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Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry V - Sukhadi!

Shweta Mehta, a holistic Nutritionist, loves to write about Food & Health posts. She creates new innovative recipes blended with healthy and tasty components. Her recipe posts can be reached at

Let’s hear the recipe of Shweta Mehta in her own version and along with the recipe, she has shared the story behind the birth of the recipe Sukhadi and its health benefits.

The Pious Sukhadi

Sukhadi also known as Gol Papdi or Gur Papdi is the only Prasad offered to Shri Ghatakarna Mahavir Dev, at Mahudi, famous Jain temple. This ancient Jain derasar is one of the most sacred pilgrim that is nearly 2000 years old. Ghantakarna was a Warrior King called Tungabhadra in his previous birth. He was the protector of the Satis, Sadhus, Unfortunate and Devotees from the demons. Because it was this Jain deity's favourite, it's supposed to be very inauspicious to waste even a bit of Sukhadi. Once Sukhadi is offered to this deity, it is to be consumed and shared within the temple premises or can be donated to the people around. No pilgrim is allowed to take it home or out of the premises of the Temple. The Sukhadi here is the best; I’ve eaten.

In a Guajarati home, this Traditional Sweet is also called as Sukan Ni Sukhadi – as it is considered as an auspicious sweet for any new beginnings. 

It is often made during Jain Religious festival – Paryushan or Diwali. Simple Sweet Homemade Delight that tastes best when eaten Hot and can be stored in a sealed container at home.

My Mom occasionally used to fill up my Tiffin box with a piece of Sukhadi with spicy Sev or roasted Chivda. Sweet and Spicy combination to snack on for 20 mins recess. As it’s a dry sweet, it’s convenient to carry without any fuss hence best Travel Food. No wonder she made batches of these for my brother who worked overseas - yes, this one has Long Shelf Life & is a "Saviour" Food - when you would not get time to cook food. A small square of this sweet is enough to keep the hunger pangs at bay for a couple of hours.

I have made this mini platter of Sukhadi to welcome the lil bundle of Joy in my Family. 

It is made from 3 Simple Kitchen ingredients - Wheat flour, Jaggery and Ghee {clarified butter}. It is simple and quick to make. Soft in texture hence simply melts in mouth.

With changing times and to make things differently – even Sukhadi has been modified by using different flours or combination and nuts to make it more nutritious and healthy. Herby, I am sharing the authentic recipe of Sukhadi which was made by my grandma, my mom and now by me J

Sukhadi Recipe


Wheat Flour - 1/2 cup
Melted Ghee - 1/4 cup
Grated jaggery - 1/2 cup


Grate jaggery or Slice it very finely. There should not be any chunk of it. Grease a plate with ghee and set aside.

In a Pan, heat ghee and roast the wheat flour on a medium flame till the colour of wheat flour changes to golden brown and until you get a nice Aroma. Keep stirring with a spatula to avoid getting burnt. This is the Most important part or I can say heart of this recipe if perfection in roasting the flour.

Keep the flame low and add grated jaggery to this and mix well. Mix the jaggery well with the flour. Switch off the flame immediately to avoid getting your Sukhadi chewy & hard.

After you switch off the flame, stir the mixture for a second till jaggery melts completely.

Put this mixture into the ghee greased plate and level it with the back of spatula or a flat bowl. Do it quickly while it is hot.

After 5 minutes, cut it into square or diamond shape using a knife. Leave it aside for 10 minutes.

You can sprinkle few Julienned Almonds/Pistachios or Cashewnut/Apricot Halves. Store it in a sealed container and Enjoy.

Health Benefits of Sukhadi

 Instant Energy Booster food after any Sport.

Regain the lost Energy after or during any illness or febrile condition.

As it is Nutrient densed, it is best for growing kids.

 It helps to gain Weight and Strength for Underweight or Malnourished kids.

Healthy Nutrition for Pregnant/Lactating Moms that gives Satiety.

 It helps to stay warm on cold and rainy days.

Saturated Fat in ghee helps increase your absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, and K.
Dear Readers, please try this recipe at your end and do share your experiences. The pics of recipe is shared by Shweta Mehta, a Food Blogger & a Nutritionist.

We will love to hear from you. 😆😆

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