Friday, April 6, 2018

I am Back!


I am back to pen down my feelings, turbulence and fear.

I used to pen down daily but suddenly I stopped, without any reason. Took hiatus from penning down my emotions.

I had stacked myself with various content writing jobs and it weaned out my creativity and my fingers stopped to vent out my emotions.

Everyday, I promised to begin but lagged behind and finally today,. after 23rd Dec. 2017, I logged into my account to write down and meet my friends and peers of blogging kingdom to share and care.

Now, I will continue to write everyday and there is a surprise for you all.

I will share my happiness over being on a loser's bench and remain happy.

Can You Guess?

Keep Guessing.

Will share rest in my next post.

Stay Tuned.



  1. It is good to take a break also, if not for any reason but just to find yourself!

  2. It's awesome to take a break ILA. I have done it twice last year and loved it as it rejuvenated my writing. Even before taking the April challenge, I wrote sporadically as I wanted to gear up for this. Will take a break in may. So it's perfectly fine. Losers bench , my foot, you write well and are happy to write. That's all that matters girl. Waiting for more from you. Cheers

  3. Thanks and love to be connected. loser's bench is something to be wondered and guessed. Will spill out the secret soon.

  4. Thanks Alok, heard from you after a long time.