Rise of Motor Stunts in India!

Though when exactly stunt biking
officially began in India is up for debate, nobody can deny that the action
sport is rapidly on the rise. In fact, some say it’s poised to become India’s
next big competitive sport within the next five years. Some call it the
equivalent of what skateboarding has become in the United States thanks to the
enthusiasm among riders and fans alike.
But there’s a big difference
between the professionals and the rogue riders when it comes to stunt biking in
India. The professional groups and teams only perform in designated areas and
make safety a priority, while rogue riders perform stunts on public roads and
potentially pose a safety hazard both to themselves and the public.

Top Stunt Biking Groups in

Like we said, there’s a big
difference between rogue riders and professional groups. Here’s a look at some
of the top stunt biking groups and teams in India, which blend entertaining
tricks with a commitment to safety:
  • ·      
    Ghost Ryderz:
    The Ghost Ryderz, or GRz, began as a touring club in 2007 and now consider
    themselves India’s top freestyle stunt riding team. GRz eventually wants
    to be the top stunt riding team in the world.

  • Team Balance Point:
    Based in Bangalore, Team Balance Point (TBP) is a foursome of riders that’s
    been performing together since 2011.
  • ·    Team DFG:
    Founded in 2007, TeamDFG consists of five highly skilled stunt riders. Since
    the team’s founding, it’s been highly regarded as one of India’s top acts.

  • ·      
    OutlawZ: Based in Kozhikode
    (Calicut), the OutlawZ were officially formed in 2009 and have evolved into a
    national act.

  • ·      
    was founded in 2008. While the group consists of stunt riders of all different
    types, it also includes freestyle bike riders.
These are just five of the most
well-known biking groups across India, but with how fast the sport is growing
in the country, they’re hardly going to be the last to make their mark on the

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