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A diaper bag is essential to maintain a checklist of baby’s requirements. It is easy for the Mom to have a dedicated diaper bag. It eases her job at home, on outing or on long journey without being harassed of searching things at last hour.

Babies and infants require close contact and vigil of a mother and she cannot leave the babies for long. Further, in initial months infants poo and pee at every half an hour or so, hence, designated diaper bag is an essential kit.

Pack diaper bags with all the essentials that you may need for your baby and yourself.

Arranging a diaper bag is an art in itself and you require to arrange it meticulously so that you are not stranded helpless with the baby.

Checklist for the Diaper Bags

  • Convenient Diaper Bag: The first and foremost requisite is a convenient diaper bag wherein you can tuck in all the articles that you need. Purchase 2 diaper bags, one small clutch bag with enough space to accommodate the articles of baby’s use for an outing for 1-2 hours. 1 large one for use at home as well on outings. While buying, check that it has enough separate pockets and zip closures to tuck the things neatly and you can pull out safely as per your requirements. Prefer the bags with backpacks so that it is easy for you to carry along with the baby.
  • Diapers: Stack diapers of reputed companies such as Pampers and Huggies of appropriate size. Keep cloth diapers too because the fabric helps the baby skin to breathe and keeps off rashes.
Mother Sparsh
  • Wipes: Use Mother Sparsh #UnscentedWaterWipes which comes in reseal packaging and is easy to store without losing its moisture content. They are #SuperThickWipes and it can be used generously for cleaning baby after poo and pee. It can also be used for cleaning baby’s face, hands and toes as well as the baby’s toys and dirty surfaces. It is easily available online, click here to order.

  • Feeding Bottles: Keep Feeding bottles separate for milk and water for infants. Keep one extra in case you miss out or it is damaged.
  • Sip Cups for Toddlers: Sippers are essential for your toddlers and store in water or juices as required for the baby.
  • Baby Snacks: Baby is on solids then you can take preferred snacks to feed them such as jar of cooked food, finger foods and spoons and few bibs to take care of while feeding.
  • Baby Bip: It is essential for use while burping and feeding. It prevents soiling of baby’s dresses.
  • Baby Cover or Blanket: Blanket is useful and multipurpose, it can be used for covering the baby or as a nursing cover.
  • Lip Balm: Don’t forget to get a lip balm for the baby. Baby’s skin are sensitive and it needs to be applied for softy and smooth lips and cheeks. Always buy a reputed brand for the baby and do read the ingredients, more natural ingredients merrier.
  • Sunscreen Lotion: Sunscreen lotion comes handy for the baby during long drive and outings.
  • Changing Pad: Many diaper bags comes with a changing pad which is easy to use and protects the baby from germs else you can use a soft baby size towel to change the diaper.
  • Extra Clothes for Baby: Stack in clothes of the baby as the baby’s soil while passing poo and pee or it gets soiled during feeding or burping.
  • Biodegradable Disposable Bags: Disposable bags are essentials to carry the soiled diapers, napkins and wipes etc.
  • Emergency Numbers: Store numbers of your family doctor and carry health insurance cards in case of an emergency.

The above mentioned checklist are the essentials that Moms need to maintain along and more articles can be added as per the Mom and baby’s requirement.

Diaper bag is very useful if you happen to tow out of home for few hours or few days. Maintain inventory as per your baby’s requirements and maintain another inventory at home so that you aren’t stuck when market is closed or in case of emergencies.

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