Digital Analysis of your Representative in Digital India!

Minister Narendra Modi government has started the Digital India Project on 2
July 2015. After initiating this campaign lot of changes have occurred in the
life of a citizen of India. People have seen digitalization in the system and
also feel the technology in their life. According to this perspective, we can
say that due to digitalization not only executions of government’s policies
fasten but also it helps in increasing the living standard of the common man.
that digital system also easily helps in analyzing the work of public
representative by the voters. By the Social Media, they can know that the
person whom they have selected 4 years ago, how much they have respected the
public sentiments? Because today Social Media is a strong medium who is capable
of making estimation by their ideas. That’s why for analyzing Country Politics
and Political Leaders by the people a digital platform ‘Troopel’ is going to
start. It’s an open digital platform where any person can put his views on any
leader and on any political party.
From where the
Idea emerges?
this age of Social Media, every citizen is capable of making his views on any
matter, a person with the mobile has its influence on Social Media. Other media
who are giving us the news are they paid news? Or real news?  Now this question is no more relevant as
social media have its eyes on every news. This condition is also with the voice
of common people. Today after the election, who comes to make conversation with
the people? Whatever is happening is Monologue where the leader only speaks and
people are constrained to listen to him. To overcome this condition there was a
need for a digital platform for public, where everyone has shared in it and
work done by a public representative and their activeness can be evaluated. The
analysis of the promises made in the time of election and the actual work which
they have been performed. With this intention, we have made this platform where
people came together to comment and give ratings on the working of public
representative work.  
Objective behind
making Troopel
main objective of making Troopel is to raise the public issue, solving their
problems and with the help of ratings realize representatives, that people have
kept eyes on their work. How much public is happy or been oppressed with them
as a leader may be related with any political party, group or thinking if he
works for the betterment of public, the public will be on his side. Above all,
if any news which people want to know about has been restricted because of any
effect or of political reason should be brought in front of the public.
is world’s first rating and analytical platform where one can comment without
any restrictions and fear put their views and can rate the working of any public
representative and can get information about the work done by them. With the
public views and analysis of Public representative work, reaching out the
public is our main motto. Troopel representative Mr. Ayush Maheshwari said ‘Our
desire is pure politics for better tomorrow’.
How to connect
with Troopel
every 2 out of 6 people is using Smartphone. And with it, people are also been
active in social media. So through Websites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
Troopel will connect with you or you may connect with it.


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