10 Ways to Curb Lavish Expenses This Diwali! #DIYDiwali


Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the victory of
Lord Rama over the King of Demons, Ravana and freeing Sita from the clutches of
Demon king, Ravana and returning to Ayodhya after completing fourteen years of
exile. The people of Ayodhya welcomed Lord Rama, Sita & Lakshman and decked
up whole of Ayodhya by lighting lamps and lights. It is seen as triumph over
evil and since then, it is celebrated throughout the country with fervor.
Nowadays, festivals has reached height of
commercialization and the advertisements and brands floods the market with attractive
offers and discounts which allure the masses. The consequence is that it hits
the budget of the family and at times, people pockets are badly hit as they
cross their spending limit by been extravagant and lavish in their expenses.
The realization sets in after the festivals and at times, people has to
compromise with curbing the necessities.
I have devised ways to curb lavish expenses this
Diwali and enjoy the festivities without the aftermath of guilt of
1. Self-made
Rangoli & Toran:
Decorate your entrance with self-made Rangoli
& Toran, instead of spending lavishly on these items. For the Torans, use
fresh aromatic leaves and flowers and hang on your entrance. It will act as a
natural air cleanser and its aroma will diffuse the air with healing
properties. Mango leaves, Marigold & Tuberose will be a better combo for
the Toran. For Rangolis, use the articles that you have in kitchen store and
the color pencils of your kids to decorate them. Rice, Wheat flour, flowers
from your garden and sketch pens will serve great for the purpose. Once you are
done, you will feel happy to the core and feel satisfied with the creativity.

2. Earthen
Idols of Ganesh & Lakshmi:
Buy clay idols of the Gods that is
coming down from our ancestors instead of buying of precious metals and
incurring extra expenses. The purpose of worship will be solved and it is
eco-friendly too. You will save a good sum that you can use for other purpose.
Stitch dresses of the Gods on your own and for that you can use the cloth
pieces that are stacked in your wardrobe and the colourful ones will solve the

3. Use
Earthen lamps:
Indulge in shopping for earthen diyas instead of going
for metal lamps and spending a lot on decorative diyas, lights and lamps, the market
are flooded with. This earthen lamps is eco-friendly and it curbs pollution too
and even the gases emitted from oil lamps are not harmful for health. You save
money, environment and health.
4. Prepare
Sweets at Home:
Instead of shopping for expensive sweets, this year
indulge in showing off your culinary skills. It will leave you and your guests
delighted and even you will serve fresh ones. Prepare Besan Laddoos, Gujhias,
Gulab Jamun and Kheers. They are good stuffs and is easy to prepare. Ahead of the
festival, you can prepare Besan Laddoos & mouth-watering Ghujias so you
will be acquitted of extra burden on the festival day and you can enjoy the
Diwali day and your pocket won’t be hit by incurring heavy expenditure. Markets
are flooded with sweet delicacies on the eve of Diwali but there is an issue of
freshness and budget going haywire.
5. Simple
Choose furnishing within your budget. Today, the market
has ample & lucrative choices but you need to pick up the things that suits
your budget. Go for simple bedspreads and curtains, they are comfortable, easy
to maintain and you can get within your spending limit. If you take heavy and
costly, there are recurring costs of maintenance. One more suggestion, why to
wait for the festive season to buy? Buy in off season and store in your
wardrobe to flaunt on the festival. In off season, there is not much rush in
the markets and you have time to choose.
6. Dhanteras
It is a belief to buy utensils or metals on Dhanteras and in
olden days, people bought occasionally so they added household articles on the
eve of Dhanteras. Nowadays, spending power has increased and shopping is whole
year affair, so buy the articles that you really need in your kitchen and
household and you don’t need to go for heavy buying of automobiles and costly
gadgets. Buy the articles that you are in need of and if you don’t need
anything, then just grab few spoons and bowls to celebrate Dhanteras. Your
better half will be happy if you are been minimal this time.
7. Jewellery
& Precious Metals & Gems:
The advertisements has soared the
sale of jewellery and precious metals and gems. Don’t get attacked by the
alluring offers. Check your needs. Just for the sake of buying, you can add
silver coins or toe rings in your collections. Easier to pocket and easy to
store in your wardrobe and you will appease your faith of buying precious on
8. Decoration
Strings, Gharonda & Lamps:
Run your imagination with coloured
papers, cardboards and thermocol to decorate your home. Cardboards and
thermocol stuff you will get inside your home store as on online shopping, they
shipped the parcel in good quality of cardboards. Take help of your kids, hubby
and siblings and decorate your home this season with eco-friendly things and
the stuffs that are easily available within the house.
9. Design
Puja Thali:
Don’t spend huge bucks on Puja Thali, decorate one with
your own designs with flowers and colours. You can use multiple things within
your kitchen and household and worship the deity.
10. DIY Gifts: Diwali is the occasion when we exchange gifts with our family & friends. You can gift self made sweets, DIY cards & gifts or plants. For plants, you don’t need to buy, just need prior planning. Keep the cuttings and seeds of your plants and grow them into earthen pots, it will be a gift close to heart of the receiver.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keep your house
clean and free from clutters which is of utmost important to be peaceful at
mind and away from health hazards and pollution.
Spend minimal and within your budget this year and
you will amazed to find that you have saved huge amount by indulging in the
festivities by your creativity, skill and team work of family members.
Grab happiness with your best efforts and you will
not need to compromise on your needs after the festivals.
Go Green This Diwali, 2017.

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