TweetFables Edition 4.0 #V-Day


Every Saturday, we (Paresh & Ila) host #tweetfables and gather on Twitter for spontaneous story weaving along with twitter fellows interested to weave stories. The opening lines are given by the hosts.

The February month is the month of love and V-Day is approaching near.

Here is the #tweetfables 4.0 edition woven by Paresh, Ila, and Ammy.


“Why people create so much hype around Valentine’s day? Don’t they love their partner or girlfriend every day?” Rahul asked Anjali on 14th Feb.

There was utter silence in the hall hearing Rahul where people had gathered with their loved one to celebrate the V-Day in a novel way…as their heart desired.

Hosts created a perfect ambiance for couples. They slowly opened the roof of the hall. Now the couples were in each other’s arms under the open sky. The recliners and comforters added to the occasion and almost made most romantic than ever.

Love was in the air, with age having no effect. Everywhere only two souls in love were visible.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became peppy and bustling;

“What is wrong, Anjali?” Asked Rahul.

“Nothing wrong, but your words made me ponder, is only a day in a year sufficient to shower love. Love is the quotient that requires to be showered every moment to bring happiness and cheers in life. Youngsters brim with love but with age, does it fade?” Anjali said

“Hey, my lady love, relax and enjoy the Valentine day. Don’t brood, I proposed the question to the people in hall to take mazaa of the responses, it was not for you. Come on, bug up and what special u have stored for your love.”

A cute smile lit her face, “Wait Rahul, wait…don’t be impatient, see the people around, getting crazy by each passing moment.” Anjali said.

“Here is my surprise for you dear, open up and see for yourself: Rahul handed over the packet and a long stemmed red rose…

“Go to restroom & change, I want to see you in the apparel I have bought ” Rahul winked. Anjali blushed to crimson. A beautiful high necked one piece maxi of magenta hue perfectly fitted in her body contours and she herself could not recognize her.

‏”Aww…what a beauty, my love, it’s my choice…you & my dress, New pinch,” and he pinched her.

“Thank you Rahul, Gifts are for the special occasion. Promise me that you will shower love throughout life 24*7, loving words n loving deeds will matter much in life.”

“Promise” Rahul said and held her tight against him.

The people in the hall applauded and wished Happy Valentine day to each other.

One old man trudged and stood beside Rahul and said, “Hey young man, you don’t need a day to celebrate but as years drift, responsibilities crop in of family, job and society and we forget to wish each other. Love exists but we don’t get time to decipher and this special occasion reminds me that we require to decipher the language of love. People book restaurants, picnic spots or anything that they love to dwell and take out time from busy schedule to celebrate.” The old man said. . .

“Fine Sir, but I will keep an hour a day for my love.” Rahul said & gave a soft peck on Anjali cheek sealing promise of love forever.

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