5 Bollywood Movies that Brought Positive Change in Indian Social System!

We watch the movie for Entertainment and only entertainment. It is an age-old way of gushing adrenaline and releasing stress. The silver screen came into existence long back and still the craze of Bollywood movies do exist among people of all age groups. The Bollywood came into existence when there was no video entertainment option available and today, in spite of varied options available, still the craziness for the movies is intact.
Fun, laughter, enjoyment, feasting and spending time in relaxation is the motive to go for a movie outing.
Some movies help us to forget our uncanniness, stress, and pain and few touches the strings of our heart, especially the issues that are least discussed. The social issues touch the lives of many in multiple ways and people find it interesting. The society is open to changes if the movie shows them the path of righteousness. The visual aids have more impact on our senses than reading or listening, thus the movie proves to be a torchbearer and it brings valid and better changes in society uplifting them for the betterment.

In this post, we will discuss 5 Bollywood movies which stirred the emotions of the public and the impact proved to be positive and great in all the sections of society.

v Matrubhoomi

The idea of Matrubhoomi sparked from the continuous cases of female infanticide, abortion and killing of the girl child. The director fantasizes a rural world without women. The movie gives the message by showing barbaric acts practiced by the sex-starved males of the rural India which includes gang rape, incest, homosexuality, bestiality, pornography, and violence. The men in the world of negligible women have to take care of all household and are frustrated because their physical desires are not satiated. The Movie has tried to show that the world without women is impossible. A woman is as precious as a man and to reign peacefully on the planet, both have their own importance for each other. She is the creator of the universe, she is the queen of the household, she is responsible for further progeny and she can only satisfy the physical whims of a man. The social message is clear and loud, save girl child, educate her and remove gender biasedness from society. It had an impact on the minds of the people which led them to believe the importance of a woman in the society. Gradually, the girl child is being welcomed in all sections of society.
v Pad Man

The story of a Pad Man revolves around the monthly cycle that every girl goes through after attaining puberty at a tender age of 9 to 12 years. The monthly cycle, the period is least talked about in our society and it is a matter believed to be under covers. There are a lot of myths and taboos attached to it. The educated mothers educate their daughters on the subject and the hygiene to be followed. But the larger population is ignorant and deprived of sanitary napkins, hygienic conditions. They are not educated enough to maintain hygiene during the time of periods. The consequence is bad health, infections, and diseases related to reproductive organs. The high cost of sanitary napkins poses an issue to use for the population below the poverty line or not economically sound. The movie Pad Man educates through the movie the importance of monthly cycle, uses of sanitary napkins, the healthy alternative of sanitary napkins, and to maintain hygiene during the period phase. It encourages for open discussion with parents and be proud of the periods because it proves that the girl or a woman is fertile and it is not a subject to be ashamed of. The message of the movie was taken in a positive stride and various platforms and activists came forward to address the issues related to periods. Schools and institutions came forward to obtain sanitary kiosks for the girl students and women employees so that they don’t face awkwardness at work or study place. The movie gave a clear and positive message and the transformations have taken place in our society.

v Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

Since ages, Indians have not attached much importance to the existence of toilets in the house. They believed that it was inauspicious to have a toilet within the premises of a house or a building. They went to fields to attend to nature call. With urbanization, the concept came into existence in big cities and towns but the semi-rural and rural area were deprived of the facility. The womenfolk suffered a lot because they had to venture out in dark to relieve themselves, either before sunrise or after sunset.

The movie Toilet conveyed the message to society on the importance of the toilet within the premises, especially for the womenfolk. It focussed on the unhygienic conditions related to open defecation in public places, lands and water bodies.

The movie had a great impact on the social and political machinery of India and the movement of building toilets in all homes and public places gathered pace. The ignorant and the unaware mass population realized the importance of a toilet. The girl to be married of became particular about the existence of toilets at their in-law’s place and they denied entering into such a relationship where the toilet did not exist for women.

v 3 Idiots

The movie 3 Idiots moved the thought process of Indian parents. It revolutionized the primitive thinking of the parents, who aspired to see their children qualify in medical, engineering, civil services, and other superior jobs and did not have respect for all types of jobs. They overlooked the ambitions nurtured by the child according to his interest.

The movie tried to convey the message that no occupation is higher or lower and the interests of a student matter. If a student pursues the subject of his interest, he will excel and be confident always. The parental pressure on the child proves fatal at times or the child loses his interest and confidence.

This movie proved a game changer in society as it revoked the sentiments of the students. It encouraged them to voice their opinions and select a path that they find suitable for themselves. The mindset of parents changed and they readily welcomed the decision of their children.
v  Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par movie revolves around the character of a child, who suffers from a learning disability, Dyslexia. The parents are not able to assess that their child is not on par with his sibling or other children of his society and class. He does not do well at studies front and fails or gets lower marks. As a punishment, he is shifted to a boarding school. There, Aamir Khan identifies him with his disability and shifts his studies to the special course of the disabled or differently abled child. His patience and perseverance identify the potency of the child and he helps him on all fronts. The child excels in his subject of interest. Aamir Khan acquaints the parents of the disability his child is facing and how to help him to progress as a special child.

This movie has sent a positive message across all parents, teachers, children, and students. All the students are not alike, the potencies differ so never compare kids. Further, in our country, there is minimal support offered to a special child of God by the schools. There is a lack of special schools and amenities required for differently abled children.

The message was strong in the movie and it had a great impact on parents and teachers. They understood the reason and started accepting the kids who were different from the normal crowd, suffering from autism, dyslexia etc. 

India has to go a long way in this field but the consciousness has arrived and the movie Taare Zameen Par stirred the minds of people to think about the special children of God and accept their flaws. Many schools, institutions, and social organizations are coming forward to settle scores of a special child and make them independent by identifying their abilities and working on it.

All the 5 movies had a strong social message that stirred the emotions and changed the mindset of the society.

These 5 movies stood apart from the crowd and taught a lesson to our society and encouraged them to rise above the social taboos and improve the fabric of society.

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14 thoughts on “5 Bollywood Movies that Brought Positive Change in Indian Social System!”

  1. Meena Chatty says:

    Seen all the movies, except the first one you have written about. Yes, hindi movies are growing up facing new challenges of new India

  2. Roy S says:

    I have seen all the movies mentioned above and i must say all these movies are a jewel of Indian cinema. Matrubhoomi and Taare Zameen Par are my favorites. 🙂

  3. Change is really so easy, sorry i have doubt how much changes have taken place for the movies or the personalities like Padman, yah to some extent changes have taken place but not in a vast way,actually i was about to write on the movies like Padman and their impacts in society after observing zero percent change in my known circles.
    Hopefully change will take place as much as necessary.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Change is not so easy but it has come in notice of people. When the river starts changing its course, none feels the change until the river has finally receded leaving a mass of land vacant and engulfing another free space in. Same is with the change in society, it is in minuscule but gradually, it will be felt. At least, people have started to welcome views about healthy discussion.
      The ideas sank in the minds, that's enough.

    2. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks for visiting n your comment is valuable.

  4. Unknown says:

    Yes they all were nice movies. I didn't know about the first one. Other 4 really had some great concepts . How much change it has brought is still a question though ! But yes, these kind of movies indeed lay a beginning for big changes in the society.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Change cannot happen overnight, it has done the ground work n now it is our call to take it further

  5. Mathrubhoomi was such a strong movie. I'd add Rang de Basanti and even something like Damini in here.

  6. All the powerful movies! They have really helped to spread some strong message to the society

  7. Haimanti says:

    Matrubhoomi is a hard hitting movie… I was not able to sleep for quite a few nights after watching the movie… Loved Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots as well… They were light movies with wonderful messages…

  8. I love your site, it has unique articles, Thank you!

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