Tweetfables Opening Lines

Amongst her mother’s possessions, she found a torn blue diary. It was addressed to her Mom & there was mention of some baby girl. “Mom, why this torn diary is kept among ur precious possessions? It should be discarded.” Julie said.

Hey, how did you get hold of this diary? It’s my personal, give it to me Julie, Priyanka said. The shade of her face color had faded which spiced curiosity of Julie.

“No, no. It is very precious & a very dear possession of mine, baby. Don’t even think of discarding it.” Priyanka stopped Julie from discarding it.

“Which part of your life is captured in this diary, Mom?” Julie asked.

“Diary is personal property. Don’t even think of reading it Julie or discarding. It may be torn, but it is precious for me. We may discuss it some other time, not today. ” Priyanka said.

Mother’s reluctance ignited Julie ‘s curiosity. One one side she wanted to respect her mother’s privacy. On the other, she thought, what could be so secret and so important?

“Mother let me have one peek, I promise your secret is safe with me.”

“Let it remain a secret and dumped in the closet. If I spill out, there are chances of changing the situations and the proportion of our relation. I believe you are satisfied with me then why to spoil the dynamics.” Priyanka said after clearing her throat.

Julie did not have much option. After all it is her mother’s diary. Friends as they are, mother has always protected her privacy. Julie decided to let go today. But not forever.

Julie was not able to sleep at night. “Mom has never hidden anything from me. What is in that diary? And who is that little girl?” These thoughts were loud enough to keep Julie. She got up & walked towards mom’s possessions quietly as she didn’t want to wake her up.

As she tiptoed towards the closet, she hit a table and fell. Priyanka woke up and was angry at Julie’s action.

“I told you to put the diary to rest. I shall discuss when I am ready.”

“No, no, no…I can’t wait anymore. I am 21 now and you should not keep any secrets with you. I want to know the truth.” Julie said.

“Will you be able to stand the truth,” Priyanka said.


“You aren’t my child, I did not give birth to you” Priyanka whispered.

“What? Then whose child I am? Who gave me birth? And why you hid me this till date?” Julie was shocked and angry.

Priyanka started crying and had no answers to Julie’s questions. Julie was getting furious.

“Dear, you are the child of your father’s love. Your Pa had a relationship with a Catholic but family did not approve and your Pa was married to me. We waited for 4 years, but we did not have any issue. Pa had kept it a secret that he had a daughter with his love life.”

This truth rattled her. It calmed her down. She realized all the love Priyanka has given to her despite being cheated by her father. She apologized and wiped the tears of her mother and gave her the tight hug.

“O Mommy you are fabulous! No woman can do this what you did, you are Great. Never ever you despised and I doubted your integrity. Very sorry to have doubted you.”

Both embraced each other tightly and Julie shed tears of guilt and forgiveness and she felt light at heart.

Umpteen silence flowed in the room but she felt the atmosphere serene. The calmness after a horrible storm. Priyanka fear was eased and respect for each other multiplied.

“Now, you are mature to read the diary,” Priyanka said.

“I don’t wish to, flush it off so that it does not reach in someone hand. You are my Mom and I am your daughter, That’s it...No one stands in between .” Julie said.

Priyanka fears vanished and she sighed with relief.

Now #tweetfables are held on Sunday, 5 pm sharp @twitter.

The above story was framed spontaneously by three #storytellers

Paresh, Abhijit & Ila.

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