I became a Mom just after trespassing teenage years. Being the eldest of the family among siblings and possessed a knack for helping Mom and my aunts in raising my siblings. I carefully handled them and I knew the tricks to take care of infants and toddlers. Frankly, I love cute bundle of joy and from my childhood days, I managed infants and toddlers and loved to be surrounded by them. Thus, while I became a Mom, I did not face much hurdle in managing them. Even I give credit to my tender age that I never felt exhausted managing my kids and home. In early youth, we are bubbling with energy and it made me proactive.

I am a person who love to spend time on my hobbies and creativity and in spite of being over busy, I manage to take time out for pursuing my interests. And, I carried them along with my stage of rearing kids, never ever I backed out. This might be the reason that I thoroughly enjoyed my Momology journey and never ever had any regret of being a full time home maker and mommy.

I would like to share my personal experiences with the new mothers and mothers would be so that they enjoy motherhood age and be far from postpartum depression, loneliness or feeling of being neglected. This phase will never come back in life so be ready to enjoy each bit of it else you will regret later.

Lend your Ear to Music

Music is my life and I just cannot think a day without rhythm. Mere rom rom main basta hain Music, I can laugh, walk and talk in Music, such is the impact of music in my life. I sing to myself, tune in radio to hear musical numbers or play my audio set to listen music. You will ask, when I had time…umpteen times in 24 hours, while folding beds and linen, loading machine and preparing daily food. I did not play when they would be asleep…Music is used as a therapy to soothe stress and for me, with songs, I dreamed of running into fields, love making, laughing out loud and tremendous desires popped in and out of my mind.

Indulge in Favourite Indoor Sport

I love crochet work, knitting and solving crosswords and puzzles. While kids were in sleep, I used that free hour to indulge in my creative sport. My kids never wore readymade sweaters till they turned out to be teenagers and fashion bug hit them. Throughout winters, I kept myself with knitting. I indulged in crochet work to beautify my dream house and when I did not felt like using my fingers, I adhered to crossword and puzzles. It keeps us refreshed and helps in keeping mind alert. Mommies, assess your interests and do indulge to get a break from exhaustive parenting routine.

Spend Time with Hubby

Many new Moms complain of not getting time to spend with their hubby and their love life is disrupted. My hubby had complain, “How you manage to be so active after hectic routine managing all by own.” If you ask me a reason, I would say, Jahan Chaah Wahan Raah…I wanted to spend time with my spouse and I did and that too with a happy smiling face. Never let out any grudges, I swear. I have differences with my spouse when he don’t listen to me else I don’t have a habit of complaining. It is the love for the spouse which makes you do all impossible things and in early youth, we are more guided by our dreams and desires.

Never Feel Tired

I agree that we get tired when we are toppled with numerous responsibilities and bindings, but never let the feeling of tiredness grip you. The feeling tears our capabilities and weans out our happiness. Be Bindaas in whatever you do. Enjoy the journey of motherhood, watch their cute faces, innocent smiles and innocent mischiefs, it will rejuvenate and boost your energy. I never said, “I am tired” and it kept me always on my toes.

Be Positive & Stay Happy

Thank God for bestowing you with beautiful child and enjoy the journey. Every day is a new day loaded with new experiences with growing children. The first time, they babble, speak, smile, crawl, walk and other milestones are very satisfying and they fill us with unknown happiness. Stay positive and happy and enjoy. I used to take snap and made scrap book out the experiences that I went through. I never let my positive tempo let down and stayed happy while rearing them. My supportive hubby who helped me to manage things at home front when he used to be at home added more joy to my life.

These were my 5 Mantras who helped me to energize and keep me active in my parenting journey.

Share your experiences and leave a comment on how you feel on my measures that I took to remain calm and happy in my #momology journey.

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