Every year, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th of November on the birthday of Late Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. He loved children and so his birth anniversary is celebrated as Children’s Day since long.
In 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, this celebration was confined within the School premises and this was the important day in the life of a student when he was presented with sweets and gifts by the teachers and school authorities and the teachers organised game and play shows dedicated to children. Children were allowed to go to school in their home dress and a day when they were free from carrying textbooks….A day of freedom…to do masti in school.
This way it was celebrated in our time, but now the things have changed in 21st century. The time changed and so the mindsets….There is a great role of media world and social platforms which has brought changes in the celebrations of Children’s Day.
Now parents celebrate this day with pomp and show and gift their kids with cute and useful gifts and dedicate this day to their children. It is a time of double-celebration for the children…total fun for the children on the eve of Children’s Day.
My kids and my neighbour’s kids wait for this D day with lots of expectations. I celebrate with great fervour by cooking their favourite dishes, gifting them Cadbury chocolate (My favourite chocolate) and distributing gifts to neighbour’s kids. Mine children long awaited wishes are fulfilled by driving them to their favourite toys and puzzles store from where they pick up as per their choice and standard.
Let’s see what Gifts you can choose for your loved ones making Children’s Day, a special day in their lives.

Top Ten Gifts for Children’s Day.

1. Toys, Colors and Puzzles: 
Toys, Colors and puzzles are great for kids and they are fond of them. These days, there are ample choices in the market for each age group. Allot them your budget for the toys and leave them free to choose within your range. They will love the idea and be happy with the gifts.
2. Treat them in their favourite Food-joint: 
Give them a surprise treat at their favourite food-joint and allow them to choose their favorite dishes and you too eat the food of their choice. They will feel special and happy for the due importance given to them.
3. Gifts of their Choice: 
Watch or ask what they are longing for and present them as per their choice, it can be a watch, a clothing, a bicycle, a décor piece for their room, an aquarium, a pen etc. Do gift them their choice and make them feel special.
4. Spend quality time with your kids: 
In today’s world, where both the parents are working, they get minimum time to spend with their kids. Take leave from office and spend quality with them by playing, gifting, and eating out with them. A whole day dedicated to children will make them happy and you too will love their company and beat the stress level.
5. Outing with your kids: 
November is the best season to move for an outing as the season is pleasant and cool. Choose the outing place where kids can have fun. You can pool two three families to make the trip more enjoyable.
6. Bake a Cake for Kids: 
Bake a cake for your kids and surprise them. Cakes are favorite dessert of kids. You can even distribute among your neighbor’s kids.
7. Arrange Games for Kids: 
If you are living in a society, you can pool money and celebrate the day in your society. Arrange song and dance shows by parents dedicated to kids. You can also arrange word games, housie and other games with prizes and give prize who qualify for first and second and congratulatory prize to all the participants for uniformity among kids of society. Buy masks for children and hold a skid play enacted by the kids. The kids as well as the elders will enjoy.
8. Sports Equipment: 
The Indian kids are obsessed with Cricket and a bat as a gift spreads wide smiles on their faces, though he is a kid of five years or fifteen. Gift him a bat as per his age. There are lots of outdoor games equipment, gift as per their choice and inclination.
9. Books: 
Books are awesome gifts for children. Buy them informative books, science fiction, mystery series or any other of their choice. If he is a book lover, gift as per their choice else to inculcate habit of reading in children, gift them good interesting books and encourage them to maintain a small library of books. For toddlers, gift them coloring books.
10. Chocolates: 
Nothing can beat chocolates and we Indians believe to start the auspicious day with “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye” and Cadbury’s has range of chocolates for everyone. Not only kids, chocolates are favorites of grown-ups and old too. Gift them chocolates at the break of a dawn on the eve of Children’s Day.

Every year, I and my kids wait for this special day and I chalk out plan along with them to celebrate Children’s Day in a grand way.

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Do share how you celebrate the Children’s Day.



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