The Eighth Contestant of Traditional Indian Food Contest is Mrs. Jaya Verma, based at Srinagar. 

Mrs. Jaya Verma, a post-graduate in Economics and worked with MNC before marriage. She gave up her job because of family responsibilities. She is a perfect homemaker and fond of trying new dishes, especially sweet dishes, due to the sweet tooth. Her kids enjoy relishing on her saviors and guests do not forget to woo her for her extraordinary dishes. 
She has shared the recipe of Healthy Besan Laddoos, a mouthwatering sweet dish that you can prepare on special occasions, festivals and good for munching in biting cold. The ingredients will keep you warm.

Healthy Besan Laddoos


Wheat Flour: 250 gms
Besan Flour: 100 gms
Roasted Groundnuts: 100 gms
Roasted White Sesame Seeds: 50 gms
Roasted Flax Seeds: 50 gms
Powdered Gond: 50 gms
Roasted Makhana: 50 gms
Roasted Almonds: 50 gms
Roasted Cashewnuts: 50 gms
Chuwara: 50 gms
Jaggery: 250 gms grated
Ghee: 250 gms
Turmeric pwd.: 1 tbsp.
Pepper pwd.: 1 tbsp.

Grind Gond to a fine powder and keep aside. Grind all the roasted ingredients into coarse powder and keep ready.
Note: Roast all the ingredients separately because different ingredients take different time to roast. You can grind all in one go.

Take heavy bottomed pan or kadhai, heat 200 gms ghee. Add wheat and gram flour and continue to fry on medium flame. See that no lumps are there and it is evenly fried. Keep on flame till it changes colour and it gives a sondhi fragrance. It will take half an hour to get it fried evenly. Add turmeric and pepper powder into the mixture and put off the flame. Add powdered Gond and other roasted ingredients that you have ground coarsely into the hot laddoo mixture so that it mixes well.  Mix evenly so that it is uniform in taste.
Keep this aside and add rest ghee to another pan and add grated jaggery into it. Mix well on low flame. Once the jaggery melts evenly, add it into the laddoo mixture and mix properly. Start making laddoos when the mixture is warm and spread on a ghee smeared plate. You have to make the laddoos while the mixture is warm, else it will not get into shape.
Healthy Laddoos are ready to relish. Pack in an airtight container when it cools off. Relish with your family and friends. This can stay for more than a fortnight and you can prepare this recipe on the eve of festivals. Gear up for forthcoming Ganesha Chathurthi & Durga Puja celebrations with Healthy Laddoos.

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