You Don’t Need To Hit The Gym To Remain Healthy! #Health #Active #Saffola


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Health is wealth is an old adage and we all know the benefits of possessing good health but do we really push ourselves towards attaining and maintaining good health. Sound health keeps one happy and irritation is at bay.
Sedentary lifestyle and mechanized offices have added more flabs & pounds to our body and the junk & readymade food is the real culprit and further stress flares up.
These days people are becoming conscious of their health and follow several advertisement advice to reduce and keep oneself fit but most of them don’t continue for long and drop midway, the consequence is they regain more than what they lost. At times, they lose interest to maintain and take for granted that it is not their cup of tea.
Down the years, people relished on rich food and even they had good appetite to digest them, the good reason behind it was that they burnt the calories that they consumed because they led an active life, walked miles to reach schools and offices and the children played in fields and the women were physically active in managing home, laundry and home management without any gadgets and managed to keep themselves in shape.
Nowadays, life is driven on gadgets, so physical exertion is minimal and mental stress is optimum.
In one of the reports on gym, I came across a reported fact that said that all the people who register for gym sessions, all don’t turn up or continue with the gym sessions and it said that this extra money is the real profit generated by gym owners and they even spilled the fact if attendance goes to 100% then the gym will nose dive to losses. This stats clearly indicates that the people are eager to indulge in exercises but they cannot make it to the gym, each person has a different excuse for not been present to the gym.


On doctors visit, a doctor suggests exercises and the patients give excuses that they don’t have time to spare for exercises and briefs a long list of been occupied. The helpless doctor passes a smile because he knows well that his patient lacks the willingness to exercise.
Why don’t we change our lifestyle and enjoy the exercises in the precincts of our home with our partner and children?
We don’t need extra time and place to exercise. Change the style of your working inside the home and try to do maximum chores by yourself.
The young parents wake up early to prepare for work and send children to school. The husbands can involve themselves in tidying bed sheets and dusting the layers of furnishings and home décor while the wife is busy with the kitchen and getting the kids ready for school.
Don’t wait for your partner to handover you a cup of tea…walk and get one for yourself. Till tea water boils, spin your hands in circular motions, clockwise and anti-clockwise…your tea will be ready to sip till you do ten times each.
Balcony Garden
Plant some plants in your balcony, this too will help in exerting your muscles and water them regular intervals, prune & manure them weekly and enjoy seeing them grow…it will lend you happiness and will keep you active.
Rise early and watch the sunrise and do some breathing exercises…your lungs will be filled with fresh air and you will feel nice. If you are bored to do alone, call your partner and your kids to give you a company…the lungs of the whole family would be oxygenated and day of all would start on a positive note.
If you feel early morning sickness, ask your kids to wake you up. Just tell them that you all be will be going to the park next to your house for playing, they won’t leave any stone unturned in waking you up and full family will enjoy morning stroll and play…if you follow this regime successfully for a week, you will find noticeable change in yourself and morning sickness will elope leaving both of you energetic and the children will be happy for early outing and they too will be active whole day…Don’t tell me how to take time out in the morning schedule…you have so much to do…I agree there are a lot of tasks in the morning…when you are attending all the tasks then why to leave this healthy one…get up half an hour early than you are doing it now and hang out with family.
When you are back from the park or balcony, don’t sit with newspaper. Help your partner in kitchen work and till the lunch is been cooked on the stove, indulge in doing some exercises of your hands, legs, neck, push-ups and walking on toes. Do together or count each other movements…a feeling to compete will grip both of you and each one will try to do better in order to compete with each other and doing together will keep you closer.
Divide work between partners of dusting the rooms, furnishings, cutting vegetables and cleaning work after the morning cooking and packing is over…this way, the work will be done nicely in half of the time since both of you are helping each other and none will feel the load of work and will be present in the office on time.
Even ask your kids to keep their packed lunch in their school bags, inculcate in them the habit of polishing their shoes and when they are in the fourth or fifth class, gradually teach them to iron clothes, arrange their bags and shelves and help you in household work…they will develop a habit of doing work and it will help them to remain active, lethargy will be at bay.
In evenings, when the children come back from school, take them on a roof or in the park and play with them…do some stretching exercises…if you are working and you arrive home late, try the stretches with your partner & kids in your living room.
While watching TV, don’t sit idle. Indulge in push ups and sit ups. If you are a music lover, then do some quick steps and lunges to keep yourself fit.
During weekends, indulge in cleaning cobwebs, bathroom, kitchen, and other cupboard and shelves. Involve your partner and kids, a sense of togetherness will develop among the family.
If you follow the routines mentioned above then you don’t need to spend extra bucks or hit gym to lose your extra pounds nor you will need to curb your regular diet and crave for your favorite dishes. Avoid eating out or relishing on junk food …Yes, do check out that you take healthy diet which consists of protein diet to build muscles, green leaf and vegetables, lean meat, eggs, and fish, including more of pulses, legumes, sprouts, low-fat milk, curd and cottage cheese, complex carbohydrates and add in more of fruits in your diet chart. Refrain from using too much oil in gravy, the body requires everything in the right proportion to maintain good health.
If you do all these in the right way then you will see that more than 45 minutes a day is invested in physical activity and it is more than enough to maintain the curves.
Don’t brood…stand up and do your part to be #ApneTareekeSeHealthy…If you are single, then help your parents around instead of excusing yourself that you don’t have a partner…😛

 I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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  1. Minakshi says:

    Sedantry lifestyle, junk food are surely the culprit. Some lovely points are here and thanks for reminding the sit – ups. I used to do it while watching TV.

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