Introduces Haulage trucks with Unitized Wheel Bearings
February 16, 2018:
Leyland, flagship of the Hinduja Group, and one of the largest commercial
vehicle manufacturers in India, launched Captain Haulage and 3718 Plus, the
BS-IV trucks with iEGR (Intelligent Exhaust Gas Recirculation) engines in Indore
today. Ashok Leyland also introduced Haulage Trucks with maintenance free Hubs
i.e., with Unitized Wheel Bearings.
Present at the launch, Mr. Anuj Kathuria, President, Global Trucks,
Ashok Leyland Ltd., said,
“Ashok Leyland has been gaining customers’ trust
across the country, across segments. This has been possible owing to our
winning combination of products, our innovation-led technologies and our
customer-first approach. Madhya Pradesh has been one of our key focus market
and our customers here are seeing the value in investing in our products. As
part of our strategy to further grow and strengthen our leadership, Captain
Haulage and 3718* Plus will play an important role. Both will be leading from
the front in delivering our brand promise of ‘AapkiJeet. HamariJeet’ to our customers.
3718 has won Flywheel Truck of the year Award. The winning combination includes
competitive price point, higher fuel efficiency, more payload and heavy duty
aggregates resulting in lower operating cost, maintenance cost, better
maneuverability and durability. All of this combined with our innovative iEGR
technology, will help reduce operating costs for customers, resulting in higher

The Captain Haulage trucks are especially designed to deliver higher
uptime and faster turnaround time to meet the high productivity demands of the
logistics industry. Captain is powered by the H series CRS engine with iEGR
technology, and offers high initial pickup, superior drivability and unmatched
fuel economy. With international styling and comfort and designed for the
Indian operating conditions, the Captain offers the best-in-class cabin which
is available in both AC and non AC versions. These vehicles also come with an
essential safety feature, Frontal Crash Protection. This feature helps the
vehicle to absorb the impact in case of an unfortunate incident of head-on
collision and keeps the occupants of the vehicle safe. Captain Haulage Trucks
are available in 25T, 31T & 37T GVW segments. The range is
built for a wide number of applications like Market Load, Parcel, Tankers,
Cement Bulkers and Containers.
3718 PLUS is latest addition in 37T segment which is one of the fastest
growing segments in CV industry. This offers another 10% fuel savings, 225 kgs
of more payload and 10% extra tyre life from new technology tyres. 3718 PLUS
offer the best maneuverability through optimal overall length, 27.5 ft. &
29.5 ft. loading span options, and appropriate positioning of lift axle.
In Trucks with Unitized Wheel Bearings, grease is packed for life and
no periodical hub greasing, end play adjustment or bearing replacement are
required. It also helps in improving tyre life. Unitized Wheel Bearings are now
available as an optional feature on 37T & 31T range and will expanded to
other ranges progressively.
further information / media queries, contact:
Malikram | 9755020247

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