The Mad World of Crazy Siblings! #SiblingStories


My life has been a thorough roller coaster ride and had many health hiccups. My inner spirit never bogged me down and I continue to be one, who appears composed but is crazy at heart. Born in a large family with three generations living together, at times, we enjoyed, at times, we got irritated by the intervention of different generations but Today when I look back….I feel lucky to have interactions with so many people of all shapes, sizes and different mental wavelength as we had people in our family born in mid & late 19th century and We classics born in the late-20th century. Imagine our patience the way we dealt with the oldies. 


 We had a gang of siblings who were always at some mischief or the other…some were silent in giving consequences and few were loud and I was on the middle path…sometimes caught and sometimes not even noticed. 

    The gang of siblings included our first cousins, second cousins and my siblings from the same mother…but mind it, till today, we don’t address as cousins…we count them as own born from different mothers. 

 We all lived under one roof and it might appear unusual to the current generation, we shared spaces in one single large room and my granny was our guard to safeguard us when we entered into an alliance to wash & rinse (Dho Daala)  the few that appeared to be our greatest enemy at the moment…it was all momentary…the elders got busy in discussions and we stood in unison….our bonding was so strong. 

  I am eldest in my five sibling gang born from the same mother…but we hardly got into rough…but with a gang of siblings with different mothers, the pact was strong still it had several dimensions. Many lived with us and few invaded our territory during festivals, family functions and long holidays. Little things added joys in our life. We waited ardently for them to arrive and we had great planning ahead to execute. In our time, we had the privilege to grow amidst nature…big sprawling garden, well, trees, fruits, and veggies plants…and in winters and springtime, our garden was our home where we ate, played, studied and gave results to our mischief…some time we disclosed the name of the culprit but maximum time, it was handled by ourselves.


 I was the one to appear meek but knew well to handle things, get it done by the gang and give a final touch…the frontbenchers were caught easily. We played games like Pitto,” in winter holidays and the siblings that did not listen to us were made the target to hit during the game…hahaha 😆…and after that in the evening, we helped them in smearing Haldi-Chuna to give relief from pain.   We played Teacher game and therein too, our soft targets were the junior ones, whom we spanked with ruler not too hard but we were versed in the task of being a teacher and giving punishments….we all took turn and sometime or the other…everyone received spanking and torturous speech as it was delivered by the teachers of those days. We had great fun in food sharing…each one of us had their own taste…and the palette included sweets, sugar, jaggery, pickles, Murabba, Bikaneri Bhujia Haldiram. We were served in fewer quantities as per our age but the craving to eat wished for more and more…we all in a gang asked elders to serve and after getting, we sat on the roof and amalgamated our choice of food and ate till our tummy was full and craving satiated….mine favorite was Haldiram Bhujia.  We fought with each other but when caught by elders, we helped in shifting the scores to one another instead of making one the Bali ka Bakra. After heavy fights and scores, still, we remained bonded, no ill feelings, no remorse hangover…and if any neighbors tried to pry in our privacy, we united and confronted them with our various tools. We saved each other from the eyes of the elders if anyone did something mischievous. We were a gang of mad siblings and we felt comfortable in our group…we shared beds, bathrooms, cosmetics, dresses, and accessories…nothing was defined for a specific person. Ohh…with sharing of dress, I remember few majedaar incidents where we exchanged dresses, mainly it happened in girls gang and the culprit that was hunted by the elders were saved and the innocent caught but the elders rage too diminished after catching the wrong person and the grim environment turned into humorous one. Really, I miss those wonderful days of pranks, silly encounters, and huge countenance of mischiefs that we shaped carelessly in our childhood carefree days. Gang of siblings helps children to learn to share and caring and they come up as a better social being and has the potential to defy hurdles of life with a smile…it’s my perception.

Reminiscing those days of childhood, a plan struck to start a blog train on #SiblingStories and 36 Bloggers of them amalgamated to share their sweet, salt and pepper encounters of #SiblingTalkBrand Angtatva collaborated with me to give a new shape to this beautiful blog train journey.

 Stay tuned to read more exciting entertaining stories.  


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This Blog Train has been hosted by Ila Varma and sponsored by brand Ang-tatva in a bid to unravel the past memories of childhood, Khatta-Mitha experiences and to unearth the glorious times spent with our siblings. The time to recall those times and bring back a bit of innocence in our life…After all, Dil to Bachcha hai Jee.



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26 thoughts on “The Mad World of Crazy Siblings! #SiblingStories”

  1. anupriya says:

    I have always lived in a nucler family, but I could realte to the stories that my mother and mum-in-law tell me about their childhood. But ofcourse, we played games such pitto when ever my cousins visited us during vacations. Nice post.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks….Remembering those memories leaves us nostalgic. #siblingstories #siblingtalk

  2. Oh pittoo is a game i can never forget…what fun times we had! You made me nostalgic about my own childhood. What a lovely post!

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks Kalpana for joining us. Yes…Pittoo was indeed a wonderful game to vent out bursting energy.
      #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

  3. I had a nuclear family but I would get a taste of this every summer break. Your words took me back to that wonderful and innocent time. Lovely read

    1. Ila Varma says:

      True Shivani.
      #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

  4. I am a single child who grew up in a nuclear family. I made books my friends early on in life and probably that's why I never felt like I missed anything much in not having a sibling. But every bhai dooj, I felt sad that there was no one to call my brother. Beautiful and heartwarming post

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thank You….A friend can be equivalent to sibling if nurtured well.
      #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

  5. Nostalgia hit me hard while reading your post, raised in a joint family with a lot of cousins, I could relate so much with your post. Loved it.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thank You….Vartika to be a part of this wonderful journey.
      #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

  6. Prerna Wahi says:

    I took a wonderful trip down memory late with your beautiful words. Enjoyed it a lot!

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thank You..Prerna.
      #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

  7. The good old days! We all remember them so fondly, don't we! Your post made me relive my times spent with cousins during the holidays, Ila. I love Haldiram Bhujia too:)

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thank You.
      #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

  8. Abhijit Ray says:

    Nice reminiscence of the days gone by. "Koi lauta de mere beete hui din!" But time never comes back. Only memory remains.

  9. Neha says:

    Haha, that is a big gang and a lot of miscgiem rolled into one post!! I am sure your reunions must be full of nostalgia and laughter.

  10. Nimmy says:

    I could relish my school vacations and our stays in my mom's house, reading your post. Such a wonderful post, loves reading it.

  11. as i read through so many sibling stories, i realize the void i have in my life. my cousins lived very far and we visited them only once a year. due to language barrier, i could never know or get close to them. same with my grand parents.

    i wish i could have enjoyed as much as u all did.

  12. Sweta Soni says:

    Could review my own meomry right in front of my eyes right now. Very nice post.

    1. admin says:

      Thank You

  13. Agree with you cousins are like own siblings 🙂 Nice that you have so many 🙂

  14. Ishieta says:

    What a sweet post recounting your beautiful childhood! Living in a join family with so many siblings is a joy and blessing indeed!

  15. Vidya Sury says:

    The strong bond is priceless with siblings and cousins, who are as precious as siblings! Lovely post!

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