The Glow guide with Vaseline Lotions

~ Dr. Aparna Santhanam shares her insights on how
one can retain and maintain a glowing skin despite their crazy schedules during
the festive season~

Come October and you will see yourself
immersed in the festive spirit, attending multiple parties and perhaps hosting
your own! Goes
without saying that the continuous application of make-up, intake of rich food
and unstable sleeping schedules during festivities can deprive your skin of its
natural, healthy radiance. However,
you can retain the glow on our skin and keep it moisturized with Vaseline
Lotions throughout this stressful month.
Dr. Aparna Santhanam shares some easy to
replicate and quick tips that will help you maintain that impeccable radiance this
down a broad food guideline for yourself
o   Keep your skin moisturized with a
lotion that best suits your skin. Vaseline Deep Restore and Vaseline Cocoa Glow
is a good option for deep nourishment
o   Also, keep your body hydrated by consuming
water at regular intervals
Food items to avoid:
o   The most important food item to avoid is
sugar. It promotes inflammation and reduces glow
o   It is also better to avoid items with refined
The skincare regime:
o   Regular
cleansing followed by moisturizing is a must. Make sure you continue
moisturizing your elbows, knees and back
o   Also,
ensure that you remove every bit of makeup from your face before going to bed
and allow your skin to breathe
Glow without makeup:
o   Regular
skin care and moisturization
o   A
healthy diet high in protein and anti – oxidants and
o   Adequate
sleep for at least 7 hours should do the trick
Moisturizers to choose from:
o   It
is important to use a lotion with a moisturizing property which are suitable
for our skin type.
o   You
could choose a traditional home remedies like oil and malai that gives you
short-lived results or a potent moisturizing lotion that gives you 24-hour
o    For instance, those with very dry skin may
need cocoa or Shea butter while normal skin could use the Vaseline Aloe Soothe
Post the festive season:
o   A
slightly stricter diet with reduced simple carbs, avoiding sweets altogether
and using minimal make up while focusing on moisturizing can help our skin
recover faster
So, go ahead, give these tips a try
and notice a complete glowing makeover this festive season!

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