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In the world of technology, the marketing techniques has been digitized and the Whatsapp platform has proved fruitful for the business organizations big or small.
The emergence of Whatsapp platform has relatively increased the interactions between individuals and group chat. In the beginning, it started with exchange of texts, videos and photos among family and friends. Later on, many business start-ups and small and medium business found it beneficial to advertise their product and get direct feedback from the existing as well as perspective customers.
As per the market survey, nearly 80% users use Whatsapp on daily basis and they are updated with passed on information.
Whatsapp Marketing is in full swing now owing to its popularity among people and easy to use. Mobile is indispensable in current scenario and just with data pack, the functions of Whatsapp are enabled without incurring any extra cost for making calls, texts, photos and videos. The cost of call and SMS is curtailed with the use of Whatsapp.
How Whatsapp is Been Used for Business Promotion
Brand Promotion
The business fraternity is successful in promoting their business, campaigns and products among people via Whatsapp Marketing channel because the acceptance is high among people and response of people is higher.
Easy Interaction among Internal Team of Business Houses
     Interaction and communication with internal team is easy and helps each other irrespective of the location, they are placed. If anyone has query, it is resolved within few minutes or any new amendments are implemented are easily circulated among team members.
    Individual Customer Support in Real Time
    Individual chat is possible and it helps in rendering customer service support in real time basis for the existing customers. Without been on the site, company representatives can help the clients who are in trouble by exchanging real time videos and photos and guiding how to take action for the concern.
    Sharing Marketing Tools
     Brands can share brochures, leaflets and product literature over Whatsapp and make the people aware of their brand. Visual marketing is more efficient and the forwarded message is stored. It comes handy to prospective customers when they need the product or can even share among his group of friends or family.
    Group Promotion
     It is easy to reach a group of 256 people in one group and it is apt for brand marketing. Whatsapp allows 256 people in a group.
     Exhaustive Use of Whatsapp Tools to Flourish Business
     Use all Whatspp features for impressive and exhaustive marketing. It is great tool to share ideas and conceive ideas from the market. A short survey can help the brand to understand the market and requisites of market and accordingly, brands can introduce new or improved product in market.
    Profile Picture
     Use representative Profile picture with business logo in your Whatsapp profile. It will help the people to identify your brand easily.
The power of Whatsapp Marketing is great, the brand require to identify and use the required Whatsapp tool extensively to grow business.

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