Surprise Your Mom with Gifts on Mother’s Day!


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“God made Mother’s because He couldn’t be Everywhere” quote is old one and I know this since teenage but never bothered to understand, what it really meant.
When I was bestowed by the grace of God to be a Mom of a beautiful creature, then I realized its real meaning and found it cent per cent true.

Every day is a Mother’s Day for a child till he is totally dependent on her and both, Mom and Child cannot assume separation even in wildest dreams, the bonding is so strong. With the passing years, dependency dips and the children fly leaving the nest empty. The umbilical cord bonding is strong and no storm can wither but the children get busy in their assignments and life.
The Mother’s Day celebration stormed in to remind Mom’s importance in life and surprise her with the greetings of love and care.
So Guys, what have you planned for this Mother’s Day?
Surprise her and watch her eyes gleam with joys of motherhood. She endured bone wracking pain to bring you in this world and she deserves a day with you for Special Celebration.
Cook for Her

Cook her favourite dish or bake a special dish for her showing your culinary skill. You don’t require to be a great cook but you should know the basics and can take assistance from your friends and family. Delicacies smeared with your love would be sumptuous for her. Bake a cake for her decorating with the quotes of Mom or you can buy one for her.
Flowers Bouquet

You must be acquainted with your Mom’s choice. Prepare a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers and decorate her room with it. Click a snap of her surprising looks as her eyes fall on your surprise.

Since your early childhood, she has always bought dresses for you. Now, it’s your turn to gratify her with surprises. Add a collection in her wardrobe. Women are fond of clothes & a surprise gift from her child will rush her adrenaline to peak level.
Toiletries & Make Up Kit

You can gift her a makeup box, lipsticks, nail polish, fragrance & deodorants, or something new item of toiletries. At times, women sacrifice her choice to run her home, so this time, shower gifts that she yearned to use but could not due to shortage of finances. Her twinkling eyes will share her happiness level.

Bags & Pouch

Varieties of bags and pouches are available in the market. Gift her one that she is useful for her and she can easily carry on her errands and local shopping. Women have weakness to carry her personal things in her bags and purses, so keeping this in mind, choose one for her.

Women starts living her life in full swing when she is free from the job of raising kids.  She has a time to devote for herself and presenting spiritual artifacts can be a better choice. There are marvellous artifacts available in the market to decorate Puja room and home décor. Choose one that you find useful and attractive for her.

If Mom is a pet lover, you can gift her an aquarium. She will love to indulge in fish rearing and it can be her favourite pastime. They don’t need much care and Mom been a source of love and affection can find Aquarium amusing.
These ideas are mine but you can run your imagination and can try something new and interesting.
Trudge down on the memory lane and figure out, what your Mom yearned to have in these years and still her wishes and desires remains unfulfilled. Cover up those desires to give her real happiness.
Money matters in gifts and presents but presents given with true love and gusto is more meaningful. Gift her within your spending limits, don’t oversize or under size.
When kids are small and Mom is tied with the duties of home, hubby and kids, she overlooks her fantasies and believes that one day, she will be able to fulfil her overwhelming desires, when her kids grow up.

Grown up kids, attend and fulfil her unfulfilled whims and desires. Now, it is your time to deliver.  

Count your blessings on this Special occasion of Mother’s Day.

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