Special Bonding – Sibling Love! #SiblingStories

Life is one, yet we are connected with so many people. I too have #SiblingStories and I am eager to share….and Yes, I got a chance to share.

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We are 3 siblings. I am the youngest and pampered one born on Valentine Day 14th Feb, J moody at times, childlike at heart.
My Great Brother

I am blessed to have an elder brother who pamper me like a kid. He has always been naughty among all three of us. Our parents gave us great values that have nurture us not only as a person but overall as a good human being. Thanks to them for their love and unconditional support.

Among all three, I have always been a pampered child. I was young in the family so everyone used to listen to my wishes.  I used to have pillow fights with my brother, He used to pull my hair and run away. Then I used to cry louder and seek everyone’s sympathy.

 And then do I need to tell you?

Hahaha. My mummy used to do what… Brother Ki pitai. To honi he thi…
Kabhi Chappal, Kabhi Belan …

My parents used to scold him and ask him — is it a way to treat a younger sister and I used to feel aahhhhh. And wow… “Fir Kya” bas patch up. Happy ending with gifts and chocolate J

I remember when I had my school board exams, my brother used to drop me at board examination centre and he used to wait for full 3 hours till my exam gets over. That time it was a normal thing for me. But now when I think, I feel happy and blessed to be loved by all. That is all about #siblinglove
My Elder Sister

I have an elder sister too who is more like a mom to me, then a sister. She used to live with my granny (nani) more often and visits during weekends. So when she used to visit us, she was given a special treatment. My mother used to make special dishes.

She has always been responsible and favorite of all. Very respectful, sincere, caring loving and affectionate. In brief, I have inherited from my sis being a social and well-mannered child.

I am blessed to have a sister like her. There were times when I used to feel little annoyed with her over my mom’s inclination towards her. Because she is very understanding, so obviously, mom’s favorite. But over a period of time, I began to realise that there is nothing wrong in it. Parents love all their children alike.

Parents love is unconditional. They never demand anything from us in return.
I remember I was in class VII preparing for my history paper. I was so nervous that I fell ill. I was confused about a few chapters. My sister had helped me at that time. She explained each and every line of the chapter. That made me so confident that I never felt nervous again. I learned the technique of learning.

From that day onwards, I clearly understood that mugging up things won’t help me in the longer run. It’s better to understand the concept and then write on it…it was her guidance that proved helpful in my life.

It’s all about sibling love and the bonding that we 3 share. It’s so beautiful to do write up on this topic that I am feeling short of words. Sibling love is beautiful. Lots of fights, tears of joy, ocean of emotions and happy endings. All that matters when comes to #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk #Siblinglove.

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Pooja Budhiraja, a working mom, a blogger, social media influencer and a homemaker. I believe one should follow his/her dreams religiously and never say No before trying. Life is about Khatta-Meetha experiences and through this post I would like to bring back a few bits of lost innocence.

PC: Pooja Budhiraja

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20 thoughts on “Special Bonding – Sibling Love! #SiblingStories”

  1. Ila Varma says:

    Well narrated…yeah, when things are near and close, we don't give much importance but when we sail out from our place and then we realize the importance of the person…sibling bonding is an unconditional bonding. The best gift a parent can give to her child…Sibling. #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

    1. poseinstyle says:

      Thanks alot. Your kind words means a lot to me. and yes i feel blessed to be loved
      #siblinglove #siblingstories #siblinktalk
      pooja budhiraja

  2. Its great that you are having such wonderful siblings , protective & caring 🙂

  3. Sweta Soni says:

    Wow! So well explained about elder brother n sisters who care so much. V only realize after v r grown up and far away from each other. Well narrated.

    1. poseinstyle says:

      yes true that. once we grow up, we realise their value more

  4. Hehe! Such an innocent account of incidents with your siblings. Such are the memories that siblings induce in our lives.

  5. Prerna Wahi says:

    Beautiful expression of deep emotions and bond with your siblings. I enjoyed your piece and may God bless you all!

    1. poseinstyle says:

      Thanks Prerna for your good wishes

  6. Neha says:

    Siblings are there to fight, love and support! Your post reminded me of the sayings that siblings can't stay together nor can they live apart.

  7. Nehal says:

    Good to know you are having such a wonderful siblings. Memories are made with them only. Great blog post shared by you dear!

  8. Enjoyed reading about the silly squabbles you and your brother had and the special bond between you and your sister. Though we love all our siblings equally, we do have a different bond with each of them.

  9. Enjoyed reading this post, loved the narration. Stay blessed you all.

  10. you are so pampered and cared child . you are so lucky to have such caring sibling

  11. Younger ones enjoy the most of pampering and get away with everything. Loved the way you have mixed hindi in your post. Hindi makes it more connecting. May the bond between you and your siblings stay strongest.

  12. So lucky to be the youngest. That's something I have secretly nursed sometimes. Wonderful post and so heartwarming

  13. Nimmy says:

    Well, I could feel you girl, like soo much. We are 3 siblings as well and I'm the youngest. Just like you. Btw, loved reading your post.

  14. wow, you are one lucky soul to have such caring and loving siblings. i can imagine the happiness that you feel when you look back to your childhood days

  15. Vidya Sury says:

    So fortunate to have such a wonderful elder brother and sister and share such a warm relationship with them, Pooja! Wishing you all happiness

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