Unbeatable Blues!


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Sure, Life is Unpredictable. You plan something and something else turns up instantaneously. It is not always, but yes, it is at times. God adores to test our endurance power and watch our spontaneous expressions and reactions.

Same happened with me in last few months.

Life was going as smooth as it should be, I was busy with my tasks and writing, along with my roller coaster life.

I explored Food Contest for my Blog, shared with my friends, well-wishers, and bloggers. Used resources to maximum in my social circles and platforms.
Idea was big, it appeared to me interesting and bright, and so I called for a Food Contest, the Traditional Indian Dishes. Direct motive behind this was that that if I receive a good number of Indian cuisine from different parts of our country, then I would go for e-book publishing and paperback publishing.
I have keen interest to revive old delicious dishes, which were cooked by our “Daadi Maa” and “Naani Maa” which have now totally disappeared from the scene. Reason is nowadays, most of the people don’t love cooking, and they just cook because they don’t have any option. The crowd that has option have started employing a cook and the cook is so professional that she delivers her duty, so the essence of culinary treat is missing. I want to revive and enjoy each home-cooked morsel with Indian spices and groceries.
I did receive number of entries but not in huge numbers as I had expected. I wanted to tap the entire Indian market and squeeze most of it, few people wanted but due to their own commitments, many could not participate.
I was ready to post on my blog everyday under the heading, Food but God embarked another plan for me.

I had to participate in the initiation of shifting of my sister from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.
People can understand the blues of shifting and our unique gifted family added more to the crisis.
Father suffering from Parkinson, sister affected by cerebral palsy and old aged mother, all require good amount of care. Thank God, all siblings arrived to care of their needs.
The whole situation became grim in absence of efficient workers to attend to the disabled, suffering and old. Literally, how months passed, I could not figure out and could not zero in on my target of posting Indian cuisines, received participants.
As I was trying to wean out myself from the settling situation, another blow shattered my thought-process.
My better half fractured his patella and within 12 hours, I reported back to Patna…high unexpected air-fare expenditure n lot of botheration’s pierced my mind. Thankfully, by grace of God, it wasn’t a severe blow but still it was a matter of concern as he fractured his leg for the fifth time in 5 decades of life.
Orthopedic advised plaster and rest for six weeks. For whole six weeks and after, I was glued to him. It wasn’t his demand but you cannot ignore. It was tough for him to spend more than a month within the four walls of home, he felt exiled.
Anyhow…time passed peacefully.
Now, I have ruled out time for myself and ready to roll the recipes one after another from tomorrow. Planning to post every alternate day, so that my readers don’t have to rush.
I took time to publish, now you take your time.
I sincerely apologize to the contributors, who took so much of pain and interest to gather recipes.

The scenario was out of my control or you can say that God had his own plans…we, mere puppets cannot move a bit without his nod.

Let’s drop the grudges and anguishes and give blogging journey a new start.

Readers, you all are my lifeline. Always be there for me so that I can bring loads of surprises for you in coming time.

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6 thoughts on “Unbeatable Blues!”

  1. life is always walk his ways

    1. Ila Varma says:

      True…Thanks for stopping by

  2. Sanch Writer says:

    Life can be so unpredictable but it sounds like you are trying to balance it all at the moment. Sending good vibes your way

  3. Parul says:

    I think you are doing great with all that positivism. Good luck and loads of good wishes your way.

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