Wednesday, June 6, 2018

From Barren to Green!

A tale about a Diva, who instilled life in the barren land by transplanting trees, which were removed by builders to construct buildings and apartments. She took them and transplanted in her land and revived their life and they are flourishing in her garden. The Diva happens to be my Chuddy-Buddy, Jyotika Kapoor Kalra. Her contributions gave life to many trees, who was ready to succumb and she proved to be a saviour. She is multi-faceted personality and Diva in real terms, she is caring and supportive and her touch is a golden touch that erupts brilliance and life in the lives of people, flora and fauna, pets that she touches.

She is my inspiration and she can be a inspiration to many and many can choose her path to revive the natural glory of planet. I agree it is not possible for a middle class man to follow the path of transplantation, but certainly, the industrialists, celebrities and business houses of our land can choose her path to add greenery to planet, they can certainly roll out plans for transplantation, new plantations and maintain green patches at all places.

Jyotika's  journey in her own words,

“I bought a land in a very prestigious Gated community in Bangalore was Devoid of any Greenery. When I thought of the Design of the Home concept was New meets the first step was to Transplanting 100-200 years old Trees being cut by the builders. As the project proceeded, I managed to give life to 15 Old trees which are all blooming today .First tree was put 5 years back and its nearly a 200 yr. old tree. Last 2 years transplanted the rest 14 Trees including Kadam, Raintree’s, Coconut Trees, Gulmohar Trees, and Coral Trees and lots other varieties .Now I live with 4 Nests too and have the Birds all day long. Below are photos of the first transplanted tree in 3 stages.”


  1. This is what I want to do with my life. Plant trees, and give transplanted trees new life! This is wonderful, wonderful story.

    1. Yes Dear, carry on your initiative. These are the people who bring difference to the world

  2. This is a wonderful and inspiring story. I wish I could do something like this. Kudos to you.

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  4. Sujata DwivediJune 07, 2018 2:02 PM

    Brilliant work Jyotika...... U have inspired a trail of people..... Keep going.... Proud of you dear...

  5. Nice post. I loved your nature story. Also looking you in saree.
    Thanks for this post.