There was a time when people wore watches to keep track of time and be punctual at work or at home. Watches was considered as a mere timepiece. It was the important accessory of Men and it was less common among women.
Students passing tenth board with good marks was gifted with a wrist watch. Throughout the school days, children yearned to have one to flaunt but the culture was different in those days and it was thought that the mature kids should be given one. In those days, the types of watches were limited and generally it came for grown up people.

Tommy Hilfiger Women White Dial Watch 

The mind-set changed with time and even the brands introduced Watches for all age groups with the affordable price tag and thus more people started wearing watches.

Daniel Klein Exclusive Men Blue Dual-Dial Multifunction Watch

The advertisements boosted the sale of Watches and with different brands entering the market, the prices became competitive and it became available for all strata of people in society.

Zoop by Titan Boys Black Printed Dial Watch 

With the introduction of Analog wrist watch, introduced at a very low price it found place in every house and the juniors of the family too were permitted to wear watches and the colorful watches became a trendsetter among students.

Titan Raga Women Peach-Coloured Dial Watch 

Now the watches are not restricted for time piece, it is more considered as a status symbol. There are range of watches available for Men, Women and kids in the market such as casual watches, sports watches, digital watches, trendy watches and formal watches
Nowadays, people flaunt them according to the situation, it has more become a trendsetter and an accessory of fashion and it is worn with the match of the outfit and the make, brand and design worn reflects the glimpse of one’s personality.
When mobile came into the market, a sense of fear sailed among the brands that the watches might lose their share of business as mobile has in built clock and people would refrain from wearing watches. Mobile market did not affect the market of watches and the sale of wrist watch flourished and the turnover of sale increased manifold.
Now people have multiple timepiece for multiple occasions contrary to olden days, when one watch was enough for a person.

CASIO G-SHOCK Men Black Chronograph Analogue & Digital Watch 

With the facility of Online Shopping, people go gaga by the fascinating designs of the tick-tock and shop exquisite watches as per their wardrobe and lifestyle demands.
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