BIG Magic’s
mythological show Shaktipeeth ke Bhairav has been
engaging the audiences with its riveting concept  that revolves around the 52 shaktipeeths around India. The show
since its launch has been a visual treat for its viewers
and has managed to build a strong fan base for the characters. However,
what one doesn’t know is that a lot goes behind in making Parvati’s role as
perfect as it should be. Played by talented actress and popular face of mythological
series, Ulka Gupta, the character has been receiving immense appreciation from
the viewers.

Speaking about portraying the role and how she
preps up for it Ulka Gupta said, “Playing a goddess is a challenging
task. Nothing is easy when you are playing a character which is as strong as
goddess Parvati. Every minute detail has to be kept in mind and you can’t add
your own element. Right from your body language to your dialogues everything
has to be perfect. At the end of the day you want the viewers to be happy and
it’s overwhelming to see that the audience have accepted me in the role of


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