The Ecstasy of Motherhood!- #FirstTimeMom


After 2 years of marriage, I was eagerly waiting to miss my periods. Before this phase, I was heavily scared to miss my period even for a day or two…and now, we both were longing to miss… we were ready to welcome our bundle of joy. We longed to cuddle and feel the warmth and ecstasy of parenthood.

First Time Mom

Our waiting ended when the prega kit reflected two lines and the lab tests stamped confirming pregnancy. Our joy knew no bounds and the topsy-turvy journey began with morning sickness, vomits, and laziness.  The first time in life, I was happy to lose my shape and add-on pounds and flesh around…it was a bliss to enter motherhood. The smiles on my hubby’s face confirmed that he was loving it being an equal partner.

Every month, my size changed and I had to either buy new dresses and lingerie’s to fit in or getting my few previous dresses altered…my waist went from 34 to 44.

Life evolved within me started kicking inside me and at times, it was evident from outside. I loved to indulge in whispers with the unseen life growing inside me and the little kicks confirmed that my bundle of joy listened.

My food intake increased and the whole family suddenly took reins in their hand caring my nutritional value served. My plate was loaded with nuts, fruits, milk, curd, greens. Some I ate with choice and few I abhorred but the insistence by my in-laws helped me to take in. My lazy hubby was ready with a glass of milk and biscuits to beat my morning sickness

“Eat for your baby dear, it will help the child.”My mom-in-law insisted whenever I made faces and showed reluctance.

My bedroom walls were decked up with cute baby posters. Spiritual mantras were played in the wee hours. Beautiful flower pots adorned my balcony garden…I felt like the queen of the house. I was the cynosure of all eyes in the family…my parents, siblings, in-laws family were all in the queue of coming up with sincere advice, showering beautiful gifts etc.

Instantly, my food cravings were satiated by my family members…either home cooked or bought from healthy food point.

“Jo Mann kare, khao.” Moms from both sides said in unison.

I was sailing on cloud nine. My in-laws or my hubby accompanied me to take an evening walk in the nearby garden on a green patch with bare feet.

Nine months passed…it wasn’t easy…indeed it was a roller coaster ride, it felt worth when I held my bundle of joy for the first time.

I was elder in my siblings and had cuddled them but the feeling of motherhood while holding my child close to my bosom cannot be explained in words.

The next journey began of taking care of my child and my team consisted of two experienced Moms and two inexperienced parents.

The experienced Moms helped us in ride and within a quarter, we were the champion in the field of parenthood…and of course, Mother Sparsh India’s #FirstWaterWipesmade our journey comfortable and enjoyable.

My Mom-in-law is quite conversant with social media channels and she discovered Mother Sparsh Water wipes for the baby and gifted me packs to include in the daily baby regimen.

It made my journey easy and eased me in the challenges of baby care.

of Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

  • Cleaning baby’s face after a feed
  • Wiping bums clean after pee & potty
  • Cleaning Baby’s toys and accessories
  • Handy to carry in travel bags
  • Single Use

How it helps Moms & Environment

  • No more worries about washing used fabrics.
  • Use & throw
  • Biodegradable & Pollution-free
  • Derived from natural cotton plant
  • Travel-friendly
  • Skin friendly because it is free from toxins, alcohol and harmful chemicals
  • Loaded with 98% water content
  • 2% with natural oils and fragrance
  • Hypoallergenic

I fell in love with Mother Sparsh India’s #FirstWaterWipes and my hubby and baby adored the caress of Water Wipes.

We even used for wiping our faces in travel or at home and we all shared a common fragrance after using it.

I thanked my Mom-in-law for gifting me with #FirstWaterWipes adding joy in my life of a mother. Many Moms in my group have started using and they all love using it for their baby.

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