New Year Quotes from Sony SAB artists!

Manav Gohil as King
Krishnadevraya from Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama-

This New Year, I
will be traveling to New Zealand for a vacation.  We have planned a road
trip and are particularly excited about this road trip since it’s my
daughter’s first. My fondest memory of New Year’s will be particularly the one
which I celebrated in New York, on my honeymoon it was beautiful as it was
snowing. I wish the year 2018 will be a year of advancement and dynamic growth.
I want to work harder and fulfill all my duties a husband, father and a son. My
New Year resolution would be Haste Raho and Hasate Raho.  In 2018 I want
to continue what I am doing as an actor and I think I am doing a fantastic job.
Priyamvada Kant as Sharda
from Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama-

Every New Year is
special as 1st January is my birthday. This year I am shooting
so will be celebrating New Year in Mumbai only. I have innumerable fond
memories of my birthday! Friends have thrown surprises over the years. I have
always had an awesome time. New Year coincides with my birthday so it’s always
special. My resolution on the New Year will be Work harder, be happier, and be
a better person than last year. We all should take up the resolution of Haste
Raho and Haste Raho, staying happy is most important. Staying happy makes
you healthier and wealthier so more laughter and love to all.
Vanshika Sharma as Sam
from Sony SAB’s Aadat Se Majboor-

I don’t have any
plans for New Year as such, I always like to bring in the New Year
surrounded by family and friends. The warmest memory of New Year for me
will be from my childhood all of us kids used to prepare act like a dance
performance for the entertainment programme. My Resolution for the New Year
will be to exercise every day. Each one of us needs to take the resolution of
Haste Raho and Hasate Raho. There can never be enough laughter or smiles in the
Vipul Roy as Aditya from
Sony SAB’s Partners Trouble Ho Gayi Double-

This year’s New
Year will be very special as my family will be joining me in Mumbai to
celebrate it with me, that too after ages. My friends from different countries
are also flying down to celebrate New Year in India so we will be having a gala
time. The most memorable New Year will be last years when I celebrated the New
Year in Vegas. This year my show Partners is keeping me busy but yes I am
loving it. My 2018 resolution will be to control my craving for sweet. 
The New Year is going to be a very exciting year. This year my show partners
will give me the opportunity of making people laugh, I am so blessed to be in
this profession.


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