Unforgettable Years Spent With Grandparents! #GrandparentsDay


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As I saw the post of Blogadda inviting us to write on the theme Love Jatao on the eve of Grandparents Day been celebrated on 10th of September, 2017.
                                                 Selfie of Our Time 
I turned emotional and tears welled in my eyes and the past memories and all sweet times spent with them flooded before my eyes and I missed them more today. My soul got impregnated with millions and zillions of fragrant memories of the times spent around them. In our times, each day was a celebration and one who has enjoyed the fruits of living together under one roof can well understand. Lots of memories are such that we can feel the warmth of it but cannot scribble into words but still there are heaps with me which I can share.
Now, I have lost both of my grandparents. I carry their memories along and through this post, I am paying tributes to the departed beautiful souls who carefully nurtured us watering us with the manure of love and care and what I am today is the real parcel of their care.
My parent’s responsibility was restricted to raising, feeding and imparting education and other basic components were under the jurisdiction of my grandparents and they were ever ready for us with wide smiles on their faces. Their cute smiles and affection filled me with lots of reverence for them.
Since early days of life when I could acknowledge people around me, I opted for my Daadi and my heart beat for her only. I could not live without her so the result was that she carried me wherever she went. I acknowledged her presence even in my sleep by touching her umpteen times at night to be sure that she is with me and her body scent was so familiar to me that she could not fool me in my sleep. My mother wanted me in her bed but I preferred to sleep with my Dadi-Maa. At times, they were at cross just because of me.
I was close to both of my grandparents but shared a close pact with my granny.
She made beautiful dolls out of old clothes and sew it so immaculately that ready-made dolls failed in front of those dolls…I regret that in those days camera was rarely used so I don’t have any snap of it but it is intact in my memory and those dolls were my sleeping partner in my childhood.
Her bedtime stories were so interesting and we had fixed hours at night to hear those stories of the fairies, monsters, animals etc. and in all stories, moral was embedded though in the early years could not understand much but now when I recall those then I understand the message that she passed on to us through her stories. She was not educated, only knew to read and write letters but her insight was impeccable.
In the morning hours, before going to school, I used to spend few hours with my Baba. He was good at making paper toys and every day he made one for me using old newspapers. In rainy days, he made paper boats and we two sailed them together in the nearby puddles of water. He caught fishes for me in rainy season and we two kept them in bottles and together we made dough balls to feed the fishes.
My granny waited for me to come back from school and she shared the plate. She fed me each morsel weaving stories and I picky eater threw lot of tantrums while eating but she never lost her patience. She was a cool type and she did not show any reaction.
During tea time, I sat with my books in my grandfather’s room. After completing the homework, he used to tell rows of General knowledge and briefed about the history and of the times during British rule.
I was poor in tying my hairs properly so my granny oiled them and plaited them nicely. Every day, she gave me a foot massage at night when I went to bed till the time I got married.
My granny was well versed in preparing different types of Aachaar (pickles) and I learnt all the techniques of making them in her presence. Since early teens, I used to help her in the preparations and this invoked my interest in making pickles and today, I continue her legacy and I prepare varied types of pickles.
Since early years of my life, I followed her footsteps so I learnt a lot from her in matter of religion, morality, etiquette, customs and traditions…I imitated her styles and adopted lot of her teachings in my life.
The grandparents were our saviours too who saved us from bad moods of our parents and they stood in front of us if any one of them tried to scold and at times, they hid our wrong doings and took the blame on them…in those times we felt happy but now at times, I feel guilty that they were so weak in our love that they took the blame on them if we indulged in some mischief. 
Afterwards, they used to explain us where we were wrong and corrected us but they did with lots of patience and even they made us understand why parents lose their patience.
They explained us that in young age, there are lots of stress and that’s the reason that the parents react with much intensity.
They inculcated good habits in us and taught us to respect people.
They did not read textbooks to us but their sermons had beautiful messages and they taught us through examples.
In our days, grandparents were indispensable with us and we had much respect for them and their Love jatao and ours Love jatao was mind-blowing. 

Reciprocation from both the sides was beyond words as we all know, “Actions speak louder than words.”

In our time, we did not required a special day to celebrate Grandparents day. Each day was the day for both of us. The love bonded us together and we had due regards for them.
Today, I miss them but I am happy for them that they lived life king-size with us and they left the world at a ripe age and did not face much issues of health and loneliness.
They had the privilege that whole life, they were surrounded by us and in later age of their life, we stood for them whenever they were in need of a support and they left the world contended and their blessings helped us to reach the pinnacle.

  “A grandparent is someone with silver in their hair and gold in their heart”

I believe that their blessings have helped me to reach where I am today and I teach my kids too to create a close bond with their grandparents as I know the virtues of grandparents been in one’s life.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

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4 thoughts on “Unforgettable Years Spent With Grandparents! #GrandparentsDay”

  1. Grandparents are true blessing. People with immense knowledge, kindness and love. Lucky to have them thou I miss them in life now.

  2. Rajlakshmi says:

    This is such a beautiful post. I loved the memories you have shared here. I didn't get to spend so much time with my grandparents… And now I wish I had. They have taught you so much… Showered you with so much love and care. It's simply beautiful.

  3. Neha Tambe says:

    Very rightly said "A grandparent is someone with silver in their hair and gold in their heart"

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Neha, the people who have spent years with grandparents know the bliss of togetherness.

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