Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Selfie Moments are the Moments to Be Cherished Always! #Mobiistar

Since my childhood days, I have great craving to capture beautiful moments and events. In our era, the camera was quite complicated because the compact camera did not exist in those times. I had to make repeated requests to elders to take a clip of the beautiful moment that I wanted to preserve in my album.

When I was in my secondary school, my father bought a compact camera, wherein, to capture or shoot, you just had to click the button and the snap was captured. It was captured in seconds, but we had to wait for the reel to finish and then it was delivered to studio for developing and then after long wait, we could have glimpse of the clipped pictures.

In those era, photography was rare, not so popular and people had to visit studios to shoot photographs or camera men were appointed for the special events and occasions.

With the introduction of mobile with camera, clippings became easy and there is no waiting period to watch the clippings. You can take innumerable snaps and can see and forward to your system or to your friend.

The Selfie mode made selfies popular such as rage for selfie experience and I have coined this term as “Selfie rage.” The people are busy taking selfies of each and every moment, at times, it looks silly but people have developed craze for selfie experience and day by day, the rage is deepening.

I still catch the special moments with friends, families, with nature and store in my mobile and transfer to my system when mobile alarms, “Not in a mood to accept more.”  😜

Rarely, I take selfie of my own, there are two reasons behind this, first one, I get over conscious and the snap comes out with frown and sad faces and I press Del button to delete it from the mobile gallery.

When my kids visit after long duration, I long to capture those precious moments with my kids and thankfully, the selfie frozen moments comes out beautiful and with poise. Those moments are my real selfie experience.

Just see this snap of mine, with my two young boys, escorting me from both sides. The moment that is frozen with them are the moments of pride and happiness for me, to watch my yesterday’s little boys grown into handsome Men. The feeling that sails through cannot be deciphered in words, it can only be felt and the feeling is very soothing.

I request youngsters to be alert while taking selfie and avoid in busy traffic, near railway track or trains or on hills and in water- bodies.

Make selfie experience memorable by newly introduced Mobiistar phone, which is an amalgamation of exquisite features and #EnjoyMore.

Features of Mobiistar suggests that people like me who are not so well-versed in capturing sharp selfies will be able to do with Mobiistar phone.

Mobiistar is introducing a phone with front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot and a large number of people can be captured at one time. Drop in at Flipkart to know more about its specifications, price and availability of Mobiistar phone.The salient features are mind-blowing, so if you are planning to buy a phone, then go for Mobiistar, no second thought. I have made up my mind to buy one for my personal use.

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