Media, Change the Style of Reporting to Improve Health of Our Nation! #News


The newspapers, social media and TV news is flooded
with the nuisances, such as murders, killing, rapes, eve teasing, molesting,
kidnapping, cheating etc. All evils are reported and we take for granted that
Humanity has disappeared from our Planet.
When I gave some time and explored on other
aspects, I concluded that the news of rogues are reported. The positive news
aren’t explored and reported because media don’t feel like reporting nor we
people ever discuss.
If a murder takes place, it goes around and the
news is on the tip of the tongue and spicy stories are embedded along as it
moves from place to place.
If some acts of goodness are done, they aren’t
even discussed in community gossips or in personal conversation because people
don’t pay heed to it.
“Mr. X ka beta is grounded for taking bribe” is
the hot topic of discussion.
“Mr. Y has helped his maid with a good sum in her
daughter’s marriage” don’t do rounds, rather the news is nipped with a grumpy
comment, “Unke paas hai to diya, kya bada kaam kiya.”
In a population of billions and billions, the
level of crime, torture, murder, rape is quite low and good deeds do exist on
this planet.
I am not against evil reporting but my wish is
that we should include positive and inspirational reporting too so that the
faith of people don’t wear and tear. People don’t get filled up with negativity.
The positive news will have positive signs on people and people will try to
compete with goodness, doing rounds of goodness by extending help to needy,
stand for disable, speak out for the downtrodden and exploited and on more and
more subjects of humanity, positivism and goodness.
I request all to bring a change in reporting style
and state facts to people. Unearth news that shakes the faith and simultaneously
unearth the news that sends the messages of brotherhood and fraternity among
Faith of people will grow in humanity and people
will move towards positive goal been encouraged by positive acts of others.
Hope all who read my post do agree with me and
plan to sign a cause to improve reporting in our country building a positive
Share your views and your comments will show how
many people voice my opinion and agree that HUMANITY IS EXISTENT IN THIS WORLD.
Disclaimer:  It is my sole opinion and no biasedness against anyone. I felt like sharing my feelings and my inner voice took form of a post that I penned down.

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7 thoughts on “Media, Change the Style of Reporting to Improve Health of Our Nation! #News”

  1. Suzy says:

    That's why I've stopped listening to the news. It's so depressing. I agree that we need some motivational good news stories too.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Yes Dear. Revolution in media is the need of the hour. Thank U

    2. I stopped reading and listening to the news almost five years back and I’m in a much happier place now. It’s a shame how media thrives on negativity.
      I have a friend who has a Facebook page called Only Good News. You should check it out.

    3. Ila Varma says:

      Thank you dear for stopping by

  2. Chandresh says:

    True ! Currently media has moved from sharing facts to pushing opinions !! Surely to get through the day , we need more postivie news which restore faith in humanity .

  3. Agnivo says:

    Media in India is a joke right now!

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