Monday, January 15, 2018

The Best Barrier between You and Air Pollution! #DettolAirMask

Dettol air mask provides valuable protection against the threat of air pollution and its impact on human health.

Modern technology is supposed to ease human life. It does this by freeing up more time and making complex tasks easier. But overuse of technology has its fair share of fallout's.

Take, for example, automobile technology. Since so many cars are being manufactured in the country and it is now simple enough to buy one, many homes have more than one car. Then there is the prospect of rising population, which necessitates the creation of more housing and related infrastructure – thus giving rise to higher rates of construction and industry. There are also other things we do, like burn garbage and hack down trees to create more space. All of these behaviors contribute to rising air pollution.

Air pollution – the biggest menace of our times

Air pollution is one of the most serious hazards for mankind, among others like lack of clean drinking water and ineffective sanitation. You can do without food or water for a day, but nobody can stop breathing. And so it stands to reason that the air you breathe should be pure and free of pollution. However, the air we breathe today is riddled with a variety of pollutants that reduce air quality to dangerous levels.

Regular exposure to impure, polluted air has the potential to cause a variety of diseases among humans and animals alike. It is unavoidable in most places in the country today. As a result, there are increasing cases of respiratory disorders, and associated illnesses that affect even really young children.But just when things seem dire, help is at hand – with Dettol Air Mask.

The Dettol Air Mask – keeping pollution out the smart way

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The Dettol Air Mask is part of its new range of SiTiShield products, aimed at keeping the ill effects of air pollution out of the human body. The Dettol Air Mask keeps harmful particulate matter out even as you breathe, by filtering the air going inside your body.

The mask is fitted with two main components: a high quality mask that covers the lower half of your face. It is equipped with specification filters that keep out 98% of the particulate matter that air contains, and about 99% of bacteria in the air. Thus, you breathe in pure air free of pollutants. The second component is the micro fan fitted inside the mask. The fan is designed to provide ventilation inside the mask so that sweat does not collect inside and make you uncomfortable. The micro fan also keeps out heat and carbon dioxide, thus enhancing the air mask’s efficiency.

The Dettol Air Mask satisfies all the parameters that a good anti-pollution mask must offer – hygiene, ease of use and almost 100% filtering of the air the user breathes. It can be used by anybody, and it is a long lasting product that you can safely use for weeks and months. It is especially recommended for the polluted metropolitan areas, where many people are exposed to constant vehicular and construction-related pollution.

It is hardly feasible to hide in the house fearing air pollution – and Dettol SiTiShield air mask makes it possible for you to step out with confidence. 


  1. Oh I need this! Not only for the pollution around but also all the dirt and dust that is because of the digging around to improve civilization!