Finding your Identity in Today’s World of Equality #WomensDay


I welcome Post of Sweta Papaiyawala on Guest post series on the tagline, ”
“A tribute to the women, by the woman and for the woman”

It is not always an easy job for a passionate, outspoken, gregarious girl who succeeded in becoming an engineer from the land of scots to be a home maker. Yes, this is my story, Sweta.

Today parents are bringing up girl child with much more luxuries than that of male child. That is what I received from my family and I was brought up with all the lavishness’s wherein I forgot the true reality of responsibilities. What we study is totally different from what we do at our jobs still it is vital to study in order to fetch a job.

Gender plays an important role in this high competition world. We urge to give equal rights to both the gender but we forget that both have different identity and different roles to play. I always took life more leniently, it was an uphill climbing for me.

After finding the love of my life, it was not an easy climb. Considering our mentality and family structures in India marrying a man who is not from your community is almost next to impossible. However, facing hell lot of troubles, it was no less than an achievement for us. Working and finding a high paying corporate job was genuine as per my thinking structure I was brought up with. After getting my degree from one of the renowned universities of Scotland, I was successful in finding a high paying job in India. Settling in United Kingdom was a big no from the man whom I loved. Kneeling down to the verge of hormones I had in my early twenties, I completely obeyed him. I landed on the land of gods and my own country, India.

Life was ease for couple of years, and then started the real struggle. All Indian woman mouth had only one question for us. So when are we receiving good news?  Obeying the mouths we welcomed our sweet doll. Real struggle was to choose between your career and family. Why is this struggle for only females and not male. Why does the life not change for the man? Well, we women are god gifted. However, owing to my emotions and feelings I opted for my family and gave up my high paying corporate job and a care free life which I never knew was a habitual part of my life. It was hard for me to accept the reality I had opted for. Meetings, conferences and quality checks had turned into changing dirty diapers and doing daily errands. It came as no less than a shock. It was hard to keep me going and still maintain my lifestyle, in other words real me. I had lost myself.

My real talent came to my rescue and I found myself hanging myself around words, poems and stories. Books were my friends and found my world again.  My better half was happy to see me and the change I was going through. My kids and my family were my world but my writing was able to get the real me out. I started featuring myself in famous sites and several agencies started getting in touch with me. I was so happy. Setting up my website and running a successful blog was like a dream come true.

There were various ups and downs and finally I am on the right track setting up business of my own along with being a successful blogger.

Life is not an easy path. However, it is what you make it. Destiny is what you make through your actions.

Sweta Jitesh Papaiyawala, an aspiring and budding blogger, a mother, an engineer, nature lover, and a book worm reader. The hobby of reading an enormous number of books, history, and love for places and food drove her towards becoming a blogger. This is how her blog explorenbite came into existence. Love for writing, jotting down experiences helped her to discover her real self.

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