Kerala Razed by Natural Disaster!



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Science and technology have advanced and continuous research are on to improve life on the planet. None can fight against the natural disasters and these are the only factors beyond the means of a human mind. The natural calamity stakes thousands and thousands of lives and ransacks the place in its own disastrous way. Man becomes a mute spectator and can only raise hands in prayers to the Supreme Power to control the overpowering of nature.
This time, nature fury gulped beautiful state of South India, Kerala, and “God’s OwnCountry” thronging the place with the alarming flood, devastating lives, crops, farms, infrastructure and place. The heavy continuous rainfall played havoc in Kerala displacing the equilibrium of Kerala.
We believe whatever action the Supremo takes is always right and a benefit plan is tagged with it, which human eyes cannot see through. I am not sure how true it stands for the present situation of Kerala.
The heavy rainfall added woes to the family residing mismanaging lives and property worth infinite crores. Kerala faces heavy rainfall every year but this year 2018 saw unusual rains, which the place could not absorb. The water bodies swelled abnormally and the dams were not in a position to hold water. Finally, the authorities had to give in by opening the shutters of 35 dams out of 42. The unusual rainfall aggravated cases of landslides, resultant, the whole state is in its worst condition.
No doubt, Kerala has a high literacy rate and even poverty level is lowest among all the Indian states. The major literate population works abroad and there is an excellent flow of international cash in the state. The current flood plundered the state and the people have lost their precious belongings, buildings, livestock and the state has lost its amenities and infrastructure as well as agriculture and farming prospects.
Watching the areas inundated, it gives a feeling that it will take years to regain its glory and come back into shape.
It requires complete renovation and the state and the residents of  Kerala is in dire need of huge finances and aids from the government, NGO’s, private agencies, industrialists, socialists, and individuals.
Normally, after the massive flood in a state, there are chances of spreading deadly diseases, waterborne infections and epidemics.
Now the floods are receding and the state need support and assistance to build their fortune and bring their life back to normalcy.
It is my sincere request to all who can afford to extend financial help to Kerala, do reach out to them by sending money, food and grains, medicines and flood relief material to help the deprived and unprivileged.
Send funds to the authentic addresses as mentioned on several websites and newspaper. The conman, hooligans, and other trespassers are also active to mint money in the name of Kerala floods, so refrain from getting stuck into transactions with them. Cross check before extending help so that it reaches in right hands and it is utilized in a proper way.
The Quartz India has provided links to donate and contribute to save Kerala and its people from financial crunch and for state restoration, Click here
The newspapers and the news channel say that Kerala is in need of the huge number of mechanics, laborers, technicians and other support staff to restore life and facilities in Kerala. There are immense opportunities and people operating in these fields can contact administrative people in Kerala to extend their help to restore the glory of Kerala.
The natural scenic and landscapes will be taken care of by nature and the Supreme power albeit…men start their actions in restoring Kerala.

Kerala is in distress…extend financial cooperation to help the state and its people overcome the tyranny caused by nature.

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18 thoughts on “Kerala Razed by Natural Disaster!”

  1. Suzy says:

    No one can withstand Nature's fury. Praying for all affected not just in Kerala but all over the world wherever people are affected by calamaties.

  2. Parul says:

    This was such a tragedy. My heart goes for people who lost loved ones and all that mattered to them. Very thoughtful of you to write on this topic and spread the word.

  3. Calamities like these bring people closer. Prayers for Gods own country after all that is my native too.

  4. Dipika says:

    These are the testing ties when the whole nations comes together in solidarity and render help. Thanks for creating awareness about it Ila.

  5. Science and technology can resolve many things, but not natural calamities, for there is no answer, no prevention for that. We just have to stand together in solidarity and provide help. And that we do – when any calamity falls – the whole nation and world comes forward to help. And that is heartening to see.

  6. Huma Masood says:

    Very thoughtful of you to write about it, Ila. Kerala is in my prayers. Even though I have yet to visit it, I have many Keralite friends from school. These are testing times and we all stand to support Kerala. May God bless.

  7. It is really a great initative and yes we all should come ahead to help them. may god bless! #Surbhireads #MyFriendAlexa

  8. Rashi Roy says:

    Prayers for Kerala. Nicely written.

  9. Kerala is a place I loved deeply from within and I'm so happy that you chose to write about the devastation. Tragedies makes us see the lost humanity once again and I was proud to see Indians supporting #MyFriendAlexa #mommyinmereads

  10. Deepa says:

    Kerala and people has suffered a lot during last few weeks. The beautiful state turned upside down and made us realise many things about life.

  11. Neha Gupta says:

    This is the time we all need to support to rebuild God's own country !! P(r)ay for Kerala !!

  12. Surabhi says:

    Such a tragedy which makes us think about many aspects of Life. Hope we learn some lessons and put our efforts to save our Earth. All prayers! #MyFriendAlexa #SurReads

  13. Iram says:

    I was in Kerala for 3 years and my heart wrenches to see this beautiful place in distress. May road to recovery get easier for them

  14. Agnivo says:

    Kerala is a beautiful State. My prayers and support for the people.

  15. Rightly said. Now its the infectious phase. Many are suffering from leptospirosis. HooH things get better soon. Thank you for spreading awareness

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