Monday, October 30, 2017

Incuspaze opens new vista for Startups in 2 tier cities with unique approach Offered Co-working space and mentorship.

Plan to expand across 30 cities in India and 7 major cities of the world

Indore, October 27th, 2017Incuspaze, one of the India’s fastest growing coworking space with a special focus on Tier 2 cities. For the past decade, India’s ambitious startup narrative has been largely Metros, but with the initiatives of Incuspaze startups are now emerging in 2 tier cities like Jaipur, Lucknow and Indore.  As the definition of the quintessential Indian metro evolves, startups are rapidly embracing these smaller cities over the bigger metros due to availability of talent at lower cost, lower employee attrition, better visibility at the local level and some people consider this as a way to go back to their hometown and use their local network to establish their startup.

Working in a startup was taboo in a place like Indore a few years ago but now, it is considered as an opportunity because of the availability of talent, ease of setting up and there is a more grounded approach to running a startup.”

The perception of startups in Tier 2 cities is that working out of a co-working space is the expensive option rather than seeing this as a place to grow their company. The growth opportunities that the startups receive by collaborating with coworkers across India in our network will by far surpass the cost they will incur from co working. Secondly, the exposure startups receive from collaborating with other helps them to avoid mistakes and learn from others. Coworking in fact helps to find right kind of sources for the startups, provides lot of ideas and connects which can help them succeed.

Incuspaze Co-Working with a unique aim to establish strong startup ecosystem in Tier 2 cities, with a vision to create self-sustainable ecosystem, global Funding network, mentorship & services with a bulls eye goal to create global brands. With centers already established in Lucknow, Jaipur, and Indore, the founders have mapped the development of centers across 30 Tier 2 cities.

Sanjay Choudhary, founder of Incuspaze, says, “Establishing a strong base in Tier 2 cities was a conscious decision to encourage the growth of startups across the country. Talent exists outside of the India’s major metros as well, and they too need good facilities and an ecosystem to enhance their creativity.”
He further added that “company is planning to expand across 30 cities in India and partner network in 7 major cities of the world. This will surely increase the collaboration capability apart from the benefits worth few thousand dollars which is not otherwise available to startups easily.

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