Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd refutes malicious reports!

Ranchi, Nov 11, 2017:
Ziqitza Health Care Ltd. (ZHL), one of India’s leading emergency medical
service provider, announces that it will soon commence their services in
Jharkhand. The company strongly refutes the wrongful and baseless reports about
its business and believes these malicious attacks are politically motivated.
Contrary to the incorrect and uncorroborated media reports, ZHL has every legal
right to conduct its business in India and abroad. The company has not been
blacklisted in any State in India or overseas. The company successfully manages
and operates EMS in partnership with the State Governments in Odisha, Madhya
Pradesh, and Punjab and has played a pivotal role in saving lakhs of lives in
these regions. 
ZHL has
won the bid for Jharkhand EMS after emerging as the L1 bidder, through a fair
and transparent online tender where two companies were shortlisted after a
rigorous review process. The tender was administered as per the statutory
guidelines and regulations laid down by the NHM and the State Government of
condemns the recent reports that many media outlets have published out of context,
with a clear intention to sensationalize the news. Ziqitza had received foreign
investments from two leading reputed companies. One of the shareholders, as
reported by news agency, had routed their investments through a company
incorporated in Mauritius, which was the case with most foreign investments
made in India at that point of time. ZHL had adhered to all approvals /
compliance and disclosures to all the regulatory authorities of their
respective jurisdiction in India and abroad. The Company had also reported all
related transactions to the RBI and other regulatory authorities as applicable.
The media has conveniently ignored that the original newspaper report has
clearly mentioned that being on the list does not make any investments illegal
or illegitimate. 

ZHL had been set up with a vision to assist in
saving human lives by providing a leading network of fully equipped Advanced
and Basic Life Support Ambulances across the developing world. ZHL is currently
operating 2100 plus Ambulances across Mumbai, Bihar, Kerala, Punjab and Odisha,
J&K, MP and Tamil Nadu. ZHL has reputed investors like Acumen Fund, GMR/AMR
(USA largest Ambulance Company), HDFC, IDFC and India Value Fund on board. 

ZHL’s Strategic Partners include London Ambulance
Services, Life Supporters Institute of Health Science and New York Presbyterian
Emergency Medical Service (NYP-EMS).

ZHL has
currently more than 9000 people working tirelessly, day and night, to serve
people in India. ZHL is currently operating more than 3000 ambulances across 18
states and have served more than 6 million people, till date.


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