Rebellious Me, I Broke the Taboo Connected with Period!

In our
country, attaining puberty is a matter to hush and is wrapped in covers, just
like sanitary napkins delivered in opaque packs or newspapers.
before, there were many myths and taboos attached to periods (monthly cycle in fertile girls or women). It was
considered impure and there was a long list of BIG NO’s that the girls and the women of the family had to follow
in practice.
I was raised
in a large family with three generations staying under the same roof, sharing
the common kitchen. Each generation had their own set of rules and formulas and
the kith and the kin had to follow silently. Raising a voice was next to
impossible even in wildest dreams and questioning elders were out of the
In my early
years of childhood and early teens, I could not understand why the weird rules
were followed by my immediate siblings, aunts, mother and other young females
of the family.
The weird
rules were uniform for all young woman though the dates differ. One thing I
could make out that it lasted for 5 days for a single person.
What were the Weird Rules?

Sleep on the Floor or a Cot – Exclusive
bedding was allotted and no one else shared the bed with her on her special 5
days in a month.
No Entry in Kitchen Zone – She, the
poor soul could not enter the kitchen zone, neither she was allowed to cook or
take food for herself.
 Don’t Touch Pickles – She was not
allowed to touch pickles. It was believed that they will rot if touched.
No Hair wash – On the 5th day, she was
allowed to wash her hair. It was believed that she will catch a cold or her
flow will be affected.

No Entry in Puja Room or Temples – She was not
permitted to perform any religious rites or enter into the area of worship.
On the 5th
day, all her clothes, beddings and washable belongings were separately washed
and she had to wash her hair to be allowed to roam freely throughout the
premises. It was believed that she was clean after the 5th day of periods.
separation was noticed by all the male fraternity of the house as well as the outsiders.
It appeared as if she was an outcast and in exile.
I found these
rules weird, unhealthy and humiliating for the people who had attained puberty
and thereafter until She was fertile.
I, the
rebellious raised voice against such practice. I wasn’t a rebel but on watching
these atrocities against women fraternity, emotions stirred. I could not raise
voice to my other two generations in the hierarchy but the immediate hierarchy,
My Mom had to face my tantrums.
My periods
started later than my siblings and friends of near my age and women of the
house were planning to take me to the lady doctor. I was 15 plus and well
understood all the things related to periods and ovulation.
I kept a
condition to my Mom that I would not see the doctor if these weird practices
are not abolished from the house. Further, if my ovulation starts, I won’t
disclose to anybody because I find these practices humiliating and
I even added
that my periods were delayed just because of watching these tantrums…it was my
pace of emotional blackmail to evade emotional
My mom and
granny had a discussion under the covers and they disclosed that the day, I am
blessed, they will stop these malpractices (It’s
my way of saying to taboos practiced).
God heard my
words and I did not have to visit the doctor for the investigations and I was
blessed within a quarter of discussion. It declared that I was fertile and
All the
practiced taboos vanished except for two weird rules that still existed. My
prayers were heard by them and so I too had to hear and accept two rules, which
did not prove to be a hurdle in my life.
Don’t Touch
– It did not bother me because I am not fond of pickles, so it hardly
Don’t Enter
Puja Zone or Temples
– I believed in God and could not strive courage to break
the barrier, being God fearing. Still, I don’t enter Puja zone.
The rest weird
practices were non-existent and it gave freedom to all women of the family and
even my Mom and Aunt were benefitted. All congratulated me for the courage
shown and the lives of all women fraternity improved, it was women liberation.
No more exile
period and it added glow on their faces and they thanked me profusely for the
bold step.
puberty for a Man and a Woman should be celebrated as a moment of pride. It
proves scientifically that they are fit, healthy and fertile.
These days,
various platforms have started to create awareness about ovulation and periods.
Now no more, it is considered a subject to be kept under covers or discussed in
a hushed tone. It is a natural process and adequate hygiene should be
maintained. Various departments are working towards it and are arranging
sanitary kiosks at public places for the women fraternity.
Still, the
practice exists in many regions and families and the women suffer. People need
to understand that it a moment of Pride and nothing to be ashamed of.
More and more
awareness programs are required to educate the bizarre and rural population
and the movie Pad Man proved to be useful to promote period awareness.

6 thoughts on “Rebellious Me, I Broke the Taboo Connected with Period!

  1. Gosh! I feel sad about these practices but yes bold of you to get it out of the house. Good job!
    My Mum told me about not touching idols and pickles but I argued and had my way out. I was 10. Till date, I do what I like 🙂

  2. the story is about 30 years back, but still it persists in many families. I avoid puja room though if I am on errand, I do visit temples. I will write in another about pickles. Till unmarried, I did not touch. i don't eat pickles but I make lot of them n I too feared in beginning that it might rot. There were instances where in mid of preparation, I got my periods. In nuclear family, there wasn't any way out, so made the pickles. Nothing happened, so even this taboo cleared my mind.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. It was a very common photography trend not only your country, but also most of the places around the world. The trend was such that, without smiling we can't proceed to shot. Haaha. You told a great history and thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. This is great…so did I…I remember was Diwali pujan going on and my dad (unaware of the fact that I was undergoing my periods) passed me the aarti plate. I looked at my mom, her look stated 'Dont take it' (so clearly) . But I was in a mood to end it and I took the aarti thali and continued the puja…Goddess Laxmi made an end to all those stupid rituals that day for me 🙂

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