How to Attain Healthy Body, Mind & Soul


From time immemorial, it is repeated that Health is Wealth. It is true that of all the assets of the Universe, the health is the greatest asset and nothing can beat or substitute it. We should take extra effort to take care of our precious body and a healthy body leads to sound mind and a happy soul, that is the importance of Health in our life.

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We all know that Health is the most important. A regular regimen to maintain a healthy lifestyle is a must; still, most of us ignore and stress more on earning bucks.

Few Changes in Lifestyle can lead to Healthy Living and Healthy Body

  1. Meals at Right Time: Eating meals on right time is a must for the healthy maintenance of our body. Food acts as a fuel and gives energy to keep us well.
  • Right Diet: Right diet at right time is a must for healthy living. Right food includes much of greens, lean meat, fish, eggs, fruits, nuts, lentils etc. Avoid overcooked food because the food loses its potency. Oily and spicy food spoils digestion and affects cholesterol level after long usage. Coarse and fibrous food is good for health and check on 3 S – Sugar, Salt & Spice.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink ample water to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. Include warm water sips, buttermilk, fruits and veg.infused water, green tea, tea, and coffee in moderation.
  • Right Posture: Posture is important to maintain good frame and well balanced gait. Wrong posture leads to pain in body and in the long run, it affects bone and muscle health.
  • Walking: Walking is the best form of exercise and the benefits are multiple. Even, it is easy to stick to walking because you don’t need to enrol in yoga classes or gym. Walking can be done at home and office and a brisk walk of half an hour a day does wonder. Don’t sit for long, after interval of 2 hours, take a break of ten minutes to walk around. It improves blood circulation and has positive affect on overall health.
  • Keep “Me Time”: However busy you are, extract Me Time for yourself for at least half an hour in a day. Keep all the thoughts at bay, relax taking long breaths, and sit where you love to. It can be your room, garden, park or any ambience that interests you. Pamper yourself with any activity that interests you, like music, game, in solitude or grooming yourself.
  • Accept Things Happily: Adopt Mantra of Life, “To be happy and accept things as they are.” You can change what you can but you cannot change situations beyond control. Grass seems to be green on the other side, so don’t get obsessed.
  • Keep yourself Engaged: Engagement keeps stress at bay and keeps body, mind and soul healthy and happy. Engage yourself in hobbies and passion that you love to dwell, it can be anything, driving, gardening, art and craft, music, reading, writing, watching shows etc.

What I do to Keep My Body, Mind & Soul Happy

I am a normal human being and lead life well. I am a health conscious person and rarely do I relish my palette with rich eatables. I do go for a cheat meal but once in a fortnight or a month. I am workaholic but take care to roam around taking frequent break from work of 5 minutes or so. I cannot exert much so I adhere to walking to maintain my stature. “Me Time” is my favourite time and I religiously take out for myself extracting from my busy schedule of one hour, wherein, I indulge in being in solitude, no talking, no mobile only light music in the background with eyes closed. I find it best to rejuvenate myself. I am indulging in Me Time since my teenage and it has helped me to evolve into a better person.

I was an impatient brat but life taught me to accept things as they are and continue to work on the fronts that can be changed by my self-effort. I achieved after working on it for years and hence succeeded. I love arts and crafts and music and gardening helps me to keep my mind and soul elated along with a healthy body.

I am not a perfectionist and I do lose balance in my routine of maintenance off and on. I check on myself if I go stray and I well understand the benefits of a healthy body, mind and soul. It keeps me and my acquaintance happy and easy going.

Fight with Yourself to Maintain Healthy Body, Mind & Soul.

Resolution for 2019 to be the year to take charge of Health. Let’s talk about health on #BlogchatterHealthWatch here

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  1. Antony samy says:

    Wow Great post on healthy mind body and soul

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thank You Antony for stopping by and appreciation.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thank You. Hope you agree with my points.

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      If it would be paid, I would love to. Send me the details

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