Pollution is on high
on our beautiful planet Earth.  Nature
gifted us with majestic greenery, clean water bodies, flora, and fauna and
maintained the equilibrium of the planet.
Population inflated
and majority got educated. Their degrees proved wrath for the planet,
Earth….because their day to day inventions & discoveries to ease the life
of people snatched the glory of the planet.
Literally, the earth
has transformed into a garbage due to drastic changes in weather and climate
and water-bodies polluted to such an extent that the aquatic bodies are
suffocated to death. The world is facing global warming and water-bodies are
shrinking and the large glaciers are melting. Nature has come in a mood of
fury, resulting in unexplained weather conditions, floods engulfing towns and
cities, storms uprooting life and trees, increase in severe earthquakes, bad
monsoons, wildlife and birds nearing to extinction etc. And, the high
intellectual Man uprooted trees and greenery to install industries and increase
The planet did not
lose sheen in a day or year, but the continuous attack on Earth resulted in
Garbage earth instead of Green Earth.
The major reason for
pollution of all types is due to human brain, which applied all its
intellectual powers to use and did not think a little for Nature. Nature
bestowed a majestic gift to all lives on earth but Man jeopardized in the race
of achievements.
Now, when every now
and then people are facing nature fury and have an inkling that the life on
earth is at risk, then they have started blowing the trumpet to Save Earth and
Work is in progress to save Greenery on 
It will take years to
combat the issue of pollution. Working towards it will be like a drop in the
ocean but the continuous effort can bring hope to regain lost glory but in the
meantime, many lives will be devastated. We should not lose Hope, it gives
reason to Perform & Dream for a Better Future.

How our minimal
efforts and lifestyle changes can bring back nature glory

Plant plants, herbs,
and shrubs in your balcony or garden. Rear them well. In open land, plant trees
and even roadside area can be used for planting trees. It balances the Eco
balance of nature. Even you can grow kitchen herbs and kitchen garden using an
open patch of areas of your house.

Don’t throw wet or
dry kitchen garbage
. Store them in a large earthen pot or bury under the soil.
It will transform to bio-manure and can be used for your plants. You save money
because you don’t need to buy manure and kitchen wastes is recycled and garbage
pollution controlled to some extent.
Don’t throw water
which has been used for washing vegetables and grains. Use them to water
plants, water-wastage will be controlled and plants will receive good
nutrients, which will enhance their growth. If garbage wastes are recycled,
then we don’t need polythene to discard wastes, in this way, we are saving
money and planet.
Stop using plastic
bottles and containers
for water storage and ingredients. Plastics are neither
good for health nor for the planet. It adds to garbage pollution because it
does not perishes and adds filth to the soil. Replace them with glass or steel
bottles and containers.

Use jute or cloth
to carry articles, for shopping groceries and vegetables. Initially, you
will feel botheration to carry, but gradually it will come into practice. Our
forefathers did not use plastics and polythene, they carried “Jhola” and WE trying to boast our modernity brought non-degradable plastics in our daily life.
Discard plastic bags and save drainage from clogs and getting choked, and from rivers and seas
been soiled.
Avoid overuse of cars
and bikes.
Stroll to nearby markets to buy goods, fruits, and vegetables. It
will save oil consumption, your hard earned money and the walk will keep you
fit and healthy. You don’t require extra time to venture out for a morning walk
or hit a gym. If maximum stick to this line, then there will be less jam in
neighborhood market and it will take care of health and air-pollution…so only
gain and gain…no losses.
Some people asked me,
“Is small portion of green balcony and patch of land in the basement going to
add greenery to the planet?”

My reply, “If in one
society, all apartment people use their balconies into green spaces, then
naturally, we can add greenery to a great extent. If a single drop thought that
it was not enough for the ocean and if it would have dripped on the hot land,
its existence would have perished, then and there. So, the effort of all is
required to revive the majesty of our planet.”

I have done my take
and here are the snaps, which proves my honesty towards Curbing Pollution &
Saving Planet.
What I have adopted
in my lifestyle, it is easy to strike and improve the health of the planet. Our health is proportional to the health of Earth.
Let’s pledge today,
on this World Environment Day to do our bit to save Earth from Pollution of all
We may not gain instantly but in due course, our posterity will be
benefited and will worship their ancestors for their kind deeds.

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