Crossroad of Life!


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Every time, I prayed to save a Life

Settling all the rife

But this time, I had to stand strong

Praying to Almighty

To minimize the suffering

Of the caged soul.

The Artificial Respiration & Tubes

Saved her pulse

But, She was unable to recognize.

It was baffling for Me

To watch a witty Soul

Suffering for no cause.

She had lived a life

Of dignity & poise

Her Sparkling skin

Was envy of All.

Prayed to God

To free her Soul

From the worldly bindings

To soar high

Into the realms of Peace & Calmness

Where there is no strife.

My wishes were granted

Finally, She laid in peace forever.

The immortal soul got freedom

To take a flight

Away from Us.

I am sure

Her blessings will be always there

Of the pious soul.

The memories of past

Is etched in my heart

And, it will stay there Forever

To cherish my stay in her company.

© Ila Varma 14.07.2018

In tribute to my Granny with whom I shared my teen life and got acquainted with her versatility, wittiness and a big heart to accommodate me with love and care. Last month, she suffered with a stroke and health deterioration was in full swing. The consciousness dissolved and she was hooked to artificial machines to press her heart beat. She was in a bad state of health and I had to act stern and ask for mercy to free the soul from the burdens of diseases and multiple organ failure. Yesterday, She departed forever to rest in peace leaving the memories of togetherness intact.

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8 thoughts on “Crossroad of Life!”

  1. Oh!! Sad to hear that. Yes, such situations are very painful. Seeing our loved ones suffering and knowing that it won't get any better but deteriorate. This is the only way to stop their pain and sufferings. She surely will be in peace now, away from these worldly miseries.

  2. Ila Varma says:

    Thanks for stopping by

  3. Suzy says:

    So sorry to hear about your granny. May she be at peace. You wrote a wonderful tribute to her.

  4. Ila Varma says:

    We will miss her but happy that she is relieved from miseries at the last fag of life. Thanks Suzy for stopping by.

  5. Beautifully explained <3

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