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I am Thankful for My Health!

Health is wealth, we all know still we ignore beautiful body which is gifted by God. Body is precious and needs lots of care.

We should take a lot of care and Be Thankful to the Almighty & Parents for gifting us a wonderful life with a wonderful body.

I am a forceps delivery baby and my face was disfigured due to forceps. My family was happy for the child but my disfigured face and severe attack of infections distressed them and they had to run from pole to post so that I am saved and back to normal.

Finally, by the grace of God, it was remedied and I was back in my pink of health.

Since childhood, I have fallen ill several times and every time, it was severe but I thank God for the strength that he gave me to battle umpteen times and I succeeded in every chance.

I cannot change my fate but I gained inner strength and that was much needed in crucial moments.

There were times when I was on bed for seven to eight months, completely immobile due to nerve weakness in limbs but I never coaxed my time and fate rather I used the time in a positive way.

I created things, wrote journals and blog was born during those times when I could not move.

I was physically challenged but professionally, I attained heights of success because been mentally strong, I could manage my work efficiently.

I have seen many setbacks in life but never ever I receded backward.

I gained and gained.

All credit goes to the Supreme Power who fraught my way with health issues but still helped me to face with strength.

I am Thankful to God for the opportunities that he gave me in my life and kept me cheerful so that the onlookers could not guess my physical issues.

You may ask how I been thankful after so many issues?

My answer is he never let me fail in my mission and spirit and a sweet smile runs on my face which is apt to make my day and make the day of all the people who connect with me.

It gave me a power of endurance, care of family and friends and never ever I let anyone extend their sympathy rather I became an inspiration of many hearts.

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