Story of An Emerging Writer who broke all the barriers and moved forward to mark a niche for herself in the world of writing…Her Name is Anupriya Gupta.

Her Guest Post in her own words…

My story isn’t a tale of struggles and hurdles. But one that of grit and determination. I wouldn’t call myself very intelligent. But ambitious? Yes! I want to reach for the stars despite my humble roots. And have I managed to grab any? A tiny bit of it for sure…

At 26 years of age, I had the world at my feet when I landed in a dream job, with the best people to work with. The person who I’d promised to love till eternity had sealed the promise with a proposal to spend our lives together. I couldn’t have asked for more.

But a change of location could turn my life around? This wasn’t something I was prepared for.  I spent a long time trying to find me a job that would pay me well and give me the satisfaction that I knew felt good.  Despite belonging to a business family, my dedication towards my profession and education kept nagging at me to find one decent job. 

There was a point in time, when I felt looted of everything that ought to have been mine. I was lost, because there wasn’t anything else that I wanted to do. If not that, then nothing – plagued my life for long. But then there was always another fear that resided in the crevices of the bunch of nerves that was me. It would be very hypocritical of me if I said that I was afraid of losing my identity. Because being a home-maker, taking care of a house-hold, nurturing a family does not reduce a woman to being nobody. I know better now that it takes a lot to be the pillar around whom a mini-world of a family revolves. 

Yet, I felt this constant fire in the belly that told me that I had to be more. I needed to be more. I guess, it’s a different kind of wiring that pushes one to be more than one is expected to be. The result was that I completely lost perspective. My mental wellness plummeted to levels where my family (especially my first born) was completely confused and clueless and I was on the verge of falling into the dungeons.

After a long standing struggle to find professional satisfaction, and the resistance towards being sucked into domesticity, I immersed myself into something that helped me deal with my emotions better. Writing it was! I poured my heart out through my words. Slowly and steadily the words found strength and recognition and culminated into a full-fledged story.  Today as I write this post, I sit with My Book ‘Because I Promised’ on my table. I know for those who have known me until a decade back, it comes as a shocker that the ever pragmatic, rational and practical go-getter has turned into this creative lass. But that’s the beauty of life. You never know that you are capable of things that you never believed you could do.  A dream that has come true will be cherished for life with several life lessons for one and many.

Yes with my book on the shelf in front of me, I find the strength to dream further, break the barriers and make true some more dreams that reside within me. ‘Courage’ is my word this Women’s Day. And I am going to make sure that I challenge myself at every step, push myself out of the comfort zone and learn everything that is thrown at me by destiny. I know I will emerge wiser, stronger and a happier person.

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A Tribute to the Woman, By the Woman & For the Woman.


  • It’s nice to know more about you and I loved your spirits to do something rather than to waste time.more power to your pen.keep wishes for this new path which you have opt .

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