is lacking and many people are leading a life in the deficiency of organs and many lose life in the waiting period.
I have got my family enrolled for the organ donation and request all to come forward to donate the organs after death and give life to different lives and brighten their life.
This is the noble cause and one should enroll for it and even who haven’t enrolled, their family members can come forward to donate the organs to the people who are leading a life in pain.
A person can brighten the lives of 8 people, isn’t it great?
You still live a Life after Death.
Spread the message among your relatives, friends, society, and place where you reside.
 I have done my part, Now it’s Your Turn

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Donor Card

Role Reversal #Quirky

These days it’s quite common for the Dads to take care of
the kids, due to nuclear family set up and if Mums are working then they have
to be more diligent in taking care of the child.

Earlier there were joint family set ups, so there were herd
of people to take care of the young ones & Mom- Dad did not had much
botheration if they were to go for outing, job or for some work.

But nowadays, after kids, if Mom has to go out then she
needs to plan quite prior to the day and it’s amicably decided that the Dad
will take leave from work to be iin-housetaking care of little ones.

In my case, my husband is fond of kids and he can go to any
length to keep them happy. I am too fond of kids but I am a disciplinarian and
see that the children doesn’t take advantage of my lenience. I am more
particular to the judgment but my husband is just my antonym (I added this word in lieu of opposite, just for fun).

Judgment stands on his mood, if he is happy, he won’t care.
He will fulfill all demands and if he is in the slack mood then genuine things too won’t be heard and in my case, it isn’t so.

I don’t move along with moods, I am judgmental in all
circumstances and I hook up with my take.

I have two boys, now they have outgrown my lap but the
memories are still intact as if it is the story of yesterday.

My tiny tots were manageable and I raised them into
independent child. It wasn’t easier to train but they were easy to manage…I
consider myself lucky.

I started working when my kids completed their primary
school, before that I managed business of pharmaceuticals operating from my
home, but still there were instances when I had to go out for some work and in those situations, my husband stayed back.
As soon as my kids came to know that I was going for an outing,
they were very happy, though they didn’t show externally I could sense from
their body language…Maa hoon naa.

They knew that their Papa will cook their favorites (he is
a good cook), will approve their demands for toys and games along with cold
drinks, chocolates & chips and they would be free to move freely in the
house, jump on the sofa etc…a complete masti day.

Once I was getting ready for the outing, then I overheard
the conversation of Dad and beta:
“Papa, mummy jab
jayegi to mujhe wo wala toy dila dena.”
So was the prakop (wrath) of Mummy in my house.

And Papa smartly didn’t reply in words, just shook his head
in affirmation.

As soon as I would be ready to leave, their best question
propped up, “Mummy, kab aaogi?”

I would just smile, I understood the meaning of their smart

And both boys in unison will say, “Yayyyyy” & Dad was
happy too.

He would cook their favorite delicacies and after having
food, he would snore and these smarty’s had immense freedom to watch cartoons, play around uncaring about the furnishings.

They celebrated the day as their independence day.

After having good sleep, he would take them to market to buy
the goods of their choice.
As I stepped inside, the younger one will come to me with
his toys and very innocently would say, “Dekho naa, Papa khareed diye hain”

The smart explanation they had and Dad would be busy in keeping
the things in their place so that I don’t give sermons to all.

My hubby’s body language clearly communicated that he had a
sound sleep.

In conclusion, all the three of them enjoyed to the fullest
in my absence.

If I complained, “You are encouraging them to be undisciplined.”
His simple reply, “You are there to handle & bachche
tumse darte hain aur hum bhi”
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How to Manage Your Finances?

Wish you All a Very Happy New Year, 2017. May this year be
more fruitful and comforting, this is my prayer for everyone, including me.
We all have heard the adage, “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST” & the song pictured on
Rajesh Khanna, “Zindagi, Ek Safar
Hai Suhana, Kal Kya Ho Kisne Jaana”
has allured people to live life Bindaas, keeping the worries aside and
many seriously follow this track.
Even I follow the same but seriously not on terms of Finances,
else we are bound to stuck somewhere in life.
Finances is something that one needs to plan according to
the needs and for emergencies, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend on
superfluous things or on luxuries or on the cravings that one has.
The cravings of spending differs from one individual to another.
Some are keener to spend on entertainment, clothes, books, travel, leisure etc.
The basic needs of food, basic clothing (not required every
month), rent, education, health can’t be curbed, it has to be fulfilled and
further we need to keep stack of amount for the emergencies and tough times.
The basic & emergency needs are more or less same for
all individuals only the capacity to spend depends on one’s earning &
lifestyle. The variation is more in the context of lifestyle expenses and there
comes the need to BUDGET to overcome the habit of over spending or buying for
no reason.
How I move with my Finances:
As the message beeps in, a wide smile spreads that finally
the amount is in. We know that we are bound to receive each month, still the
mind lurks for the beep, isn’t it amusing?
I maintain an excel file, wherein the expenses are mentioned
in one row, just I need to add in the break-up of amount as per the needs,
wherein maximum is to make the pay-out to different categories such as grocery
items, newspaper, flat maintenance, petrol, fees & medicines.
A fixed sum is subtracted from the major part to fulfill these
basic needs, and then it comes the investment part, wherein we need to pay for
the premiums, regular deposits, SIP’s & MF’s. All are not monthly
investment but I spare the amount on monthly basis to be rid of huge expenses
at one time. This way, it is planned and we don’t need to take tension to
accumulate the required amount.
The amount that is spared after meeting both ends that care
of superfluous needs, I say superfluous because even without spending on these
items, we can survive.  Still we meet
those expenses to taste the better taste of life and to live life to the
fullest and we earn to live a better life so we need to spend on our hobbies
In my list, to savor cravings, my list tops with clothing,
my wardrobe is full still I indulge in buying clothes for myself and family and
I have weakness for fabrics which includes, bed sheets and curtains too along
with clothes.
Second position is of books & Wi-Fi & Dish TV
package, wherein I spend a fix amount each month. I have kept these in luxuries
n comforts item, because in case of financial crunch, we can do without it.
Third comes the contribution in Social events, at times, it
becomes compulsory needs but if I accumulate amount under this head every
month, then we don’t need to feel the heat of it.
Fourth in my list is Travel and now after getting freed from
responsibilities of kids, I keep a part of it to travel and this craving of
Travel has taken lead now and I am spending a good amount of it, so I save an
amount to meet the needs of travel.
This is my way of planning budget, what is yours?
Do share so that by exchanging views, we can learn more.

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Joys of Parenting

Parenting isn’t an easy task, we all know and people make it more difficult if they vent out their frustrations n burdens on the innocent n cute kids, who are bundles of joys in real sense.

There are few things that the parents, to be parents or who are the parents need to be reminded of that while rearing your child, try to visit down the memory lanes of your childhood n recall the tantrums you created and how efficiently they handled without giving up.

Nowadays, when I happen to come across the parents especially the Mom’s, they are perplexed n frustrated in rearing their kids or kid (most couple opting for single child), and have so many issues at hand.

If they complain about the child to me, I have a simple answer or you can say my takiakalam, “Apna bachpan yaad karo aur bachcha palo.” and this is very true also. If you keep in your mind, your golden days of childhood, you won’t lose your temper rather you will enjoy looking after them.

What I feel, people forget their past dramas of childhood n blame their kids for creating restlessness in their life, but if you see practically, we all are mind-blowing in our childhood days and the child should be active. A normal child will be restless n will keep you on your toes.

Never say, “Hum aise nahin the?”

We all were worse than the present ones. Present ones are sophisticated, they don’t eat mud n chalk, we did in our times.

I reared my kids remembering my days of childhood and never lost temper on them, till they really did something that called for punishment, rather I enjoyed with them n felt that once again, I revisited my childhood and became innocent bachcha with them. Even I rectified the mistakes that my parents did to pamper me out of love.

Enjoy the joys of parenting, it’s a golden chance once in a lifetime phase and when you will  be out of that phase, you will miss the best phase of life and the memories of the past will be the treasure to cherish life long.

Whenever I meet couple who are distressed due to child, I ask them to recall their past n repeat my pet dialogue and there is immense truth in it.

Many don’t wish to go for a child, due to demand of attention by the child.

I try to make them understand and ask them to indulge into to feel the joys of parenting and it even disciplines oneself.

Give time to your child and pluck the joys, revisit the lanes of your childhood with your child and play with them as friends.

Company of kids is a great stress booster n it rejuvenates our entire system, body, mind and soul.

Parenting is complex but best gift from nature.

By Ila Varma, Oct.2016.

The views are solely mine and is not influenced by anyone. My writings speak of my experiences, observation and realities that I find going on around me.


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How to Diet & Exercise Post Bariatric Surgery?

                                                                                       Pic Credits: here
Obesity is the state of being extremely overweight with Body Mass Index above 28.
Body Mass Index (BMI) is an index to classify underweight, overweight and obese individuals. It is calculated as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in metres (kg/m2).
Obesity is on rise in India and it’s posing lot of health issues in obese people.
Bariatric surgery is a durable & reliable surgery in a way to reduce weight & it acts as a savior for the people suffering from obesity and it reduces or eradicates major health problems, such as BP, Diabetes. High cholesterol, Sleep apnea, Heart Disease, Knee Osteoarthritis, Stress Urinary Incontinence, Fatty Liver, Depression and even gives moral boost to the person and reducing the girth, a person looks attractive and fit, as a whole there is substantial improvement in the quality of life.
For Bariatric Surgery, you can contact Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore for weight loss surgery. They have improved faculty for Bariatric Surgery & Pre and Post Surgery Care with reputed Bariatric Surgeons. For the people residing in Bangalore or the outsiders, Manipal hospitals provides the benefit of online appointments, taking care that you don’t lose time for getting appointments.
There are immense advantages of weight loss treatment through Bariatric surgery and a new chapter of life takes its advent which needs utmost care and attention to maintain proper health after surgery following the healthy tips as suggested by the attending panel of doctors. The person should be careful in diet & exercise post operation and continue the regimen in life to remain fit & fine.
Surgery is an option to reduce the fat but the person should be determined to follow proper regimen of diet & exercise to keep health issues at bay and gain advantages of Bariatric Surgery.
Durable surgery doesn’t mean that you take your health for guarantee, you need to follow the advices and adopt healthy style of living which includes best diet & exercise to remain strong & healthy.
Just after the operation, extra care is required to start feed to the patient.
For the first week of surgery, patient need to be on
A. Clear Liquid Diet which includes;
1. Water,
2. Fat free milk,
3. Fat free broth,
4. Sugar free jello & Popsicle
B. Pureed Foods is started gradually in smaller quantities throughout the day. Pureed food is easier on digestion and even 60-70% protein in the form of protein shakes, egg white & non-fat cheese is prescribed to be consumed by the patient in a day. Intake of clear liquid is advised and care should be taken to have one hour gap in clear liquid & pureed diet.
C. Soft Food is started thereby and is recommended to eat 1 to 2 ounces of protein each day while eating three to six small meals on an average. Food recommended are lean chicken, lean turkey, fish, egg whites, non-fat cottage cheese, and tofu and boiled or mashed vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, avocados and bananas.
D. Solid foods are advised thereby and it is recommended to maintain healthy balance of proteins, vegetables, grains & sugar. Fresh home cooked food are advised with ample green leafy veggies in the diet and intake of lot of liquids is advised throughout the day to be hydrated at all times.

Now we move to the Exercise regimen which has the same importance as diet and it has to be started with minimum or no strain in the beginning and gradually increasing the pace & different types of exercise. Extra care and extra effort is advised, just after the Bariatric surgery.
Initially one should start with easier exercises during 2-4 weeks of Surgery, such as Sitting Exercises, Leg lifts, Shoulder rolls, Arm rotations & Walking.
After 1 to 3 months after surgery on the advice of practitioner, person need to start on Aerobics and Cardio exercises which includes Cycling & Water Aerobics.
After 4 months of surgery with the doctor’s permission, one can start strength training exercise to build muscle, burn more calories, and improve balance. Squats and lunges are the best low impact strength exercises and Yoga.
If the patient follows advisable diet & exercises, it will be highly beneficial for the person. One need to focus on this & follow the regimen religiously. Start at low pace and increase the timings gradually, never over-strain yourself. In case of discomfort, do consult your bariatric surgeon.
Your efforts will pay to keep you fit, supple and fine following new lifestyle in structured personality and it will boost you mentally & physically.
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“I always wanted to…”



Wants & desires never come to an end and this crave pushes us further in life. Imagine a life without desire…it isn’t possible. An ambition to do something fruitful pulls out from the cocoon and the man starts searching to fulfill the aim.


Every child faces this question, “What you want to become?” and this question is raised to the child when he is in his primary school and not well versed with life and the world around.


Every child gives big answers, some answers on the basis of interests and some wish to step in the shoes of his parents.


But when we descend into the real world, many times “I wanted…” is side-lined and we pursue other than the pursuits that one dreamt of. There are few who dare to stand rigidly on his choice and either they make it or break it.



General crowd sweeps in the crowd that is in trend at a particular phase and his choices depend upon various factors, the trend at that moment, family views, financial issues n lot many other components lead him to make the decisions.



The real ambitions take a back seat. I was no exception. The same happened to me.

The WOW prompt took me down the memory lane. More than three decades have passed but still, the unfulfilled wish lingers.


I wanted to pursue fine arts in Music. I belonged to the family where importance was given to studies only and Music was a Big Nono. I am a lover of music and wished to pursue in this field to become a good singer strumming the hands-on guitar. Three decades before, options were limited and we did not have the privilege of the platform that today the kids have and the perception too have undergone a tremendous change.


I did not dare because the avenues were limited and there was a fear of been let out behind. The essence of music is still fresh and I breathe music so you can well understand how connected I am with Music. I wanted to become a playback singer and I became a singer…bathroom singer. 🙂

In my dream, I see myself giving programme on stage strumming an electric guitar and the audience applauding. The dream satiates my desire and I feel fresh and happy.


If my coming generation will be interested in music then I will certainly back them and help them to pursue their dream.


At this juncture of life, I learned one more thing that it’s good to have ambitions and imagination should run wild to catch but seeing the chaos and stress around, I feel we should insist the kids choose happiness as their ambition and the true happiness will give them wings to soar high and fly.


It’s important to be materialistic in life to achieve worldly things and fulfill inner desires but spirituality is equally important to become a good human being and in present scenario where man has become enemy of man and literally people are eating lives of one another so now we need to instill moral values in upcoming generation and show them that there is a world other than the materialism and for that we need only happiness.


Playing Piano

Yes, it’s true my desires did not get wings at the right moment but while walking through thick n thin of life, I learned new things and discovered the key to success is to be happy and share happiness.

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Don’ts for Swaddling – #Healthcare #Manipal Hospitals

                                                         Pic Credits: here

Swaddling is an old technique wherein the new-born baby is wrapped in a blanket or soft fabric as per the climate of the region. It is wrapped snuggly around baby’s body resembling the mother’s womb and it soothes new-born and calm the crying or irritated baby and induce them to sleep for long hours without giving discomfort to new mother and the people attending the baby.

For safe and effective swaddling, the baby should be on the back and it
should be wrapped in a befitting (neither loose nor tight) way that the baby
is able to breathe properly and can ease their limbs and thus, it was
advisable for swaddling of newborn under trained medical personnel
because a faulty wrapping can result in SIDS or Sudden infant death
This technique was advisable for just born to two months of baby’s life, but
the people benefited from this technique as they had to be less vigilant for
the baby so they continued the swaddling process for a longer duration
thereby posing threat to the child’s life.
The medical research and studies on swaddling have concluded that it is
fatal and one of the major causes of SIDS or Sudden infant death
syndrome, hence the medical fraternity are against this practice and
strictly discourages swaddling in view of the well-being of child and parents
thereby reducing the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome.
These days even newborn babies are active and curl on sides on their own
and it’s a sure risk if babies are swaddled. There are chances that the fabric
gets entangled with their bodies or cover their faces and they succumb due
to suffocation.
If a swaddled baby lies down on his stomach, the risk of SIDS is enhanced.
Swaddling raises the heat of the body and can lead to medical emergencies
or SIDS can occur due to overheating.
Wrong swaddling can damage his proper development, endanger his health
and can constrict breathing increasing the potential risk of SIDS.
Many companies are coming up with varieties of blankets, fabric or
fastener to swaddle the child to keep baby calm but it’s better to refrain
from using techniques revolving around swaddling and enjoy the bliss of
motherhood and parenthood.
A healthy crying child is better than an inactive sleeping child.
The new-born do keep the parents on toes but there is a magical bliss in
achieving the feat of been blessed by a child and this bundle do bring in
joys and cheers in life.
  Avoid swaddling, discover joyous moments in the cries of a baby.
The quote of APJ Kalam holds true, “The only day in your life …Your
mother smiled when you cried.”

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It is a one-stop solution for online shopping, book your tickets, order

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