Friday, April 27, 2018

Happiness Quotient! #HappinessBlogTrain

I asked, “What is Happiness for you?”

He said, “Lots and lots of money in my saving account, which can fetch me all the luxuries of the world that I wish to acquire.”

“Really”, I asked.

“No doubt, Mom. Everyone wishes for loads of money and enjoy life on his own terms. Don’t you wish the same?” He said trying to convince me.

I smiled at his innocence, still, he is far off from the bare reality of life.

I trudged down the memory lane and discovered that in my youth, I too longed for fat bank balance and believed that money can buy happiness. The thoughts took transformation as I trudged with life and had rendezvous, where I discovered that money is important for life but is not solely responsible to keep us happy.

My thought deepened when I tasted sweet and pepper of life and discovered that the materialistic things did add comfort to life but real happiness could not be attained by materialism.

“Hey, you know, happiness is real when smile purses on your lips and a unique glow spreads on your face and soft and sweet twinkle light up your eyes. This embellishes your face when you are truly happy with the soul, no makeup is required to give the touch up to the beauty of real happiness and bliss. It touches you naturally and for this natural feel and sheen, you don’t require wealth, you just need an eye and a soul to listen to the whims of nature. I may sound philosophical and you might feel that I am giving free sermons, but this is true.”

I discussed with him the encounters of life that we faced together and surplus money could not straighten things.

What is the meaning of Happiness for Me?


Being a social animal, I love to be surrounded by people. I am always ready for the people who need my love and care. Helping people gives me immense satisfaction. I feel that my life is worth that I am capable of helping people. I have seen people hoarding a lot of money, but no social contact. Nobody stands for them in time of their need and distress. In my life, I have made a point to extend my care and support to all who is really in need irrespective of who he is. He can be my family, friend, associate, neighbor or a stranger. I don’t trust strangers and don’t mix with them easily, but in distress, keeping myself on the safe side, I extend my support. My experience led me to believe that the care that you extend to others works like a boomerang and it comes back to you in different forms in life. Helping gives me real happiness and it has helped to survive several setbacks of life, because, it has made me strong to the core while facing the naked fact of life through bare eyes.

Cooking & Serving

Cooking and serving is my hobby since childhood. I freely share the cuisines or specialty food that I prepare. These days, I find most of the people cook on compulsion and are always in a look out to escape from the kitchen. I prepare food with love and people relishing on my choice and preparation helps me to bask in the glory of happiness. People close to me know well about my skill and I try my best to serve my guests, family, and others on festive and special occasions. I believe in cooking at home on special occasions instead of buying ready-made food and snacks from the market.


I am a nature lover and love watching plants grow and bloom. Since early days of childhood, I used to spend hours in my garden watching acres of land flourishing with greenery. I used to water the plants through water hose and clean weeds and dry leaves from the garden. Now with urbanization, acres of land has been squeezed and I am left with small places in the balcony and in apartment basement area. I keep myself busy in these spreads of space and have planted lots of green that can be well adjusted in the current space. The first thing that I do in the morning is to see my plants and it loads me with lots of happiness and satisfaction. Seeing them flourish speaks volumes about my love and care showered on the plants.


A radiant smile gives the sheen to your face and the exchange of a wide smile makes a day better of all whose life you touch. The smile is the prettiest curve and priceless. You can exchange with anyone and it crosses the barrier of religion, sex, creed, castes, language etc. I keep smiling and exchange smiles with all whom I encounter. It lightens up my face and I feel lively and in high spirits.
These are the things that fetch real happiness in my life but still, I am not a God so there are few whims of mine, of whom I am a slave. It is a materialistic thing and I spend more on them parting from my earnings and it adds happiness to my life.

Buying Spree for Clothes

The fabric is my weakness and I spend superfluously on them. I love to dress in the choice of my dresses and I buy the fabric instantly that attracts me. I spend a lot of my clothes and I have a habit of wearing pressed clothes whether I am in office or home. My gifts for others includes fabric, it can be dresses, dress materials, bed sheets, sarees or curtain. They all attract my attention and I love to flaunt.

These are the key to my way which leads to happiness, which is real and satisfying.

What is yours, Do share in the comment section.

I am participating in The Happiness Blog Train which is all about Sharing & Caring to Make the Life Happy & Lively of All whom We Touch.

I heartily thank Shreenithi, an avid blogger, who runs her blog in the name of Desi Reflexions


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  1. Its true, we are running behind money but wealth can give us comfort only. Mental peace is imp. I also love to help people and it gives me a pleasure, happiness. Smile can kill all negative vibes so keep smiling :)
    Loved your post...#Happinessblogtrain

  2. Fabric is one such thing which makes me happy too. Nature teaches us so many lessons. For e.g. An ant trying to climb a rough/hard bark tree infinite times, it teaches us to forget our worries and try if we dont succeed in any task :)

  3. So happy to read your article of real happiness. Worth reading it. Keep posting more dear.

  4. Fabrics oh yes I also love color ful fabric but never disclosed this in front of any one