I Promise to Stick to Resolution 2019!

“Mumma, did you stick to your resolutions this year?” My son asked.

“Hahaha, Resolutions and your Mom are two banks of river and they never happen to meet, Beta.” This was my hubby.

“Aisa kya Mumma, why do you write so religiously? You ask us to be true to our thoughts and words. Is the thumb rule applies to us only? You are excluded.” M enquired.

I felt like I was short of words. I didn’t feel awkward what my hubby said but the words of my son who was giving his boards embarrassed me. I started searching for excuses sounding real.

“Hey, don’t make me a laughing stock, Varma? I have so many duties and household work to take care of along with my professional responsibilities, where do I get time for myself, Dear.” I winked at my hubby to stop him from spilling out the beans.

We had spent two decades together and he knew well of my aspirations and failures, my ambitions and craziness and I do admit that I was really lethargic to fulfil my few resolutions.

Let me brief you about my Resolutions, which was scribbled in my diary every year and I did try to put in my effort in the beginning of the year but by the end, the words looked at me with a grand smile teasing me, “Babe, you failed this year, too, but don’t give up. You have another year to fulfil.”

My Resolutions inscribed artistically in my diary said:

1.      Physical Exercise – Everyday

2.      No Sugar & Less Sugary Items

3.      No Scolding to Kids

4.      Control Cribbing to Hubby

5.      Adding Greens in Meals

6.      Eating Fruits giving up tempting snacks

 “Mumma, we are going to check your resolution assignments. We will assign a definite score.” Both my son sung in unison.

“Hmmm, don’t try to be my Dad. I don’t get time to fulfil my resolutions after taking care of job, house and you three indefinite characters.” I said giving valid excuse.

“Ok, no problem. We will take care.” All three Men of my life said.

My 2018 Score card:

  • Physical Exercise – Everyday – One hour spent on mobile talking could have been used.
  • No Sugar & Less Sugary Items – Bought in our name and consumed by you. Be impartial next year.
  • No Scolding to Kids – Doubtful?
  • Control Cribbing to Hubby – Erase from list
  • Adding Greens in Meals –Greens are bought and maids are fed, take green helpings & let skinny ones enjoy meat.
  • Eating Fruits giving up tempting snacks – Be kind to US and Exchange plate with us.

“Mumma, this year, we are writing resolutions for you in your diary and as you monitor our assignments, we will do yours. It’s for your benefit, you will lose extra flab and be energetic.” I submitted to their request and hoping Resolutions of 2019 don’t see the fate of Gone With the Wind. Time to save my Skin.

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48 thoughts on “I Promise to Stick to Resolution 2019!

  1. That a good one Ila. Kids often feel that all rule are applicable to them and adults are free to do what they want and yet not answerable to anyone. I hope your 2019 list will not be gone with the wind list. Good luck. Happy to have you on the train.

  2. Ha ha..I can hear you mumma..and its not only you..we all have more or less similar story. loved the reading post and hope you would be able to complete all your resolutions with good mood and positivity. #NYR2019

  3. With not one, not two but three loving yet tough task masters writing and monitoring your resolutions, I bet you will have a happy ending with 2019, specially with respect to resolutions, Ila!
    Wishing your tasks masters aka ring masters very best and you as well 😉

  4. Ha ha this was such a different way of conversation and well drafted post!! The questions kids ask are so true sometimes which makes us feel sensible!! The scorecard part was seriously good!! Love the post totally!!

  5. I love how your son teamed with your hubby. I remember my childhood days when I did the same with the help of dad with mommy 😂 P.S. It was never for resolutions but other random things 🤣
    I enjoyed this post a lot. Made me feel nostalgic all together ❤️
    #healthy #healtheatinghabits #blogtrain #NYR2019 #Newyear_bloghop

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