Fuel Your Passion for Photography with the New Canon EOS 1500D and EOS 3000D


Designed for a seamless transition from
smartphone to DSLR photography, the affordable entry-level Canon EOS 1500D and
EOS 3000D opens users up to a world of superb imaging quality and an arsenal of
EF/EF-S lenses for creative expressions




New Delhi, 26th February
– Canon
today announced the launch of the Canon EOS 1500D and EOS 3000D, the newest
additions to its extensive line of entry-level EOS DSLR cameras in India.
Anchored by the premier EOS DSLR system and enhanced with user intuitive
interfaces, these models are ideal for beginners looking to advance from smartphone
photography to greater sophistication in imaging performance. Both the Canon
EOS 1500D and EOS 3000D are powered by the DIGIC 4+ image processor and
equipped with the 24.1 megapixels and 18.0 megapixel, APS-C sized CMOS sensors
respectively, ensuring sharp and crisp images even under low light
at the launch, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, President
& CEO, Canon India
, said, “With consumer preferences evolving by the
hour, innovation has become increasingly significant. Our focus at Canon is to
continuously innovate and further solidify our commitment to provide cutting
edge technology to our customers and constantly delight them. As pioneers in
imaging, we value the significance of a parallel transition between innovation
and the landscape of photography. With this launch, we aim to strike a perfect
balance between compact design and superior performance offering an excellent
value to the photo enthusiasts and professionals; hence strengthening the EOS
series providing intuitive products. In lieu of the current DSLR market
scenario, we see tremendous growth opportunities in this segment.”
on the launch, Mr. Eddie Udagawa, Vice
President, Consumer Imaging and Information Centre, Canon India
, said, “Canon
EOS series has redefined imagery and has become an industry benchmark over the
years. Launching today with the newest addition to EOS series, Canon EOS 1500D
and EOS 3000D not only capture great images but also meet the requirements of
social media enthusiasts with instant sharing abilities. Adapting to newer
trends and technologies, we are committed to bring ground-breaking innovation
to customers and elevate their photography experiences.”
Versatile Performance for Easy Control

size CMOS sensor on both cameras is about 19 times larger than the 1/3.2 inch
standard- type sensor typically found in a smartphone. This distinction gives
the EOS 1500D and EOS 3000D an edge in performance as the large APS-C size
sensor enables excellent proficiency in capturing light. Even in a low light
environment, both models are able to produce high definition images with the
most intricate of details intact.
Both the EOS
1500D and EOS 3000D are equipped with an Optical Viewfinder which helps users
to quickly focus and frame their subjects without experiencing any delay in
image processing. As real time viewing is possible, the Optical Viewfinder is
the perfect tool for capturing clear images of fast-moving subjects. 
the increase in popularity of videos, a Full HD movie shooting function is
built into both models, allowing users to capture vivid and beautiful footage.
User Intuitive Features for Hassle-Free

access to six types of scene modes on a single dial, shooting with a DSLR
camera has never been easier. On top of the portrait, landscape, close-up,
sports, and night portrait and food mode, the EOS 1500D and EOS 3000D also come
with five Creative Filters. This enables users to experiment with or enhance
the ambience of photos to create effects that render a soft focus feel, toy
camera effect, fish-eye effect, miniature effect and an artsy grainy black and
white effect.  
improve operability, the cameras’ Scene Intelligent Auto mode automatically
analyses scenes and refines images to produce beautiful, rich pictures. With
just a click on the shutter button, even movement and image contrast can be
reflected accurately. To simplify the understanding of product functions, both
cameras are equipped with a Feature Guide for beginners to ease into the world
of DSLR Photography. The Canon EOS 1500D and EOS 3000D also boasts of the
Creative Zone mode which allows users to create artistic photos by optimizing
the shooting settings to match their shooting intentions as closely as
With such
ease of use, all that is required for capturing and sharing
professional-looking photos on social media is simply to cultivate a sense of
Seamless Connectivity for Instant

Both the EOS
1500D and EOS 3000D are equipped with Wi-Fi for easy connection via smartphones
to the Canon Camera Connect app. Through the app, users can easily share images
and videos onto social media platforms. In addition, the EOS 1500D is also
equipped with Near-Field Communication (NFC) connectivity.
With the
Canon Camera Connect app (available in both iOS and AndroidTM), the remote shooting function is
available for users to control and adjust camera settings such as shutter
speed, aperture, ISO speed directly from their smartphones. Not only is this
function useful for selfies and group shots, but is also perfect for
experimenting with creative angles. 


Canon EOS 1500D
Dimensions :
Approx. 129.0 x 101.3 x 77.6mm
Weight :
Approx. 427g (body only)
Image sensor:
24.1 mega-pixel APS-C CMOS sensor
Imaging processor:
ISO speed:
100 – 6400 (expandable to 128,000)
Continuous shooting speed:
Approx. 3 fps
Maximum video quality:
Full HD 30p/25p/24p
9-point (All AF points support f/5.6.
Cross-type AF with center AF point.)
Connectivity functions: 
Wi-Fi / NFC 
3- type TFT (approx. 920,000 dots)
Canon EOS 3000D
Dimensions :
Approx. 129.0 x 101.6 x 77.1 mm
Weight :
Approx. 389g (body only)
Image sensor:
18.0 mega-pixel APS-C CMOS sensor
Imaging processor:
ISO speed:
100 – 6400 (expandable to 12800)
Continuous shooting speed:
Approx. 3 fps
Maximum video quality:
Full HD 30p/25p/24p
9-point (All AF points support f/5.6.
Cross-type AF with center AF point.)
Wi-Fi only
2.7- type TFT (approx. 230,000 dots)

The price will be
revealed closer to the date of sales which is towards the end of March.
Canon Group

Ever since its foundation in 1937,
Canon is guided by the “Kyosei” philosophy of living and working together for
the common good. Canon strives to create and deliver world-class products,
becoming a top global corporation by diversifying into new business fields
throughout the world. Focusing on optical technologies, Canon produces office
equipment, consumer and professional imaging devices, network cameras,
healthcare and industrial equipment. Through the close connection between its
global head office in Tokyo and regional headquarters in America, Europe, Asia,
Oceania and regional headquarters in Japan, Canon combines its global and local
operations organically. In 1996, Canon launched its Excellent Global
Corporation Plan with the goal of serving the society with advanced
technologies and becoming a trustworthy and responsible corporate citizen. The
year 2016 is the first year of Phase 5 of the Plan. Currently, Canon boasts a
strong global presence of 367 subsidiaries all over the world, supported by
197,673 employees. (Data as of December 31, 2016)
in India

Canon India Pvt. Ltd., a 100%
subsidiary of Canon Singapore Pvt. Ltd., is a world leader in imaging
technologies. Set up in 1997, Canon markets over 200 comprehensive range of
sophisticated contemporary digital imaging product and solutions in India. The
company today has offices and warehouses in 14 cities across India and employs
over 1000 people. Canon has over 500 primary channel partners, 14 National
Retail Chain partners, and over 6000 secondary retail points. Canon has 250 own
retail stores accredited as “Image Square” across 119 cities in the
country. Canon India’s service reach extends to over 600 towns covering 17,774
PIN codes across India – which comprises of 300 Camera collection points, 18
Camera repair centers, 236 Printer repair centers, 185 Copier, Scanner and
Large Format Printer Sales & Service dealers.

In sync with its corporate tagline-
‘Delighting You Always’, reinforced by World class technology, Canon offers an
extended product portfolio, including copier MFDs, Managed Document Services,
Fax-Machines, Printers, Document and Cheque Scanners, All-in-ones, Digital
Cameras, DSLR’s, Cinematic Imaging Products, Camcorders, Cable ID Printers and
Card printers catering to the multiple market segments of consumer, SME, B2B,
Commercial, Government & PSUs. In 2017, the imaging leader recorded a double
digit growth. 

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