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We belong to the land where Kamasutra was written in ancient India and it got acclaimed worldwide, yet, the topic sex and contraceptive is discussed under hushed tone. Indian people are uncomfortable to educate people about sex which leaves youngsters vulnerable. They are often stranded in awkward situations in lack of sufficient knowledge and fall prey to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The condom is one of the best methods for family planning and proper spacing between children, termination of unwanted pregnancies and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Contraceptive devices are available in chemist and department stores but people don’t feel comfortable to buy for themselves. Sex education is still under wraps in our society. To avoid embarrassment, people have to walk miles away from their residence and working place to buy a condom and other contraceptive tools because they don’t want to get recognized.

Kick off of Condom Bazaar

A young guy gave birth to the concept of online portal Condom Bazaar in 2011 after his weird experience to get condoms for himself. He had faced embarrassment after marriage and he was well acquainted with the situation that an individual confronts while buying condoms and other contraceptive tools. The people scorn and pass a wicked smile at the buyers and the customers are labeled as immoral or doubtful characters. Surveys on the subject revealed that most people back out from purchasing just because of being identified as buyers and embarrassment, a negligible population is bold enough to deal.

Many people tried other online websites to procure condoms but it was not easy for them as many times, they got damaged or expired products and due to embarrassment, they never returned the article. Further, they got into an awkward position to receive parcels because the parcel container had condoms mentioned on the packet, hence, maximum avoided to use condoms for their personal use.

Safeguard Privacy of Buyer

To safeguard human health and to habituate the Indian population, Condom Bazaar, came into existence. The website is designed to keep ease of the buyers in mind to select and choose condoms and sexual wellness products and accessories. You can visit the portal from the privacy of your room and pick and choose related products upon your own choice and comfort. You have ample time to study the details of the sexual wellness products and buy. There are condoms and other accessories for both, men and women. Any individual above 18 years can access the website and select products for their use.

Condom Bazaar is a boon for the sexually active men and women which protects the 100% privacy of the individuals. The unique USP of the Condom Bazaar is that it protects the identity of the buyer. The buyer receives the parcel packed discreetly and there is no mention of the details of contents on the packaging, hence not an issue of being embarrassed. The bank transactions do not reflect the transaction details of condoms. This practice of discretion has encouraged individuals to buy products without getting embarrassed. In spite of being highly educated, still, Indian people cannot digest words like sex and condoms in an open forum. Sex education has started but it is in the infancy stage and will take long years to be a healthy discussion of a living room.

Condoms of all brands and all types are readily available at the online shopping portal, Condom Bazaar. This online portal is a boon for fertile men and women who can purchase the required essentials without any hassle and will habituate individuals to buy and use condoms, contraceptives, gel, and sexual wellness accessories. The platform is highly beneficial for the Indian population. It guarantees the privacy of shipping and transaction.

Condom Bazaar portal aim is to educate the masses about safe sex and sexual wellness. It has the option of same-day delivery and prompt delivery.

Ideal Platform for Sexually Active Population

Condom Bazaar is an ideal portal for the sexually active population eager to enjoy safe sex and be away from STD and unwanted pregnancies. The portal not only deals with contraceptive tools, but they have also diversified in sexual wellness tools, lubricators, gels, lingerie, and adult toys. It is identified as one of the excellent platforms to habituate Indians about getting into safe sexual activity. Easy to browse and select products after getting into minute details. There is an easy option for online payments through various banking networks.

The experience of the customers is amazing due to its discreet packaging, prompt delivery, and a wide range of fresh products; hence guaranteed ease.

The condom awareness in the cradle stage and there is a huge opportunity for Condom Bazaar to penetrate in the Indian market. Condom Bazaar humble attempt is to educate and habituate Indian mass to use contraception regular to keep them safe from sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and to enjoy the intimacy without any underlying fear.

Condom Bazaar has spread wide and it believes that in a few years, they will be able to capture a wide market of India and the people will avail the advantage of it. Exclusive online portal for the Indian mass population and one-stop solution to Healthy India.

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