Evergen and Airlabs announce World’s first Clean Air Zone- AirHavn!

Evergen and Airlabs announce World’s first Clean
Air Zone “AirHavn”– to demonstrate an innovative new technology to clean air
pollution in Delhi
~National Physical Laboratory’s Gas Metrology Section
to conduct independent validation of the pilot~

New Delhi 14 June 2018:Evergen Systems along with their
technology partner, Airlabs today announced the launch of ‘AirHavn’ the pilot
of the World’s First Clean Air Zone at Lakhi Shah Banjara Hall, Gurudwara Rakabganj
Saheb, Delhi to demonstrate the revolutionary technology and announce their
plans for cleaning air pollution across India. Present at the launch were Dr.
Matthew Johnson, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at University of
Copenhagen, Chief Scientific Officer at Airlabs and Sukhbir S. SIDHU, Founder
and CEO, Evergen Systems, Dr. Shankar Aggarwal, Senior Scientist, Gas Metrology
Section, National Physical Laboratory of India and Manjit Singh GK, President
of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee.
Evergen were the pioneers to launch City Tree in
London and became the first company in Britain to install technology solutions
to tackle urban air pollution. Evergen are working with Municipalities, local
authorities and Government agencies to install City Tree across the UK. After
almost two years of researching and trials of a number of technologies, Evergen
has the exclusive license for– City Tree – the world’s first Biotech filter for
cleaning urban air pollution.
AirHavn is an ‘architectural masterpiece’ that has
been especially designed and constructed applying the laws of fluid dynamics to
take control of air flow. The AirHavn combines a design based on extensive
optimisation using high performance computing with high performance air
filters. The innovative Airlabs technology utilises a combination of
atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering and implemented through a
proprietary dual filter system combining nano-particles for removing 97-99%
fine dust particles and a chemical media to remove gases like NOx, SOx, CO2 and
Speaking at the launch Mr. Sukhbir Sidhu, Founder
& CEO Evergen Systems Ltd, “Air quality is huge problem and barely a day
goes by without a story in the national or city media focusing on the
deteriorating quality of our air and its impacts on human health. In early 2016
our company began looking into ways of tackling this problem. He further added,
“We are delighted that we, along with our technology partners Airlabs took the
decision to set up a pilot clean air zone in Delhi to demonstrate the technology
and announce our plans for cleaning air pollution across India. It was a huge
challenge to secure a suitable site in the middle of the city. Let’s be clear,
this is the only proven technology that is capable of cleaning outdoor air
pollution. It has been tested by University of London, now in Delhi and soon by
Scientist and Prof (Dr.) Matthew Johnson,
University of Copenhagen on launching the project said, “We have done the
impossible: Today, together with our partners at Evergen India, we are launching
and dedicating the world’s first open-air clean air zone to the people of
India: The AirHavn. My team has been monitoring the air quality from inside and
outside the AirHavn since last few days. We are having real time updates on
quality of the air, the results are phenomenal as we have monitored pollution
reduction by up to 70 %. The air quality is also being independently monitored
by National Physical Laboratory’s, Gas Metrology Section.”
Gurdwara Rakabganj, where the AirHavn pilot is
taking place for 3 weeks is located in Delhi. General public, students,
politicians and civic leaders are invited to visit the AirHavn, enjoy clean air
and learn about this revolutionary technology completely free of cost.
to the editors:
Evergen Systems Ltd
Established in 2010 Evergen are a multi award
winning Cleantech Company. Since the beginning their mission has been to reduce
energy consumption and CO₂ emissions in the built environment. The company has
been installing solar generation, electricity storage and Energy Management
Systems on homes, commercial properties and public sector buildings. Over the
years company’s business has evolved from saving energy and cutting CO₂ emissions,
to reducing pollution and cleaning the air.
Airlabs was founded by Matthew Johnson, Professor
of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and Sophie Power, a
London based businesswoman concerned about the health of her children. The
company exists to give people clean air to breathe in polluted cities. Airlabs
combines a greater understanding of air pollution through its sensor networks
and airflow modelling capabilities, alongside the technology and engineering to
create true clean air zones throughout cities. Airlabs has launched several
projects in London. From bus shelters to benches and the AirHavn is the first
large scale demonstration of outdoor air cleaning. The company launched its
first consumer product, the Air Bubble, to clean the highly polluted air inside
vehicles. Air lab’s technology has had global media coverage and independent
scientific validation.

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